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Mix: Best Songs of May 2013

silentshoutapr13Mix: Silent Shout Best of May 2013

1. Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz
2. Jay Arner – Midnight on South Granville
3. Animal Bodies – Lies In Your Eyes (Snowy Red cover)
4. Ell V Gore – Lobotomy
5. Drug Train – Bipolar
6. Princess Century – Giving it Away
7. Ariane Moffat – Mon Corps (Tommy Kruise Remix)
8. Akua – Told You So
9. Magmatic – Getting On Late
10. DenMother – You Will Never
11. Ladyfrnd – Un Petit Message
12. Weaves – Hulahoop
13. Mathias Mental – Comme Un Cheval Alezan
14. Bliss Club – Preda
15. DJ Lace – Space Disco
16. Bowjia – Great White Balloon (ft. Emma Aurelia)
17. Chanteclair – I Know Synthsation
18. Terror Bird – The Wrong Way
19. Mirage – Let’s Kiss

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MP3: Bliss Club – Preda

Bliss Club – preda

Slow jams are definitely a thing right now. We love a good slow jam. Good for atmosphere and makeouts, and atmospheric makeouts. Sometimes though, you just want to make out on the dance floor of some random afterparty.

Vancouvers’s Bliss Club have made two of our favourite slow jams so far this year, but now they have released a self-described “dance mix 95” track, we don’t know WHAT to expect from them. We like that feeling, and Preda is another notch in a belt of pure amazing. We can’t wait to go make out on the dance floor.

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Mix: Best Songs of March 2013

Mix: Silent Shout Best of March 2013

1. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)
2. Vague-À-Bonde – Our Love
3. Object 28 – Can’t Shake It
4. Silkken Laumann – Obvious Water (Yer A Kitten)
5. Odonis Odonis – Better
6. Gold Zebra – Invisible Disorder
7. Chris Bush – The Oceans Rust and then Maple Leaf Top Dogs go on Sale at Loblaws
8. Bliss Club – Isabeau
9. Le Roi Crocodile – In the Fullness of Time
10. Make Haste – Should Have Left
11. Jamaican Queens – Kids Get Away
12. Princess Century – Twin House
13. Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End
14. Mathias Mental – Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges
15. Glass Candy – The Possessed (Runway Edit)

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