Galaxius Mons

Our appreciation of Montreal’s Galaxius Mons knows no bounds, but we haven’t heard much new from the project. Thankfully band member Matt LeGroulx continues to prove that everything he touches turns to gold with his new solo project High Five. With a rhythm bed of a weirdo mathy guitar line, leading up to playful synth and vocal melody, there’s certainly a lot going on with the track. “Taking Out the Trash” is the first song on High Five’s debut EP Pure Lava which is filled with nice little gems like this one and available on Bandcamp PWYC.

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MP3: Chairs – Bird Calls

Griffith & Neil The Lion

Chairs is Ian Jarvis, one-half of Silent Shout favourites Galaxius Mons, who seem to have followed in his side-project’s footsteps by going in a decidedly more electro direction for his latest release.

The short and sweet “Bird Calls” is a low-key sombre affair: slowed down but still amazingly funky. Chairs’ first song in over two years, this is the first single from an upcoming record due out later this year. Consider us expectant! We will be constantly refreshing his Soundcloud page until we hear more.

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Mix: Best Songs of October 2014

Mix: Silent Shout Best of October 2014

1. Majical Cloudz – Your Eyes
2. Swim Good & RLMDL – Saturday
3. VOTIIV – Stay Away
4. ¡FLIST! – Big Black Coffin (Screaming Lord Sutch cover)
5. Johnny Couteau – À La Jeune Fille aux Longs Cheveux Noirs
6. Galaxius Mons – Controller Down (feat. Jef Barbara)
7. James Irwin – Face Value
8. Timber Timbre – Curtains!? (Doomsquad Remix feat. Simone Schmidt)
9. Bazarian – Castle on a Cloud
10. YlangYlang – Tiny Balconies
11. Moon Maker – Off the Moon
12. Antoine93 – The Physical Aspect of Love
13. Xarah Dion – L’Asphalte Chaude
14. Jamaican Queens – Bored and Lazy
15. Motëm – Truth be Knownst
16. Boyhood – Make Up
17. Ginla – Things You Have
18. Los Echo – Bold Fire

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MP3: Galaxius Mons – Controller Down (feat. Jef Barbara)


“Controller Down” is like a dream we didn’t know we had coming true. Galaxius Mons and Jef Barbara are two underground Montreal pop artists we love dearly, for very different reasons. Galaxius are electropop experimenters of the highest order, and their debut album was our #6 album of last year. And they’ve got none other than Canada’s premier underground pop star Jef Barbara to sing vocals on their latest single, a brass-heavy electrofunk track that pumps like no Galaxius Mons track before it. Blast it out your car stereo!

Galaxius Mons are on tour right now in Ontario and Montreal, including an appearance tonight at Nite Comfort with Silent Shout darlings Petra Glynt, Mekele and Chanteclair. Check out rest of the Galaxius Mons tour dates over at Exclaim.

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Mix: Best Songs of May 2014

Mix: Silent Shout Best of May 2014

1. Galaxius Mons – Outweigh the Pillared Masts (feat. You, Yourself & I)
2. Beta Frontiers – So Cold (feat. Carmen Elle)
3. Prince Innocence – Dissipate (Tarantula X Remix)
4. Sur Une Plage – Restaurant
5. Zoo Owl – Nemesis
6. Omhouse – Mooneye
7. Lydia Ainsworth – White Shadows
8. Vogue Dots – Temporal Suspension (A.A. Wallace cover)
9. Timber Timbre – Beat the Drum Slowly
10. Robert Loveless – Ain’t That Love
11. Most Ghost – Un Bouquet
12. Para Palabras – I Already Know
13. CFCF – Windswept

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