#1: Doldrums – Loops

Doldrums’ huge single from this year’s The Air Conditioned Nightmare blew our minds upon release, and has not gotten old as the seasons passed. With heavily treated vocals and a huge 4/4 beat, this is Doldrums for the club. We absolutely love this meeting of worlds between his experimental juxtapositions and electro-house simplicity – we adore every single one of Doldrums’ songwriting and production directions, but we certainly hope that making dancefloor bangers continues to be one of them. Our favourite song of the year.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare is out now on Bandcamp.

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#24: Doldrums – Hotfoot

“Hotfoot,” the killer opening track from DoldrumsThe Air Conditioned Nightmare is an alternately cacophonous and crisply minimal electro dancefloor burner. The tracks features killer arpeggiator fills, Airick Woodhead’s signature high-pitched vocals and devotion to the weirdest/sweatiest/coolest dance-party. It introduces one of our top albums of the year in a big way, and makes sure you go right back to the beginning to start all over again.

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#3: Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare

We’ve been following the amazing trajectory of Doldrums‘ career since the earliest days of the blog. From his first VHS tape release, to his first full-length Lesser Evil on Arbutus Records a couple years ago. He’s always managed to impress us with his take on wall-of-sound electro weirdness, adding a psychedelic element to everything he touches. But it’s on The Air Conditioned Nightmare, his first release on Sub Pop, that he really comes into his own, making a huge statement on the balance of that inherent weirdness and bonafied pop stardom. The album features some of the greatest songs of his career and sounds absolutely massive from beginning to end.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare is available now from Doldrums’s Bandcamp.

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