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Posted on April 10th, by digits in Video

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Like you need an excuse to listen to this one again. Doldrums‘ monster-of-a-single “Loops” now has a psychedelic sci-fi video to accompany its delirious groove. Directed/edited by Lily X, it’s the feverish/ecstatic dream of a man living on (or in) the moon. Yep, that’s exactly what this song feels like. Glorious animation work!

You can stream The Air Conditioned Nightmare on Sub Pop’s Youtube channel. And you can buy the record from them here.

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mar15Mix: Best of March 2015

1. The Acorn – Influence
2. Tigerwing – Coax
3. Grimes – REALiti
4. Doldrums – Loops
5. Braids – Taste
6. Man Made Hill – Angelchylde
7. LIDS – Blank Flag
8. Marie Davidson – Excès De Vitesse
9. TIO – A Simple Way
10. JOOJ – Shoulders and Whispers
11. ANAMAI – Lucia
12. Choses Sauvages – Laura
13. Dream Safari – Starzone
14. Saxsyndrum – Dance, Dance, Dance
15. Violence – L’invention du divertissement

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We were already giddy with anticipation about the new Doldrums record. Remember “Hotfoot”? Well that excellent first track was no fluke, because sweet merciful crap does the latest single go even deeper into pure dancefloor material. With heavily treated vocals and a huge 4/4 beat, this is Doldrums for the club. We absolutely love this meeting of worlds between his experimental juxtapositions and electro-house simplicity. We’ll be hitting repeat on this all weekend.

Countdown’s on. Doldrums’ second album The Air Conditioned Nightmare is out April 7.

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jan2015Mix: Best of January 2015

1. Lief Hall – Glass Machine
2. Keita Juma feat. Brendan Philip – Come Over
3. Antoine93 – Extra Strong
4. Le Couleur – Concerto Rock
5. Country – White Colors
6. Doldrums – Hotfoot
7. Bile Sister – Haagen Baadz
8. Motoko – Light is Body
9. Mystic Triangle – Snake Eyes Wins
10. Secret Sign – Sullenprod (demo)
11. Marie Davidson – Balade aux USA
12. Moon King – Roswell
13. New Hands – Strange Attractor
14. Chairs – Bird Calls
15. Monroeville Music Centre – Remain
16. James Irwin – Sahra
17. Mekele – ZPF

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Ooooh, it’s terribly exciting to hear new stuff from the ever-expanding mind of Doldrums. 2013’s Lesser Evil remains a phenomenal statement, so news of the followup makes for fantastic tidings indeed. So here’s the first single from the amazingly-titled The Air Conditioned Nightmare, an alternately cacophonous and crisply minimal electro dancefloor burner. At times sounding quite a lot like Silent Shout fave Zoo Owl, and featuring killer arpeggiator fills, it’s an addictive track. Repeated listens may be necessary.

Also, he signed to Sub Pop, good on him. The stratosphere’s where he belongs. Or maybe the ionosphere. The Air Conditioned Nightmare is out April 7, and we seriously cannot wait.

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Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

25. Valerie Dour – Dispel

24. Camp – Little Boy Blue

23. Dylan III – The Art Of Business

22. Object 28 – So Over

21. Kids On TV – Dazzler

20. Thomas – Kissing

19. Diana – Perpetual Surrender

18. Jamaican Queens – Water

17. Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise

16. Jef Barbara – I Know I’m Late

15. Pat Jordache – O.M.O.

14. Doldrums – Anomaly

13. Odonis Odonis – Better

12. À La Mode – Just a Boy

11. Phèdre – Ancient Nouveau

10. Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz

9. Bizzarh – Trans Phat

8. Austra – Painful Like

7. Mathias Mental – Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges

6. Blue Hawaii – Try to Be

5. Ell V Gore – Lobotomy

4. Paula – Totally Nice

3. How Sad – Indian Summer

2. Violence – Façades

1. Chevalier Avant Garde – Nowhere

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

a0767676678_1030. Wormwood – Sunfloating

artworks-000061863466-msjqir-t500x50029. Pick a Piper – Pick a Piper

a0926796648_1028. Police des Moeurs – LP

a3118566430_1027. Freelove Fenner – Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner

a4263477371_1026. JfM – JfM

a1125017242_1025. Zacht Automaat – Zacht Automaat

a0876668168_1024. Camp Counselors – Huntress

a1682860029_1023. Home Alone – Teddybears & Weed

DIANA-Perpetual-Surrender22. Diana – Perpetual Surrender

a3774199682_1021. Jay Arner – Jay Arner

a1116277550_1020. Strange Robotix – New New Jack Swing

a1577159557_1019. Chanteclair – Dance Madness

Dirty-Beaches-Landscapes-In-The-Mist18. Dirty Beaches – Drifters/Love is the Devil

artworks-000041650633-lgb3e2-t500x50017. Doldrums – Lesser Evil

a2455264590_1016. Prince Nifty – Pity Slash Love

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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Doldrums – I Hear Music

Nice b-side from this year’s spectacular Lesser Evil, unceremoniously dumped on the Doldrums soundcloud last night. The description is our favourite part:

sean nicholas savage came to me in a dream and sang this song and i didn’t realise that it was a dream when i saw him so i told him how much i really liked his new tune and he looked at me like WTF?

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Cadence Weapon, excellently reworking of one of our favourite singles from Doldrum’s Lesser Evil.

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New Doldrums video directed by Winston Hacking.