New Release: Bonnaventure James – Buena Aventura

Bonnaventure James – Anyone Else

One of Calgary’s great unsung young talents is Bonnaventure James, who released his debut LP this month. Bunea Aventura is nine tracks of miserable lo-fi electronic pop jams ranging from uptempo to syrupy slow and is full of variety. It’s not the first great record we’ve heard from him, but there’s no question that it’s a big step up from his debut EP of a couple years back. Check out my favourite jam, “Anyone Else,” and you’ll see why he deserves of a much wider audience. Then head to his Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want download of the record.

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Homo Duplex and Rae Spoon Cover Hall & Oates

Homo Duplex – Out of Touch
Rae Spoon – Rich Boy

One of the blogosphere’s finest, Herohill, organized a compilation of Hall & Oates covers from a number of great artists just before year’s end. Silent Shout faves Homo Duplex contribute a great version of “Out of Touch,” and Rae Spoon does a great minimalist rendition of Rich Girl (called “Rich Boy”). Be sure to check out Herohill’s full list here. Kudos to them for organizing such goodness. Okay, at the risk of stealing some of their thunder, I gotta share one more. This is Halifax’s Gianna Lauren covering “Kiss on My List.”

Gianna Lauren – Kiss on My List

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