Video: Grimes – Kill V. Maim

“Kill V. Maim” was of the unquestionable highlights of Art Angels, and it now has an incredible video directed by Grimes herself. The underground pop superstar leads a gang of badass futuristic punks à la Warriors as they dance menacingly in Toronto’s mythical Lower Bay Station, then travels Mad Max-style in the Grimezmobile to a blood-soaked club, which now seems like the only suitable environment in which to listen to that incredible and otherworldly chorus.

Art Angels was our #2 album of last year, and you need to hear it if you haven’t.

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Grimes – Fifteen Minutes To

Grimes quietly released a bonus track on her blog in late December, a short and strange ambient pop piece in 3/4 called “Fifteen Minutes To”. She says it probably dates from the pre-Halfaxa period (which sounds like a geological term). As incredible as Art Angels was, it’s also nice to be reminded that she also made (and continues to make) strange hymns like this.

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#6: Grimes – REALiTi (Demo)

The album version of “REALiTi” is just as excellent, but let’s flashback to March, when we had no idea what was next for Grimes and this demo offered the first potential glimpse of what we’d be in for with the release of the long-anticipated Art Angels. Of course, she ended up delivering the best pop music on the planet. Welcome to reality, everyone.

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