Clairmont The Second

Clairmont the Second – 44 Me

Clairmont the Second has been one of our favourite hip-hop prodigies for some time now, but he’s been hitting brand new heights lately and “44 Me”, a highlight from last year’s Quest for Milk and Honey, just might be his best yet. An ominous, darkly electronic hip-hop anthem, featuring ghostly piano, clattering hi-hats, and an extremely memorable hook, it gets its turn in the spotlight with a stunning new video. Directed in black-and-white by Clairmont himself, it follows the rapper through Toronto streets and is full of expertly chosen camera angles and disorienting perspective shifts.

Clairmont’s magisterial Quest for Milk and Honey is available now, PWYW from Bandcamp.

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Video: Clairmont the Second – A Declaration

Forward-thinking Toronto hip-hop artist Clairmont the Second continues to take bold chances and bring his music to darker, more experimental places. “A Declaration” is the latest in a string of songs that have become progressively more cold and electronic in their production, but it’s more experimental and arrives with a surreal visual accompaniment that’s more of a short film than music video. Perhaps this was in part inspired by the incredible video collaboration between Clairmont and Harrison back in March.

Co-directed by Jorden Lee and Clairmont himself, “A Declaration” also announces the coming of a new album! Apparently we can expect to hear Quest for Milk and Honey very soon. Can’t wait!

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Video: Harrison – It’s Okay I Promise (feat. Clairmont the Second)

Holy cow, folks. What happens when one of the best up-and-coming producers joins forces with one of the best up-and-coming MCs? Apparently one of the best music videos of the year. Harrison has been on the cutting edge as a Toronto producer for many years now, but having signed to Last Gang and releasing just something as stellar as this mean great, great things in the future we think. Not to mention Clairmont the Second, who is in incredibly fine form here, pontificating on lost love and betrayal.

And then there’s this video, which is just so amazing. Director Scott Cudmore breaks the fourth wall, adds pinches of surreality (“if you believe the pen will float, then it floats” WTF?) and creates an engaging, though incredibly difficult to follow narrative.

“It’s Okay I Promise” is out today on Last Gang. You can stream it online or buy this special Harrison/Clairmont pin set that includes a download of the track, which might be one of coolest pieces of merch we’ve seen in some time.

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