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We’re huge Pick a Piper fans here at Silent Shout – Caribou drummer Brad Weber’s self-titled debut album was one of our favourites of 2013. Well, it’s a couple years later, and it feels about time to revisit those wonderful songs with some assistance from Weber’s wide coterie of talented peers, all coming together to make a remix album in support of the Steve Reid Foundation, which helps musicians in need, especially medical need. Unlike many remix records, this one really feels like a particularly cohesive listen, as the artists involved all have an affinity for exploring the psychedelic side of electronic music. Contributors include Teen Daze, Jeremy Greenspan, the Ruby Suns, and the man himself, Caribou. It’s a thoroughly engrossing compilation worthy of repeated listens.

You can stream and purchase Remixes from Bandcamp.

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Arnold Digits

Oh, HI! Didn’t see you there. Come on in. Yeah, I’m listening to the new Digits track. What, you’ve heard it before? No, listen. Yeah! It sounds completely different! This a brand new version that was mixed by Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys. It sounds like it, doesn’t it? I’ve always thought that Digits had a lot of Junior Boys in him, and it’s interesting to see him paired with Greenspan.

Sorry? What was that? Yes, of course Digits co-founded this blog with me. Conflict of interest doesn’t really apply when I still legitimately love the music and want to share it with people. Besides, it premiered on The Fader first.

This is the first track from a mixtape that Digits putting out on Pleasence Records, due on February 18.

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2013 in review: Top 30 Albums // Top 100 Songs // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

10. Kaytranada – If (original by Janet Jackson)

9. Maya Postepski – Dele Af Kroppen (original by Heidi Mortenson)

8. Karl Snyder – All Her Colours (original by Pick a Piper)

7. Cyclist – Under The Sun (original by Andrew Clarke)

6. Jaguar Knight – Confusion (original by New Order)

5. Man Made Hill – Supernatural (original by Phèdre)

4. Young Galaxy – Break The Spell (original by Rachel Zeffira)

3. Maya Postepski – In Limbo (original by Landscapes)

2. Beta Frontiers – Possession (original by Humans)

1. Jeremy Greenspan – Drums&Drums&Drums (original “Drums” by Laurie Spiegel)

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums // Top 100 Songs // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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Jessy_Hyper_B1_0221-photo credit Tim Saccenti
Hamilton’s Jessy Lanza has had a bit of a meteoric rise to fame, and deservedly so. Could her music be any more cutting edge? For a long time she’s been the Hammer’s go-to opening artist for all the best visiting electronic musicians, like Trust, Diamond Rings, and Miracle Fortress. After signing to prestigious UK label Hyperdub and releasing Pull My Hair Back, the spotlight has been shining brightly on her. Working with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys as co-writer and co-producer, her debut album has not left our figurative tapedecks since we got our grimy paws on it. Pitchfork hype? Yep. Resident Advisor features? Check. Toronto Star love? Uh-huh. The “Kathy Lee” music video is one of the best of the year, no question.

Pull Your Hair Back is available now from iTunes, and you won’t hear another forward-thinking electronic pop release better than it this year. Jessy plays the Garrison in Toronto on Saturday November 2, and tickets are available here.

Here are Jessy’s Silent Shoutout picks for under-the-radar music you should check out:

Huren (aka Dave Foster) is from Hamilton and is a great lyricist.

Tee Flii is one my favourite r&b singers right now and this track is produced by DJ Mustard who is also amazing. Tee Flii also calls girls “annies” which is cute.

This video was shot in Hamilton in February and captures everything I love about the city.

I am really into the new direction Bieber has taken.

This track has the power to take you to all sorts of different places.

Jessy Lanza is on Facebook and Twitter. Follow her.

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Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys is blowing our minds today with this huge-sounding remix of Australian producer Roland Tings. A departure from his recent more minimal and experimental remixes, this one’s a big club track, but still an extremely unconventional one.

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This has been a long time coming! Dan Werb (Woodhands, Grapes Godly) and Maylee Todd’s relatively new project is finally available for consumption! Ark Analog‘s first official single is a wonderful bit of pure electro-pop, fittingly co-produced and mixed by Jeremy Greenspan.

Word on the street is that they’ll be releasing a split 7″ with our very own Digits in the near future. Goddamn can’t goddamn wait! Goddamn!

Via Exclaim

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This amazing new single from Hamilton talent Jessy Lanza reminds a bit of Sally Shapiro doing a Prince song. So excellent. And co-produced by Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys! Still can’t stop listening to her first single as well.

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The long-awaited debut Jessy Lanza song is here! “Kathy Lee” is a remarkably spare affair, very minimal and restrained yet deeply grooving electro here. Jessy’s debut album Pull My Hair Back is coming out September 10 and was co-produced and co-written by Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys fame. Big things coming for the Hamilton artist, she’s already been Pitchforked and all. Directed by Lee Skinner.

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The Russian Futurists are back! New single featuring Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys!

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Amazing remix here from Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys fame. Following on the heels of his amazing Laurie Spiegel rework, here he is taking on Ghostly’s Lusine – and the results are tremendous.