Doldrums – Heater

We haven’t quite had time to recover from Doldrums‘ latest single “Runnerup”, and now he’s already hitting us with “Heater”. A far more in-your-face track, it features a pummelling sequenced bass synth and clattering claps, and masterful quick cuts between sections, all-in-all the most innovative club track we’ve heard since, possibly, “Loops”. And the video’s excellent too! Directed by Jordan Minkoff, it sees the band performing on a creepy cable access show that’s straight out of your most wonderfully surreal nightmares.

Doldrums is readying his third album Esc for release June 30, with July release shows in Toronto and Montreal. All info and pre-orders are at Bandcamp.

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Doldrums – Runnerup

Doldrums‘ second album The Air-Conditioned Nightmare was glorious, and everything we had hoped for from the Toronto/Montreal electronic pop experimenter. And it was our third-favourite record of the year back in good ol’ 2015. So we’re beside ourselves with giddy (but gloomy) excitement now that Airick Woodhead has announced the follow-up, e s c, which will be out June 30, and will feature some contributions from Petra Glynt. “Runnerup”, the first single, sees Doldrums exploring a smoother, more restrained and less frantic sonic style, and as one might expect, even when he’s being a bit subdued, the innovative songsmith/producer can’t help filling the mix with plenty of strange noises and delightfully unexpected twists and turns.

e s c is available for pre-order now from Bandcamp. Can’t wait!

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#1: Doldrums – Loops

Doldrums’ huge single from this year’s The Air Conditioned Nightmare blew our minds upon release, and has not gotten old as the seasons passed. With heavily treated vocals and a huge 4/4 beat, this is Doldrums for the club. We absolutely love this meeting of worlds between his experimental juxtapositions and electro-house simplicity – we adore every single one of Doldrums’ songwriting and production directions, but we certainly hope that making dancefloor bangers continues to be one of them. Our favourite song of the year.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare is out now on Bandcamp.

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