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Silent Shoutouts: Data Romance

We return to the west coast with Silent Shoutouts this week, and we’re excited to have today’s edition curated by Amy and Ajay of Data Romance. Their excellent album Other was just released last week, and it’s been getting a whole lot of praise from the likes of Beatroute and Yvynyl, and we really dug it too.

Data Romance – Be Quiet and Drive (Deftones Cover)

They’re touring Western Canada next week opening for Diamond Rings, so be sure to check that out, tour dates on their website, and you can buy Other from iTunes. Their picks:

The Zolas in general craft some of the best pop music out of Vancouver and their new record is amazing. These guys are closer than close buds and we’ve collaborated with them on a lot of different levels. This track is a great blend of electronic drum machine work blended with some very warm and real feeling instruments. Oh and it’s catchy as shit.

This is such a good song and a perfect performance of it. The tones and riffs are minimalist in all the right ways to give the vocals ample room to shine. You end up hanging on every note with her. We’re really excited to be playing with Evy Jane for our album release show on Feb 28th at the Media Club in Vancouver.

This Twigs track highlights a lot of what I like about this post-dubstep rnb-whateverthefuck movement that’s going on right now. Rhythms that feel out and in at the same time, haunting vocals, a simple and understated groove, some live instruments, and an unconventional structure.

There’s a few versions of this track, all amazing in their own right. In Media Res is kind of the epitome of bands/songs deserving more attention. Not that they don’t get any, but that it should be more. Like ridiculously more.

I fell in love with this album after watching a video Alistair Legrand (director of two of our videos) did for “The Gravedigger’s Song.” The album is especially dark and chill, and this song is the cherry on top. “If tears were liquor…” Great lyrics. Smoke and whiskey soaked vocals.

Data Romance is on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter. Follow them.

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