Wolf Saga – Summer Breeze

We’re so glad to have more Wolf Saga to soundtrack our summer! Epic instrumental “When the Storm has Passed” is still rattling our souls, and now we’ve got “Summer Breeze”, a slow but massive synth-pop anthem, to join it. A wonderfully psychedelic, sample-filled that literally shouts for joy, it’s tailor-made for lazy summer cycling or park hangs.

“Summer Breeze” is available PWYW from Bandcamp. And if you’re in Toronto, catch Wolf Saga at Luminato on June 21.

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Wolf Saga – When the Storm has Passed

With all the pop magnificence London’s Wolf Saga has been providing us with lately it’s been easy to lose sight of the prodigious producer’s sublime sense of synth majesty. So his new instrumental single “When the Storm has Passed” is a massive, soul-shaking reminder that larger-than-life synths are most definitely Johnny Saga’s forte extraordinaire. Also, there’s a new EP on the way! Wolf Saga never disappoints, so we’ll be convening our wolfpack for the highly anticipated first listening.

“When the Storm has Passed” is available now from Bandcamp.

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You’ll Never Get to Heaven – Images

London’s You’ll Never Get to Heaven have been making impressive and immaculately produced dream/ambient pop for almost as long as we’ve a blog. Now, with Images, they establish themselves as perfecters of the genre, and reestablish themselves as one of our favourite bands in the country.

Alice Hansen and Chuck Blazevic (who occasionally writes for this blog) take their production to new heights throughout the 11 track run-time. Sure, you have heard a lot of these sounds before, but the way they are used makes for a product that sounds entirely unique and new. They also take the project in (dare we say) a poppier direction than their previous outputs. Album opener “Shared Dreams,” title track “Images” and “Wind” are the clear favourites here for us, but each track has a distinct soft flavour that lends itself to multiple listens.

Images is out now on Yellow K Records and through YNGTH’s Bandcamp.

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