Peter Sagar is one cool dude. When operating under his Homeshake moniker, he is consistently releasing the coziest of rainy-day songs, making the most out of seedy drumbeats, catchy guitar lines and groovy bass. He’s been at it for a few years and lucky for us, a new album is on the way.

The first single, “Call Me Up”, is what Homeshake does best: a short, tight and surprisingly romantic track. Only this time, much like on his last release, he’s using synths instead of guitars. And it works!

His forthcoming album, “Fresh Air”, can be pre-ordered now from Sinderlyn.

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MP3: Homeshake – Cash is Money

Homeshake, we were not expecting this. I mean, brilliant mixtape last year, but this sly bit of slow funk, with a circuit-bendy outro, is a bit unexpected. So cool! Alright, so their new album In the Shower seems like it’ll be a very important release, and hopefully make this deserving bunch famous. Wonderful. It’s out September 26, watch out for it.

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Mix: Best Songs of October 2013

Mix: Silent Shout Best of October 2013

1. Ambrose – Hourglass Sands
2. Motem – Quirk Pop
3. Homeshake – Dynamic Meditation
4. Magic Island – Baby Blu
5. Sing Leaf – High John
6. A Sacred Cloud – Be Good or Be Dead
7. Nostalgic Home Highways – Interior Astronaut
8. Ylang Ylang – Temporary Opalescent Death
9. Violence – Halo
10. Kashka – Never Had It

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