Lydia Ainsworth

Video: Lydia Ainsworth – Malachite

Ah, new Arbutus signing Lydia Ainsworth finally has a great video to go along with her wonderful debut EP Right From Real Pt. 1. Directed by Matthew Lessner and choreographed by Princess Lockerooo, it features three dancers “waacking”, which was a 1970s Los Angeles street dancing form popular among disco afficionados. It fits quite well with “Malachite”‘s hypnotic beats. Hey there’s three of us in the office today! Excuse us while we all look like idiots attempting to waack in here.

Right From Real Pt. 1 is available from iTunes.

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Mix: Best Songs of May 2014

Mix: Silent Shout Best of May 2014

1. Galaxius Mons – Outweigh the Pillared Masts (feat. You, Yourself & I)
2. Beta Frontiers – So Cold (feat. Carmen Elle)
3. Prince Innocence – Dissipate (Tarantula X Remix)
4. Sur Une Plage – Restaurant
5. Zoo Owl – Nemesis
6. Omhouse – Mooneye
7. Lydia Ainsworth – White Shadows
8. Vogue Dots – Temporal Suspension (A.A. Wallace cover)
9. Timber Timbre – Beat the Drum Slowly
10. Robert Loveless – Ain’t That Love
11. Most Ghost – Un Bouquet
12. Para Palabras – I Already Know
13. CFCF – Windswept

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MP3: Lydia Ainsworth – Malachite


Oh goodness, we just can’t get enough of Lydia Ainsworth‘s otherwordly synthpop. We’re entranced! First we had the brilliant “White Shadows”, and now the Toronto/Brooklyn-based Ainsworth has put out her second single, more arpeggiator-driven and synthy. It’s hard to choose a favourite between the two! One thing’s for sure: the newest Arbutus Records signing is clearly someone to get excited over.

Her debut album Right From Real – Pt. I is out June 10. Can’t. Wait.

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