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Video: Phèdre – In Decay

When Doldrums released his dIVE dEEP mixtape, there was one stand-out track: Aphrodite, a song by his side-project Phèdre. We’re excited that this project is apparently something more than that one-off song. Furthermore, it seems that Phèdre is set to release an album’s worth of material! The band consists of Doldrum’s Airick Woodhead, and Hooded Fang’s Daniel Lee and April Aliermo.

This new video also features a great song off their forthcoming eponymous debut. The album is set to drop digitally on February 14 on Toronto’s Daps Records, which is currently home to both Hooded Fang and Doldrums.

Via The Indie Machine

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Doldrums Plays with Everybody

Phédre – Aphrodite 

Doldrums just released Dive Deep, an awesome new mixtape that features pretty much every contemporary band working in Toronto today. Are we offended that we weren’t asked? Maybe. Nonetheless. It’s amazing and needs to be listened to. Who do we mean when we say everybody? Austra, for one. Hooded Fang, Army Girls, Grimes, his literal bro Moon King and many, many others.

UPDATE: Apparently he’s also releasing a split 12″ with Portishead on October 17th! I didn’t know if it was real last night, but now I know for sure. Oh my! That’s exciting too! He pretty much literally plays with everybody. LITERALLY EVERYBODY. Listen to his cover of Portishead’s Chase the Tear here:

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