Hooded Fang

Video: Lee Paradise – Farisian

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dan Lee of Phedre, Hooded Fang, Tonkapuma, and really just every band in the entire world, has a new video out for, Farisian, a stand out track from his recent solo debut LP under the name Lee Paradise.  Lots of quick cuts and vhs era effects in this one, to accompany Lee’s frenetic boogie. The LP, Water Palace Kingdom, is out on Pleasence Records and Not Unlike, and is available here. We recommend it highly.


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Silent Shoutout – Phèdre

If you live in Toronto, it’s an undeniable fact that Phèdre wrote one of the best summer jam ever with “In Decay.” That song was EVERYWHERE when it came out in 2012. Their two albums, last year’s Golden Age and a self-titled debut in 2012, are amazing and will hold up for generations to come. They also have one of the weirdest, most engaging live shows this side of our namesake.

We’re thrilled to co-present them on the Thursday February 13th instalment of the Wavelength Festival at the Silver Dollar with many other amazing bands. Daniel Lee of Phèdre (and the also amazing Hooded Fang) took some time out of his day to pick some bands he loves and the reasons for that.

Man Made Hill is a king in my mind. He goes the distance in performance, videos, and his skewed-disco epic tracks.

I’ve been a fan of Castle If for a little while now. The tracks on this release are really long, and that is just fine with me. It sounds thoughtful and and kind of invokes feelings of warm insanity.

Zacht Automaat are one of the few groups that we’ve listened to a lot this year. These recordings are mindblowing, as is the rate of output. We are blessed to have this in our city. I don’t even have words to explain it. A compilation was just released on Calico Co.

Ken Park makes really good emotion-inducing hypnotic dance tracks. A nice debut record coming out soon, which I can’t wait for. He also has perfect pitch hearing, and I don’t understand how that is possible.

Ice Cream are an amazing Toronto duo, with just one track up so far. We met Carlyn through her guitar playing work with Blonde Elvis, and she exudes the same class and great taste in playing in this group. Her bandmate is also awesome. The overall aesthetic is ice and minimal and drum machine driven, but nice and analog as well, with live bass and keys. Smart pop.

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Pile Of Best Albums: Phèdre – Phèdre

Phèdre – Aphrodite
Phèdre – Ode To The Swinger

One of our greatest regrets from last year’s Best Of lists is that we didn’t include the excellent Phèdre song Aphrodite. Fortunately, with the release of this album, we can right that wrong and solidly declare their record as absolutely wonderful. Not only that, but it makes us look even more forward to the upcoming Doldrums record.

They seemed to come out of nowhere, featuring Doldrums with Hooded Fang’s Daniel Lee and April Aliermo, they signed to Daps Records, released the video for In Decay and blew up. Next thing you know, they are headlining The Great Hall in Toronto. Lo-fi electro-fuzz at its finest.

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