Best Fern

Premiere: Best Fern – It Means I Love You

Jessy Lanza‘s “It Means I Love You” was one of our favourite songs in 2016, and we’re so excited to share this new rendition by Montreal‘s Best Fern.

It hits the cover sweet spot: translating everything great about the original song into a brand new feeling that stands on its own legs. Made with analog gear (true to Lanza’s original vision), ¬†this new version has softer vocals, silence liberally woven into the beats for dramatic effect, and a distinctive, dreamy playfulness.

The duo, Alexia Avina and Nick Schofield, have been playing it as part of their live show, which you can catch in the coming weeks in Montreal (with former-Majical Cloud Devon Welsh!) on January 25 or in Ottawa on February 2.

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Best Fern – R U Well

There’s something special about fall. The leaves start to turn, the humidity goes away, and the air is full of new beginnings. It also means that we’re back from vacation and settling into our Silent Shout offices, humming with excitement over all of the music we get to share with you. Welcome back!

This calming bit of dreamy pop from Best Fern, a Montreal-based project by Alexia Avina and Nick Schofield (from Saxsyndrum, among others), is a perfect way to ease into the season. Avina’s repeatedly sung mantras–“Are you well?”, “You know you can do anything you want to”–are a reminder to check in, take care and dream big for yourself. It’s all wrapped in a delicate melodic swirl and a baseline that gently bobs up and down as you breathe in and out, and we’re in love with it.

It’s from their¬†debut EP, which you should absolutely check out.

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Premiere: Best Fern – A Way

Some very exciting news from Montreal today: the birth of a new project from Nick Schofield (of Saxsyndrum and many other Montreal things) and Alexia Avina. The duo call themselves Best Fern, and we’ve got the pleasure of premiering their debut single “A Way” today.

A short but beautiful ambient pop song that twinkles and gleams, “A Way” is a very exciting first release, recalling some of our favourite ambient moments of Blue Hawaii’s work. Needless to say, we want to hear more from these two as soon as possible. Two minutes is not nearly enough for a sound this enticing!

Best Fern are on tour in Ontario and Montreal in May and June. Check out all the dates on their Soundcloud, and if you’re in Toronto, see them on May 13 on a stacked bill including Silent Shout faves Merganzer and Tess Roby.

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