Bobby Uzoma

Bobby Uzoma – Alone

By now we’ve come to understand that every Bobby Uzoma release will be a breathtaking, emotional ambient electro-R&B ballad that will stop us stone-cold in our tracks, gasping for air. The Calgary songwriter/producer possess an uncanny ability to arrest one’s soul with his vocal performances and lyrical rawness, while the production sounds so forward-thinking it’s like we’re receiving a radio signal from the not-too-distant minimalist R&B future. Unbelievable stuff. Bobby, keep ’em coming!

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Song: Bobby Uzoma – Holy Grails

We can’t get enough of Bobby Uzoma, whose first two singles “Idioglossia” and “Sleeve” both were among our top 50 songs of 2015. Today, we’re treated to his first track of 2016, and “Holy Grails” lives up to the Calgary artist’s quickly-developing rep, as his beautiful voice soars above lush, enveloping synths, all over a slow beat based around a mesmerizing vocal sample. His soft, futuristic psychedelic electronic R&B hymns will bowl over anyone within earshot, and it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice of Uzoma’s genius.

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#8: Bobby Uzoma – Idioglossia

Bobby Uzoma had already blown us away with “Sleeve,” his debut song. But as good as that track was, nothing had prepared us for “Idioglossia.” A James Blake meets Kate Bush single, completely awash in beautiful synth pads, a haunting piano line and, of course, Uzoma’s dramatic, distinctive, and–let’s face it–incredibly sexy voice. The track builds from a minimal beginning until a beat finally comes in at 3:30 mark, releasing all that tension in an cathartic burst of serenity.

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