James Irwin

Mix: Best Songs of October 2014

Mix: Silent Shout Best of October 2014

1. Majical Cloudz – Your Eyes
2. Swim Good & RLMDL – Saturday
3. VOTIIV – Stay Away
4. ¡FLIST! – Big Black Coffin (Screaming Lord Sutch cover)
5. Johnny Couteau – À La Jeune Fille aux Longs Cheveux Noirs
6. Galaxius Mons – Controller Down (feat. Jef Barbara)
7. James Irwin – Face Value
8. Timber Timbre – Curtains!? (Doomsquad Remix feat. Simone Schmidt)
9. Bazarian – Castle on a Cloud
10. YlangYlang – Tiny Balconies
11. Moon Maker – Off the Moon
12. Antoine93 – The Physical Aspect of Love
13. Xarah Dion – L’Asphalte Chaude
14. Jamaican Queens – Bored and Lazy
15. Motëm – Truth be Knownst
16. Boyhood – Make Up
17. Ginla – Things You Have
18. Los Echo – Bold Fire

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MP3: James Irwin – Face Value


Montreal songwriter James Irwin thoroughly charmed us with his recent single “Everything Passed Me By,” and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the next single from his forthcoming album Unreal. And here it be! “Face Value” does not disappoint, another relaxed yet sombre song, seems like this record will be autumnal to the max.

As an added treat, the track’s been remixed by the brilliant L Ron of Holobody. Also essential listening!

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Video: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Oh good, we needed reminding about how wonderful this song is. With this first single in two years, Montrealer electro-songwriter James Irwin is setting out on a wonderful new direction. Slick, soft, pop that’s slightly on the electronic side, and simply too good. Too good! The video, directed by Derrick Belcham, is a lovely slow-motion scene, hazy and hypnotic. If you’re enjoying it, check out this Miracle Fortress remix too.

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