Essaie Pas

Premiere: Wake Island – Pleasure (Essaie Pas Remix)

Montreal’s Philippe Manasseh and Nadim Maghzal, aka Wake Island, have been turning heads lately with their terrific, darkly electronic new EP Sentimental Animals, which dropped back in April. It may be only three tracks long, but it’s an indispensable listen, seeing the band at their hardest-hitting, most-purely-electronic form to date. And today, we’re excited to premiere a remix of the EP’s closer “Pleasure”, produced by none other than Pierre Guerineau of Essaie Pas (who put out our #2 album of last year).

Guerineau takes the pulsing, paranoid experimentalism of the original and transmutes it into a cold-as-ice minimal synth track, featuring a simple but unrelenting drum pattern, with carefully-placed vocal shouts and ghostly synths weaving in and out of the mix. The tension is meticulously maintained, until finally, a beautifully-delayed, appropriately-massive sequenced synth arrives to take us home. A subtle, stunning creation!

Sentimental Animals is available now, PWYW from Bandcamp. If you’re in Montreal or Toronto, be sure to catch Wake Island this summer. They’re supporting !!! this Tuesday at Bar le Ritz P.D.B. in Montreal, and playing the Yalla Barra Stage at Toronto Pride on June 23, with a couple more Montreal dates at their Bandcamp.

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Essaie Pas – La Chute

We haven’t been shy about loving Essaie Pas‘s first full-length record Demain est une Autre Nuit, still one of the best albums of the year. So it’s lovely to be reminding yet again of that record’s majesty with a new video for “La Chute”, the album’s slow-burning epic closer.

Directed by Kaspar’89, the genius behind last year’s Automelodi and Johnny Couteau videos, provides a beautiful black-and-white odyssey of a video that follows the Montreal duo on tour in Europe. So many striking shots!

Demain est une Autre Nuit is available now from DFA Records and Essaie Pas’s Bandcamp.

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Song: Essaie Pas – Retox

Anticipation continues to build for Essaie Pas’s second album Demain Est Une Autre Nuit. Last week they dropped their latest single “Retox”, which heavily features Pierre Guerineau’s ominous monotone over sinister sequenced synths, with Marie Davidson taking over by track’s end. Between this and first single “Le port du masque est de rigueur”, February 19 can’t come soon enough, but luckily that’s next Friday! Did we mention their record being put out by DFA? Montreal hometown heroes doing us proud as they continue to blow up.

You can pre-order Demain Est Une Autre Nuit from Bandcamp.

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