Above Top Secret

Premiere: Above Top Secret – One

It’s no secret that we think Above Top Secret is one of the best hip-hop acts in the country. Their late-summer jam “WTF?!” was one of our favourite songs of last year, and the hard-hitting “Ghost” was just as good, with a killer video to boot. We just KNEW they were destined for big things in 2016, and we’re very honoured that we get to provide y’all with the first peek at their third single “One”.

“One” has that wonderfully off-kilter swagger that we heard on “WTF?!”, and it’s clear that the Toronto trio is onto something completely original with their electro-dub-hop sound. Producer SunSun brings a beat full of high-end swishing percussion, an otherwordly choir, and huge but infrequent booming bass knocks you over every time it hits. Effortlessly shifting from psychedelic and mystical rhymes to a soaring sung vocal refrain about skipping dimensions, they don’t obey anyone’s genre rules as they stake out the sound of the future. One dimension is not enough.

They’ll be releasing their debut self-titled album sometime in mid-2016 with Toronto collective 88 Days of Fortune. We can’t wait until we get our next glimpse of what’s on it. In the meantime, you can grab “One” as a free download from their Bandcamp.

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#32: Above Top Secret – WTF?!

One of Toronto duo Above Top Secret‘s biggest hits of the year was “WTF?!”, a slightly off-kilter electronic hip-hop track full of unusual samples and inventive rhythms. SunSun’s production may be endlessly interesting, but singer/MC Ayo Leilani is no slouch either, her vocals effortlessly floating on top of the beat, embodying the essence of WTF. Word is these two will be releasing an album in 2016. Can’t wait.

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#17: Above Top Secret – Ghost

Above Top Secret‘s “Ghost” was one of the hardest hitting electronic hip-hop singles we heard this year. Super dark stuff, with a killer hook. And the video, directed by Fro, features some excellent masks and a lot of smoking of inspirational substances. Furious edits and copious visual effects expertly timed with the music take this shot-in-an-apartment video to another plane entirely.

“Ghost” is on a forthcoming album, no release date yet, but we can’t wait to hear it.

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