Motëm – Fluxus

Hamilton producer/M.C. Motëm continues to be one of the most unique voices this fair country has to offer. His simultaneously effervescent and languid hip-hop stylings are a constant in this world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. “Fluxus” is the latest in a long-line of excellent singles from the Hamilton maestro, and, well, if you’re not familiar with Motëm yet, we envy you for being able to enjoy him here for the first time.

If one song isn’t enough–and how could it be?–there’s a treasure-trove of stuff to be found on his Soundcloud account. Including Songs in the Key of Motëm a new mixtape released last month.

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Premiere: L-Spex – S A D D I V A

Hamilton has no shortage of super-talented electronic musicians and we’re very excited to add another to the list of those we’re fans of: rapper turned songwriter/producer L-Spex, whose video “S A D D I V A” we’re premiering here today. A soft, woozy electro-r&b rumination on masculinity, it’s perfect for laundromat ponderings, which is precisely what director Lee Skinner (who did these fantastic Jessy Lanza and Junior Boys vids) had in mind. Grey and low-key, just as it should be to suit a track like this.

We’re told that an EP is coming very soon! So watch out for it! We definitely will be.

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Jessy Lanza – Oh No

Jessy Lanza‘s 2013 debut was great, but we’re calling it right now–the Hamilton-based artist has outdone herself the second time around.

Co-produced with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, Oh No incorporates the best elements of Lanza’s previous work: airy vocal delivery, interlocking layers of drum machine beats with analog synth melodies, and a very relaxed, cool-temperatured atmosphere. “Vivica,” for instance, sounds like classic Lanza, with some spoken lyrics and understated production.

But now she’s more light on her feet, in between the stomp-and-clap mechanical percussion in “Never Enough,” the falsetto-ed word ends in “Going Somewhere” and the dancing bassline on “VV Violence.” And, all hail the arpeggiator! Much of the album makes masterful use of the jumping chords, weaving them in with quickly moving patterns of sounds and Lanza’s own voice echoing the synth melodies.

You can get your hands on what’s sure to be one of the best albums of the year from Hyperdub. And if you’re in Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, keep an eye out for Lanza’s tour this summer.

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With her sophomore album only a little more than a month away, Hamilton‘s Jessy Lanza is sounding fresh and fantastic. This is the release’s second single, and it’s classic Lanza–analog synth melodies, beautifully breathy vocals–delivered with extra confidence and a light playfulness. The bass line takes until the first chorus to appear, which only serves to emphasize how great it is when it does kick in.

Oh No is out on Hyperdub on May 13, and we can’t wait.

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Premiere: Benjamin Muñoz – Anchors

We are very pleased to premiere “Anchors”, the debut solo single from Hamilton-based electronic music producer Benjamin Muñoz, of the late New Hands, whose first (and final) album we immensely enjoyed. “Anchors” features a stellar constellation of elements: Burial-inflected rhythms and atmosphere, bleary acoustic piano, impeccable sense of space, and, most notably, understated child-like vocal melodies that add affective depth and an entrancing pop dimension to the mix.

In terms of arrangement and production, “Anchors” hardly sounds like the work of an emergent producer, but rather a standout track by an established veteran. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from Muñoz!

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