Album Premiere: Loveland – Chill For You

Loveland: land of the love, land of the chill. Halifax singer-songwriter Robert Loveless’ five-piece band once again proves to be a reliable and exciting groove-making machine, with each song off of their newest album being a testament to their strengths as a band.

Loveless is still the Prince to his band’s Revolution, but it’s their collective neo-retro charm that makes Chill For You superb. Clearly these people have mastered the art of the slow-jam: third song “Lonely Life,” a duet that features vocals from keyboardist Rindy McDonald, deserves a nod for being such an endearing mix of ’80s nostalgia and twee pop. But opener “925 5212” is the best of the bunch, with its smooth electro-funk production and awesome falsetto hook. Indie-pop gold.

The band will be touring in support of this new release; check out the dates on their website.

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Loveland – Aloe Hotel

Robert Loveless’s bizarro singer-songwriter career has been a wonder to watch unfold, and the latest chapter in the Halifax musician’s story marks a big change. The Loveland Band first made their introduction in last year’s wonderful Can’t Bobby Love? LP, and now with the release of Aloe Hotel, the project has become a full-blown five-piece simply called Loveland.

We’ve been gushing about the singles from Aloe Hotel for some time, including the title track, and the mellotron magnificence of “Arrow”. So it comes as no surprise that the record as a whole delivers on all that promise and then some. The most electronic Loveland release to date, Aloe Hotel plays around with drum machines, synths, and disco influences, all the while retaining a psychedelic, strange-pop core. A worthy successor to masterpieces Domino and Can’t Bobby Love?.

As our spooky, whimsical, indie pop poet par excellence, Robert Loveless deserves to be known nationwide as one of our most enjoyable idiosyncratic songwriters. For now, Loveland remain underground, a brilliant hidden gem to be discovered by those who know how to dig. Aloe Hotel is available now, PWYW, from Bandcamp.

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It seems like Robert Loveless‘s transition into full-band formation as Loveland is complete with the release of this Brian Askew-directed video for “Aloe Hotel”. The every-shade-of-green aloe visuals combined with the track’s slow, sultry electro-pop production style cements that this is indeed a new era for the Halifax songwriting genius.

“Aloe Hotel” is the title track from the forthcoming first Loveland album, which we don’t know when to expect, but Bandcamp suggests that “Dance in the Moonlight” won’t be on it, but that the equally brilliant “Arrow” made the cut. Definitely one of our most anticipated albums of the year! We’d better book a reservation.

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