Ice Cream

Ice Cream – Love, Ice Cream

We’ve long been impressed by the consistently cool and original tunes penned by Toronto experimental electronic pop duo Ice Cream. They’d really taken things to another level this year with the menacing, atonal “Veronica” and the hypnotic no wave of “Receiver”. They’ve paired all the new jams with old now-classic favourites such as “Science” on their debut album Love, Ice Cream and the result is one of the most envelope-pushing, yet catchy, post-punk albums in recent memory.

Somehow within the noisy and often cacophonous arrangements, Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist always manage to find a way to include some confoundingly catchy melodies, whether on vocals or on synths. Every song explores a different dimension of their sound, and it’s endlessly interesting. One of the finest albums of the year, and worthy of the classics!

Love, Ice Cream is available now from Bad Actors.

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Ice Cream – Veronica

It’s only been just over a week since we shared the remarkable “Receiver”, the first single from Toronto duo Ice Cream‘s forthcoming first album Love, Ice Cream. That record now seems like it’ll be one of the year’s best, because “Veronica” is every bit “Receiver”‘s equal, with menacing atonal guitars and sinister drum machines taking centre stage. A very impressive and original sound.

Love, Ice Cream is out June 3 on Bad Actors.

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Ice Cream – Receiver

Take a seat, grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and plug in your headphones, because Ice Cream is back. The celebrated Toronto duo has released a single in advance of their first album, and it’s great. Their usual recipe of synth, bass and drum machine has been punched up with some fast, mechanical blips and accenting guitar notes, and the full effect sounds like a very alluring robot.

If you’re in Toronto, you can head to their album release show on April 23 with Silent Shout faves Scott Hardware (ex-Ken Park) and Man Made Hill. If not, host your own personal listening party!¬†Love, Ice Cream¬†comes out on Bad Actors on the same day.

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