Glass Random

MP3: Glass Random – Leave Everything


Hey, a new tune from our favourite Winnipeg bedroom synthpop auteur, Dave Shaw aka Glass Random! Also known for making excellent music under the name Camp David, he’s about to release his fourth release, the Leave Everything EP. If the title track is any indication, we’re in for an emotional synthy journey that’s very much on a psychedelic tip. It reminds a bit of the best of old-school Miracle Fortress, maximalist synthpop with a sweet centre. Knowing Shaw’s track record, odds are this EP is going to be amazing. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, check out the extensive back catalogue on Soundcloud.

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Mix: Best Songs of July 2014


Mix: Silent Shout Best of July 2014

1. Allie X – Bitch
2. Weaves – Motorcycle (Beta Frontiers Remix)
3. Ken Park – Stay at Mine
4. Austra – American Science (Duran Duran cover)
5. Prince Innocence – Cold
6. Visrei – Écarlate
7. Hey Mother Death – Highway
8. Mekele – Ānanda
9. Zammuto – Great Equator
10. Bile Sister – Guppy Ab
11. Thomas – Shy
12. James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By
13. Para Palabras – Lonely
14. Electric Youth – Runaway
15. Make Haste – Get Back Home
16. Zoo Owl – Left Alone
17. Glass Random – I Feel Better

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MP3: Glass Random – I Feel Better


Last month, we posted a delightful track about some under-the-weather smoochin’ by Winnipeg’s Camp David (aka Dave Shaw). Now, Shaw has shared a new track called “I Feel Better” from his other project, Glass Random.

The track is a poppy slice of sincerity that exhibits Shaw inching ever closer to what he calls “earnest singer-songwriter” territory. It pairs the catchy instrumentals and lofi production we’ve come to expect from Shaw with sincere, heartfelt lyrics. We think it makes for an excellent progression!

“I Feel Better” will be released on a tape sometime in the near future. Until you can grip that, you can download the track over here.

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