Clairmont The Second

Clairmont the Second – God Bless

True, we just wrote about Clairmont the Second a couple of days ago when we reviewed “Eyes on Me”, but the Toronto hip-hop phenom moves so quickly it can be tough to keep up. “God Bless” might just be our favourite track of his yet, with its seriously sinister minimal electronic beat. There’s an evil bass synth peeking out once in a while, but otherwise, it’s just rhymes over a creepy oscillating sample. Much as we loved his old style, we really want to hear more of Clairmont gone minimal.

If you’re in Toronto, Clairmont the Second is playing the Wavelength Festival this Sunday, co-presented by Silent Shout, with She-Devils, Prince Innocence, and more.

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Clairmont The Second – Eyes on Me

Clairmont the Second has quickly become one of the most exciting young talents in the GTA. He’s definitely one to watch (hence the appropriately titled “Eyes on Me”), not only as an MC, but as a producer as well. We see him constantly jumping to different genres, having clearly an encyclopedic knowledge of the tropes of form while still keeping everything distinctly his own. If the trappy style of this song isn’t quite your thing, then there’s way more to discover: a mixtape from last year, a string of amazing singles, and a few collaborations on an EP with fellow Torontonian Hazi released last week, all available on his Soundcloud.

Catch Clairmont at the Garrison for the final night of the Wavelength Music Festival, co-presented by Silent Shout, Sunday February 14.

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Video: Clairmont the Second – Pretty

Toronto wunderkind Clairmont the Second has been seriously impressive lately, especially given it’s still so early in his career. Back in April we wrote about “Queen,” an amazing chilled-out electronic hip-hop single that left us wanting more. If “Queen” was a little on the dark and mysterious side, “Pretty” is definitely much more lighthearted and playful. An ode to egotism, it’s a very slow, minimal production, with a killer bassline and gloriously start-stop beats. We’re into it. The stark, carefully composed video was directed by a team: Javier Lovera, Devon Little, and Ben Cook (aka Young Guv/Yacht Club).

“Pretty” is from 2014’s Project II, available as a free download from Clairmont’s Soundcloud.

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