Lydia Ainsworth

Lydia Ainsworth – Darling of the Afterglow

We’ve had Lydia Ainsworth’s second full-length on heavy rotation since it came out on March 31st, and for good reason! From start to finish, the record sees Lydia breaking apart pop motifs and reconfiguring them in delightfully weird ways, exploring a wide range of sonic palettes but always tying everything back together with her signature vocal layering. Every tone on this album feels staunchly deliberate, and with so many elements to dive into, repeat listens find us discovering something new every time. Darling of the Afterglow strikes a perfect balance between busier tracks — like your future summer anthem “What Is It?” — with delicately sparse compositions the likes of “Afterglow” and a devastatingly beautiful cover of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. We already want more!

Darling of the Afterglow is available now on vinyl and digitally from Arbutus Records and Lydia’s Bandcamp. She’s currently on tour, with performances in Toronto and Montreal next week. Details on her Bandcamp page.

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Lydia Ainsworth – Afterglow

Last month, Lydia Ainsworth made some serious waves with an enchantingly vibrant video for “The Road,” the first single from her upcoming LP, Darling of the Afterglow. Lydia’s latest offering, “Afterglow,” leads us even deeper into the land of the mystical — a hauntingly simplistic music video (once again directed by her sister Abby) places Lydia front and centre as she pilots an organism of faceless dancers through the track’s steady churning. The depth and spatial definition of “Afterglow” readily places Lydia within the ranks of FKA Twigs and Fever Ray, and we can’t wait to hear what other strange magic the new record will bring.

Darling of the Afterglow is out March 31st on Arbutus and Bella Union.

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Lydia Ainsworth – The Road

And just like that, Lydia Ainsworth is back with a new single and a new album on the way. “The Road” is the first song released since 2014’s phenomenal Right from Real, which has been on constant rotation on our decks, but now we joyfully have something new to listen to over and over again. This song continues Ainsworth’s brand of orchestral melancholic pop but sounds definitively more massive than her more minimal previous work. The video–directed by Lydia’s sister Abby–is a beautiful and stunning spectacle that pairs nicely with the song.

Lydia Ainsworth’s sophomore album Darling Of The Afterglow is out March 31 on Arbutus and Bella Union. Let’s begin counting down the days, shall we?

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