Lee Paradise

Above Top Secret – WTF ?! [LEE PARADISE REMIX]

Above Top Secret‘s WTF ?!–one of our top songs of 2015–gets a masterful remix C/O Phèdre/Hooded Fang‘s Lee Paradise. Lee doubles down on the slurry haze of the original song, but adds a certain underground dance floor aspect that’s hard not to shimmy to.

We’ve been anticipating an ATS record for some time, and with the release of this remix we finally have something: their self-titled LP will be released July 1st on DAPS Records! The record will include the two amazing singles we’ve heard so far, this remix and a number of other tracks that we can’t wait to hear.

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Video: Lee Paradise – Farisian

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dan Lee of Phedre, Hooded Fang, Tonkapuma, and really just every band in the entire world, has a new video out for, Farisian, a stand out track from his recent solo debut LP under the name Lee Paradise.  Lots of quick cuts and vhs era effects in this one, to accompany Lee’s frenetic boogie. The LP, Water Palace Kingdom, is out on Pleasence Records and Not Unlike, and is available here. We recommend it highly.


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Mix: Best Songs of April 2014

Mix: Silent Shout Best of April 2014

1. Gavin Noir – Not Gonna Dance
2. Mathias Mental – Chantale
3. New Zebra Kid – Romantic Illusions
4. Vogue Dots – Skinny Thing
5. Ginla – Almost Plastic
6. Phèdre – Sunday Someday
7. Blonde Elvis – Fit for Her
8. Odonis Odonis – Highnote
9. Lee Paradise – Breaker
10. Sean Nicholas Savage – Heartless
11. People Tanning – Speak Empty to Me
12. Drug Train – Your Home
13. Cocobeurre – Waterfall

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