Werewolves, Beware! – That’s Fine

The new Toronto/Calgary darkwave duo WEREWOLVES, BEWARE! recently dropped their debut EP 0NE, and their first single “That’s Fine” plays like a noisy, synth-heavy title theme to a b-horror, trash classic.

The catchy synthpop tune from duo Jamie Monteiro and Ava Markus opens with a steady 808 beat set to a pulsing bass and sleazy synth lead – then kicks in with a blurry vocal chant before the electric guitar blasts in and drives the song off into a hazy storm of analog synth swells, garage-heavy production, and gentle teases of vocoder and synth arpeggios – which make the track require repeated listens.

We’re excited to see more from this new duo! Grab a copy of EP 0NE from  their Bandcamp.

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Song: Bobby Uzoma – Holy Grails

We can’t get enough of Bobby Uzoma, whose first two singles “Idioglossia” and “Sleeve” both were among our top 50 songs of 2015. Today, we’re treated to his first track of 2016, and “Holy Grails” lives up to the Calgary artist’s quickly-developing rep, as his beautiful voice soars above lush, enveloping synths, all over a slow beat based around a mesmerizing vocal sample. His soft, futuristic psychedelic electronic R&B hymns will bowl over anyone within earshot, and it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice of Uzoma’s genius.

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Melted Mirror: Subway Moonlight

2015 may be kaput, but that doesn’t mean we can’t post some stuff that flew under our radar. Case in point: Calgary darkwave three piece Melted Mirror, who released an excellent self-titled EP in November.

Opening salvo “Subway Moonlight” exudes gothic grandeur via Chris Zajko’s (formerly of The Ostrich and Sharp Ends) unmistakable baritone, stygian synths, and reverb-bathed guitars galore. When you gaze long enough into the Melted Mirror, don’t be surprised when the Melted Mirror gazes back.

Melted Mirror is available now on Bandcamp.

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