MP3: Blanche Blanche Blanche – Fisted


The immensely prolific Blanche Blanche Blanche initially captured our attention with their exceptional Night People release Wink With Both Eyes. At the time, this awe-inspiring set sounded unlike anything else: Musically complex yet irresistibly catchy, recalling to varying degrees the DIY pop immediacy of Young Marble Giants, Departmentstore Santas‘ endearing eccentricity, and the harmonic sophistication of Stereolab. BBB has since moved toward an equally compelling artful punk direction, which is further explored on “Fisted” — a striking selection from their forthcoming album Breaking Mirrors. Pre-order the album at Wharf Cat today.

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Video: Great Valley – Bleacher Honey

Brattleboro continues to dominate in the Arena of Weirdest Pop and their latest victor is another entrant from Great Valley. Sparkles, dogs, lightning bolts, comic sans, and every effect they could find. Diligence and dedication! Check out their LP Continental Lunch, available from Feeding Tube.

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MP3: Great Valley – Dream Phone


Well if this isn’t one of the best things we’ve heard all year…. Brattleboro’s Great Valley have released a preview of their forthcoming album Continental Lunch and we cannot wait to hear it. Delirious pop!

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