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MP3: Galaxius Mons – Controller Down (feat. Jef Barbara)

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“Controller Down” is like a dream we didn’t know we had coming true. Galaxius Mons and Jef Barbara are two underground Montreal pop artists we love dearly, for very different reasons. Galaxius are electropop experimenters of the highest order, and their debut album was our #6 album of last year. And they’ve got none other than Canada’s premier underground pop star Jef Barbara to sing vocals on their latest single, a brass-heavy electrofunk track that pumps like no Galaxius Mons track before it. Blast it out your car stereo!

Galaxius Mons are on tour right now in Ontario and Montreal, including an appearance tonight at Nite Comfort with Silent Shout darlings Petra Glynt, Mekele and Chanteclair. Check out rest of the Galaxius Mons tour dates over at Exclaim.


Mix: Best Songs of May 2014

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Mix: Silent Shout Best of May 2014

1. Galaxius Mons – Outweigh the Pillared Masts (feat. You, Yourself & I)
2. Beta Frontiers – So Cold (feat. Carmen Elle)
3. Prince Innocence – Dissipate (Tarantula X Remix)
4. Sur Une Plage – Restaurant
5. Zoo Owl – Nemesis
6. Omhouse – Mooneye
7. Lydia Ainsworth – White Shadows
8. Vogue Dots – Temporal Suspension (A.A. Wallace cover)
9. Timber Timbre – Beat the Drum Slowly
10. Robert Loveless – Ain’t That Love
11. Most Ghost – Un Bouquet
12. Para Palabras – I Already Know
13. CFCF – Windswept


MP3: Galaxius Mons – Outweigh The Pillared Masts

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Galaxius Mons are back!! This is that Montreal synthpop collaboration between Matt LeGroulx (EXPWY) and Ian Jarvis (Chairs) who released our sixth favourite album of last year. You never know when these collaborations end up being one-time-only, so news of a new Galaxius album on the horizon (summer!) means 2014 is looking that much less dismal. This first single, featuring YouYourself&I and Anna Elbon is crazy-good, and feels like a subtle and very well executed refinement of their earlier sound. There’s even a single with Jef Barbara on vocals! Maybe we’re going to be okay after all!


Top 100 Songs of 2013: 75-51

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Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

75. Dirty Inputs – Final Flight

74. Akua – Gravity

73. Beverlay – First Snow

72. Silkken Laumann – Obvious Water (Yer A Kitten)

71. Ambrose – Hourglass Sands

70. Drake (feat. Majid Jordan) – Hold On, We’re Going Home

69. Kashka – Never Had It

68. Violence – Dernier Cri

67. U.S. Girls – Overtime

66. Gold Zebra – Invisible Disorder

65. Flist – Bug

64. Terror Bird – The Wrong Way

63. Arcade Fire – Reflektor

62. Jay Arner – Surf Don’t Sink

61. Majical Cloudz – Silver Rings

60. Braids – In Kind

59. Ark Analog – Make Me A Mirror

58. Drug Train – No One Cares

57. Princess Century – Giving It Away

56. Dirty Beaches – Mirage Hall

55. Weaves – Motorcycle

54. Marie Davidson – Je Ne T’aime Pas

53. Quinn Read-Baxter – Don’t Go

52. Homeshake – Moon Woman

51. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

Top 30 Albums of 2013: 15-1

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Silent Shoutout – Jef Barbara

Posted on October 2nd, by arp2600 in Silent Shoutouts

We have been following Jef Barbara from the very beginning of the blog. A post about the video for Wild Boys was one of the first things we covered. Contamination came out shortly after that and became an instant classic in the Silent Shout circle. We still DJ Wild Boys and Flight 777 quite regularly. Now, three years later with the release of Soft to the Touch earlier this week, we see the glam diva at his most fully formed and confident. This album is an upgrade in style and textures from his debut; it’s pure unadulterated pop. The guitar line from lead single “I Know I’m Late” is one of the catchiest hooks of the year, and opening track “About Singers” can compete with the best of Ziggy era Bowie. His inevitable fame is just around the corner, and we can think of few people more deserving.

Soft to the Touch is out now, and can be ordered from Tricatel (international).

UPDATE: Or through Club Roll (Canada) on iTunes and wherever records are sold.

Jef graciously took some time from his European tour to write a few words about some of his favourite Canadian acts. His picks are below:

I have been into Chevalier Avant Garde since their Postcards incarnation. Nowhere is off their new album, which I have not had the time (but am very excited) to hear. The reason why I chose this song in particular is because it is so reminiscent of their Postcards era that I could have sworn it was on the tape that Fixture Records issued in 2008. Or was it?

Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)

I love this project, released on Kinnta Records, who have issued my favourite compilation, probably even my favourite album in many years: The Lemon Tape. This pick is also quite fitting because I know that Silent Shout has championed Galaxius Mons from the early days.

I love Bizzarh. I watched videos of them rapping on YouTube and I thought they were so cool. Trans Phat is one of my favourite tracks this year and has got to be the best song title of 2013.

Asaël Robitaille produces solo music as Bataille Solaire. Among the many projects that he is involved in is mine. Asaël plays guitar in the Jef Barbara band but here, the music is not guitar-driven. In fact, I tend to think that guitars are hardly ever used in the making of Bataile Solaire records. Then again I might be wrong. Up to now, Bataille Solaire has been mainly a computer-and-digital-synth project and this track is off his debut tape, which I believe was released last year. Although the music is consistently instrumental, I have encouraged Asaël to start beatboxing (which he is excellent at) on his next solo effort.

Sheer Agony – Everybody Knows

Jackson MacIntosh plays bass in the Jef Barbara band. He can also be heard playing electric guitar on my new album Soft To The Touch. Jackson is one of my favourite songwriters in Montreal. He leads a band called Sheer Agony, whose song Everybody Knows is one of many that I love. Jackson initially offered me this song to sing, probably because he felt self-conscious about releasing it as a Sheer Agony song. Although I would have liked for Everybody Knows to be known as a Jef Barbara track, I think he made the right decision by putting it out on his Unruly Sisters EP.


Silent Shout Shadow Polaris Prize 2013

Posted on September 19th, by digits in Lists

shadowpolarisSo the Polaris Prize winner announcement is rapidly approaching (September) and we have OPINIONS! Last year, we selected Chevalier Avant Garde’s Heterotopias as our Shadow Polaris pick. This year, the Silent Shout staff has expanded, so we’ve got even more thoughts about who is most deserving. And although the artists that have made the Polaris shortlist are unquestionably talented and put out some very fine work, almost none of them appear on any of our lists. Call us contrary. Without further ado, here are our staff picks for best Canadian album of the Polaris year (May 2012-June 2013):

ARP 2600:

1. Drug Train – Drug Train
2. Majical Cloudz – Impersonator
3. Renny Wilson – Sugarglider
4. Femminielli – Double Invitation
5. Princess Century – Lossless


1- Sing Leaf – Watery Moon
2- Dirty Beaches – Drifters/Love Is the Devil
3- Renny Wilson – Sugarglider
4- Blue Hawaii – Untogether
5- Purity Ring – Shrines


1. Majical Cloudz – Impersonator
2. Femminielli – Double Invitation
3. Renny Wilson – Sugarglider
4. Hot & Cold – Border Area
5. Galaxius Mons – Galaxius Mons


1. Blue Hawaii – Untogether
2. Karneef – In Error
3. Sean Nicholas Savage – Other Life
4. Ghibli – Clubs
5. Galaxius Mons – Galaxius Mons


1. Rakam – Stranger Things Before
2. Paula – Relaxed Fit
3. Majical Cloudz – Impersonator
4. Princess Century – Lossless
5. Femminielli – Double Invitation

Our individual opinions tallied into a collective judgement:


3. Femminielli – Double Invitation


2. Renny Wilson – Sugarglider


1. Majical Cloudz – Impersonator

So Majical Cloudz takes the prize this year for the incredible Impersonator, and the Shadow Polaris scepter remains in Montreal. But please take the time to check all the remarkable works we’ve listed today. Rankings are fun, but these are all spectacular albums that deserve your attention.


Mix: Best Songs of March 2013

Posted on April 3rd, by digits in Mixes

Mix: Silent Shout Best of March 2013

1. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)
2. Vague-À-Bonde – Our Love
3. Object 28 – Can’t Shake It
4. Silkken Laumann – Obvious Water (Yer A Kitten)
5. Odonis Odonis – Better
6. Gold Zebra – Invisible Disorder
7. Chris Bush – The Oceans Rust and then Maple Leaf Top Dogs go on Sale at Loblaws
8. Bliss Club – Isabeau
9. Le Roi Crocodile – In the Fullness of Time
10. Make Haste – Should Have Left
11. Jamaican Queens – Kids Get Away
12. Princess Century – Twin House
13. Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End
14. Mathias Mental – Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges
15. Glass Candy – The Possessed (Runway Edit)


Pile of Best Albums: Galaxius Mons – Galaxius Mons

Posted on March 15th, by arp2600 in Pile of Best Albums

Galaxius Mons – Aquarium Domes
Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)

Montreal’s Galaxius Mons takes two already-excellent solo artists and merges them into something incredible. Matt LeGroulx (EXPWY) and Ian Jarvis (Chairs) perform in each other’s projects’ live incarnations, so it’s no surprise that they’ve teamed up as a duo. Chairs dabbles a bit in electronic pop but EXPWY is strictly bossa, so it was surprising to hear they’d made a straight-up psychedelic synth-pop record. Happily, they immediately prove themselves to be masters of the form. Recording the entire thing using a couple of Moog Rogues, the two have created a landscape we very much want to explore, and perhaps permanently inhabit. The sounds they discover on this album could be considered the Platonic Ideal of synthesis, with the two skilled songwriters penning memorable singsong melodies over hypnotic drum loops. This meeting absolutely constitutes a supergroup in our books.

This post originally appeared on Weird Canada as part of their weekly Cameo series. The main thing that you all need to know is that we LOVE THIS ALBUM.


Mix: Best Songs of January 2013

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Mix: Silent Shout – Best of January 2013

1. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)
2. Great Marble – In the Air
3. Ken Park – He Says I’m an Island
4. Blue Hawaii – Try to Be
5. Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise
6. Jake Finne – Black Panthers
7. Negative Beach – Vacant Home (Demo)
8. Violence – Façades
9. Vierance – Beaches
10. Doldrums – Anomaly
11. Crowns – HLYLND
12. Bliss Club – Breeze Punk 2
13. Potpourri of Pearls – James and the Cold Gun (Kate Bush cover)
14. Rakam – Le Jazz Dans la Rue
15. Coxkarnn – Blud for a Sec
16. Jeremy Greenspan – Sirius Shake