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Posted on October 15th, by Chuck in MP3


The immensely prolific Blanche Blanche Blanche initially captured our attention with their exceptional Night People release Wink With Both Eyes. At the time, this awe-inspiring set sounded unlike anything else: Musically complex yet irresistibly catchy, recalling to varying degrees the DIY pop immediacy of Young Marble Giants, Departmentstore Santas‘ endearing eccentricity, and the harmonic sophistication of Stereolab. BBB has since moved toward an equally compelling artful punk direction, which is further explored on “Fisted” — a striking selection from their forthcoming album Breaking Mirrors. Pre-order the album at Wharf Cat today.

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Brattleboro continues to dominate in the Arena of Weirdest Pop and their latest victor is another entrant from Great Valley. Sparkles, dogs, lightning bolts, comic sans, and every effect they could find. Diligence and dedication! Check out their LP Continental Lunch, available from Feeding Tube.

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Well if this isn’t one of the best things we’ve heard all year…. Brattleboro’s Great Valley have released a preview of their forthcoming album Continental Lunch and we cannot wait to hear it. Delirious pop!

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A week can’t go by without news from Brattleboro. New Blanche Blanche Blanche album coming! The Wooden Ball tape, out March 5.

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Zach Phillips – Cry (Johnnie Ray & The Four Lads cover)

Here’s a couple of tracks involving Zach Phillips, Brattleboro’s finest. The video is a collaboration between his Blanche Blanche Blanche project and the Birds of Paradise and the MP3 is a fantastic off-kilter cover of crooner Johnny Ray, the original from 1951.

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Better Psychics – You Can Bring Your Battle Here

The prolific-beyond-reason Zach Phillips of Blanche Blanche Blanche has a project with Chris Weisman called Better Psychics, and they just released their second album, What Is Rule. We’ve already posted the first video, “Better Psychic Victim,” but here’s the latest video, as well as album standout “You Can Bring Your Battle Here.”

You can download the record for free courtesy of OSR Tapes.

Posted on January 8th, by farragoes in Video

Here’s a deeply odd little gem from Better Psychics, which features Zach Phillips of Brattleboro, Vermont’s own Blanche Blanche Blanche. ¬†Somewhere underneath it all is a lovely little pop song. ¬†Overtop it’s weird as hell.

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songspt22012 has been the strongest year in memory for Canadian electronic pop. Established artists started new electronic projects, amazing new talents appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and one of our shining stars became a superstar recognized the world over. Canada is clearly at the epicenter of the zeitgeist – it’s a testament to the unbelievable talent in this country that we have 100 songs to present to you as the best of the year, and STILL had to exclude so many excellent tracks.

Montreal and Toronto may still have the most representatives of any Canadian city, but dark electro is thriving everywhere, from Halifax to Calgary, Ottawa to Vancouver, and exciting new hotbeds appearing in London, Ontario, and Grande Prairie, Alberta. We’re not too exclusively nationalist here at Silent Shout, so border states (minus NYC) appear too, with artists from Minneapolis, Seattle, and Brattleboro, Vermont making our list.

A huge thank you to all our readers, the folks who attend our events, and the bands that make brilliant music across this land for making 2012 an unforgettable year for us. Here’s to an even bigger 2013 for Canadian electronic music.

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 /// 75-51 /// 50-26 /// 25-1

75. Electric Youth – The Best Thing

74. ElrichmanThe Shah and I

73. Grapes Godly – No Storm

72. Le Roi CrocodileBattles

71. TezetaPharcyde

70. Matthew A. WilkinsonSkyscrapers in Paris

69. Purity RingBellispeak II feat Danny Brown

68. CabaalMaya

67. Blanche Blanche BlancheFireworks

66. Renny WilsonCould’ve it Been Me?

65. Moon KingOnly Child

64. The LuyasFifty Fifty

63. Shadow FolkHeaven’s Gate

62. Sally Dige – Doppleganger

61. Chairs – Indestructible Machine

60. New Zebra KidGo the Extra Mile

59. How Sad (formerly Goose Hut)- Stockholm Syndrome

58. TrustBulbform

57. Desire – Tears From Heaven

56. Rob CrooksHey! Hey!

55. Blanche Blanche BlancheShe’s Adopted

54. Walter TVAfrica

53. GrimesCircumambient

52. Essaie Pas514 376-9230

51. Maylee ToddBaby’s Got It

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 /// 75-51 /// 50-26 /// 25-1

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Posted on July 3rd, by digits in New Release

Absolutely loving this early Of Montreal feeling track from Brattleboro, Vermont’s Blanche Blanche Blanche. So excellent. “Papas Proof” is the title track from a record they released a few months ago, buy it here.