Castle If

Video: Princess Century – Twin House

Maya Postepski (of Trust and Austra) is bringing back her previously shelved solo project! Princess Century was one of our favourite faves before we started the music series and blog, and now we can expect a full album’s worth of material on April 29. Our first sneak peak is this video, which features Jess Forest of Castle If fame (who was amazing at our CMW showcase on Saturday). Directed by Kate Young and Leah Finkel.

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New Release: Castle If/Princess Century

Castle If – Music For Pale People
Castle If – Nineteen Seventy Seven

Castle If – if only we’d known you existed. Hiding in some dark shadows in Toronto, no doubt. “Music for Pale People” was part of a 12″ she did with Princess Century (Maya from Austra) back in June is amazing. And we’ve got to also share one of her older tracks “Nineteen Seventy Seven” while we’re at it. The Princess Century track is really good too though, delightfully strange and new agey, and decidedly different from her noisier and more aggressive songs in the past. We hope to hear more from her in this vein! The Castle If/Princess Century digital 12″ is available on Bandcamp. Castle If’s EP from last year is here.

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