Pile of Best Albums: Ken Park – You Think About It Too Much


We’ve never been shy about the fact that we love Ken Park. Toronto’s Scott Harwood makes some of most perfectly executed, emotionally deep dance music out there, so it’s about time to formally place him in our Pile of Best Albums!

You Think About It Too Much was recorded over the course of a Berlin winter, and the end result is stuffed with musical layers and excellent production. Most of the songs push past the five minute mark, giving enough space to fully develop and expand each idea. And those ideas are definitely great ones, ranging from the downtrodden melody of “He Says I’m an Island (I Won’t Try and Find Him)” to the partial synth scales flitting through the opening of “Stay at Mine.”

The album manages to be perfect for long days walking around a city, observing the life around you and getting lost in your own thoughts, and at the same time ideal for cavorting at a crowded house party, dancing and making memories. That’s because it’s a perfect mixture of focused introspective vocals and atmospheric, bass-driven pop.

Don’t think about it too much – get into Ken Park.

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Video: Ken Park – Stay At Mine

Toronto’s Ken Park eats a falafel on a deserted beach, sometimes singing in between bites, and it’s still somehow mesmerizing. This video for hypnotic You Think About it Too Much highlight “Stay At Mine” was directed by Eduardo Sánchez and shot in Barcelona on Ken Park’s summer tour with Phèdre.

Ken Park plays Toronto tonight with Silent Shout faves Antoine93 and Mathématique at Double Double Land. Can’t miss!

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Mix: Best Songs of July 2014


Mix: Silent Shout Best of July 2014

1. Allie X – Bitch
2. Weaves – Motorcycle (Beta Frontiers Remix)
3. Ken Park – Stay at Mine
4. Austra – American Science (Duran Duran cover)
5. Prince Innocence – Cold
6. Visrei – Écarlate
7. Hey Mother Death – Highway
8. Mekele – Ānanda
9. Zammuto – Great Equator
10. Bile Sister – Guppy Ab
11. Thomas – Shy
12. James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By
13. Para Palabras – Lonely
14. Electric Youth – Runaway
15. Make Haste – Get Back Home
16. Zoo Owl – Left Alone
17. Glass Random – I Feel Better

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Mix: Best Songs of June 2014

silentshoutjun14Mix: Silent Shout Best of June 2014

1. Quinn Read-Baxter – Don’t Go
2. The Number Line – Park Light
3. Ken Park – He Says I’m An Island (I Won’t Try and Find Him)
4. Operators – True
5. Beta Frontiers – Undone Things
6. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
7. Uaxyacac – Don’t Let It Go
8. Austra – Habitat
9. Girls in Uniform – Flowers of the City
10. Mozart’s Sister – Enjoy
11. Men I Trust – A Cycle (feat. Odile)
12. Ambrose – Citadel Passage
13. Robert Loveless – Blue Hell & Back
14. Miracle Fortress – Here’s to Feeling Good All the Time

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Video: Ken Park – He Says I’m An Island (I Won’t Try and Find Him)

Ken Park. Remember that name. You’ll be hearing it again and again in the years to come. We’ve been following the work of Scott Harwood, the Toronto oft-live-member of Hooded Fang and Phèdre, since the genesis of the Ken Park project in Berlin. We may have eagerly, salivatingly, posted his demo tracks, accompanied by nonsensical superlatives. Now, our long wait for REAL-DEAL Ken Park recordings is finally over and we hardly know what to do with ourselves. We’d better stick to the facts: this his first song, and first video. It’s directed by Lisa Folkerson. The song is three minutes and fifty-three seconds in length.

And now, more nonsensical superlatives: the song is brilliant by any objective standard, taking Chevalier Avant Gardesque lo-fi textures and bringing them to a immaculately produced, piercing and emotionally direct place. We challenge you to not be moved by its majesty.

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