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Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

Top 100 Songs of 2014: Honourable Mention K-Z

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Top 25 // 25-50 // Honourable Mention A-J

Les Passagers have been wiggling our tympanic membranes for a minute with their ear-wormy francophone prog-pop tunes.

Low Factor – Icicle

We’ve long been a fan of Montreal dark pop persona Low Factor, but she’s tightened up her approach and gone full-on pop. Well, full-on pop in an alternate universe.

Heaps of personality and a killer chorus from the Arts & Crafts powerhouse.

A haunting standout from Arbutus’ newest artist, with maximum atmosphere and a beautiful vocal performance.

We were already looking forward to more DeMarco but now it’s reaching fever pitch.

This is epic pop music from Toronto’s Make Haste, featuring guest singers Melissa Ella Warren and Lesley Davies.

Out of the ashes of two great bands comes Memorex. The band is comprised of founding members of two of our favourite goth-tinged electro projects of years past.

One last epic synthpop jam for the dying days of summer, it’s extremely ambitious in its scope but still so so catchy.

It’s new, cool, cold, dark, and spacey and her whispery vocals mesmerize you into submission as they reel you in.

A deep grooving production that’s very direct in its message. Be yourself! Do it today!

Mozart’s Sister has dialed up her sound with more prominent bass and a whack of polish.

This track doesn’t just try new things, it journeys from one new texture to another, in unexpected and fascinating ways.

A deft take on modern electronic dance that reconciles sleek digital production with raw, organic timbres, and mechanistic precision with deep emotional resonance.

Petra’s signature deep, pulsing beats and insistent pummelling vocals remaining shockingly original.

Spaced-out, stumbling beats and hazy synth lines form the backdrop for slightly terrifying pitch shifted vocals and more than decent rhyming and flow.

Vancouver synthy power pop project Rec Centre continues to be full of brilliant gems.

A soulful yelps atop a dark, groovy slice of lofi pop that sounds like a skewed take on ’70s Lennon.

Sweet daydreams and smiling melodies from Nunavut’s best synthpop band.

A grooving version of the Montreal crooner’s greatest song.

An airy track anchored by a blistering arpeggiated bass that might be the song’s star.

Moody and more atmospheric than we’re accustomed to from these guys, this track is buoyed by slick production that elegantly frames a nuanced vocal performance.

They still dark, they still make you wanna dance, they still gooooood.

An effective mix of light and dark – a driving, deep bassline and flourishing high notes – creates a vibrant piece of music.

The new side-project from everyone’s favourite dark-wave mask-enthusiast, and we definitely love what we hear!

A wonderful wonderful electro take on the Strokes’ LP3 single “You Only Live Once.”

Decidedly more EDM than minimal synth, the turn has us super excited for what is to come for Xarah.

Top 100 Songs of 2014:

Top 25 // 26-50 // Honourable Mention A-J
Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

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Whoa whoa whoa!  Mac DeMarco has unveiled a spectacular new single from his forthcoming record, Salad Days, and it’s as though he made it just for us!  A big step up in production values from the king of shambolic, lo-fi guitar pop and a big step up in the number of synthesizers.  We were already looking forward to more DeMarco but now it’s reaching fever pitch.

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Doldrums – Giant In The Sky (Sean Nicholas Savage cover)
Majical Cloudz – Kisses Like A Girl (Sean Nicholas Savage cover)
Mozart’s Sister – Standing In A Line (Sean Nicholas Savage cover)

Everyone in the Canadian music community is aware of Sean Nicholas Savage‘s reputation as an incredible songwriter. He’s released ten-odd albums, each of which contains countless treasures, so it’s no surprise to see such luminaries as Doldrums, Majical Cloudz, Mac DeMarco, Pat Jordache, and so many more covering his tunes on this brand new compilation, available for free from Arbutus Records. Sean is set to release an important full-length in 2013, one that he’s been working on for over a year (a long time for him).

Silent Shout is presenting Sean’s performance at Double Double Land in Toronto on Feb 15, with performances from AGOR of Blue Hawaii and Sexy Merlin, and Cadence Weapon and Doldrums DJing.

This post also appeared on Berlin’s No Fear of Pop.

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One of the more endearing elements of Mac DeMarco‘s often endearing rise to prominence has been the proliferation of side projects involving the members of his live band. Walter TV, the spastic psych-pop group fronted by DeMarco’s bass player Pierce McGarry, put out a couple of excellent releases last year, and guitarist Peter Sagar is following suit with his project, Homeshake.

Homeshake’s first release, The Homeshake Tape, is very clearly the work of the same group of people, and to some extent splits the difference between Mac DeMarco and Walter TV, embracing the downbeat, jangly-guitared languor of some of DeMarco’s work, while nodding to Walter TV’s more experimental flourishes. “Northern Man” is perhaps the best marrying of these two aesthetics, with Sagar’s shamblingly intricate guitar playing combining with a likeably lazy vocal into something redolent of the best Elephant 6 recordings. “Moon Woman,” by contrast, is pure DeMarco. All smooth sleaze without the rough edges sanded down, the general creep providing cover for a tightly composed, totally guileless little love song. As with seemingly everything associated with Mac DeMarco, it’s always listenable, frequently interesting, and when all else fails it gets by on charm and personality. Stream/purchase The Homeshake Tape at Bandcamp.

This post originally appeared on our Berlin brethren No Fear of Pop.

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songspt42012 has been the strongest year in memory for Canadian electronic pop. Established artists started new electronic projects, amazing new talents appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and one of our shining stars became a superstar recognized the world over. Canada is clearly at the epicenter of the zeitgeist – it’s a testament to the unbelievable talent in this country that we have 100 songs to present to you as the best of the year, and STILL had to exclude so many excellent tracks.

Montreal and Toronto may still have the most representatives of any Canadian city, but dark electro is thriving everywhere, from Halifax to Calgary, Ottawa to Vancouver, and exciting new hotbeds appearing in London, Ontario, and Grande Prairie, Alberta. We’re not too exclusively nationalist here at Silent Shout, so border states (minus NYC) appear too, with artists from Minneapolis, Seattle, and Brattleboro, Vermont making our list.

A huge thank you to all our readers, the folks who attend our events, and the bands that make brilliant music across this land for making 2012 an unforgettable year for us. Here’s to an even bigger 2013 for Canadian electronic music.

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 /// 75-51 /// 50-26 /// 25-1

25. Holy Family – My Kayfabe Babe

24. Essaie PasCarcajou

23. Pat JordacheSteps (Damaged Goods)

22. Blue HawaiiIn Two

21. Mac DeMarcoShe’s Really All I Need

20. Prince InnocenceGirls

19. CabaalOut of Body

18. You’ll Never Get To HeavenIt’s All Over

17. Triple GangersMolly

16. Dresden DressesFallen Angel

15. Prince NiftyVox News Double Double Dose

14. How Sad (formerly Goose Hut) – MACEE

13. Yacht ClubTropicana

12. Jay ArnerBroken Glass

11. Purity RingObedear

10. Silkken LaumannHouse Of Common Problems

9. Renny WilsonFeel Like a Child

8. Mozart’s SisterChained Together

7. KontravoidSilent Visions

6. GrimesGenesis

5. Homo DuplexOn or On and On

4. Brusque TwinsSpeaking In Colour

3. PhèdreIn Decay

2. DoldrumsShe Is The Wave

1. Yacht ClubFlash (Single Edit)

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 /// 75-51 /// 50-26 /// 25-1

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There has been so much amazing music made this year. Most of these albums have been on constant repeat at the Silent Shout office since we heard them. If you’ve been following the blog all year our love for these records won’t surprise you. If you haven’t, we can’t wait for you to hear them! There shouldn’t be so much damn agreement in the critical world. We don’t need multiple lists of the same 50 albums in a slightly different order.

20. Daphni – JIAOLONG – Label

19. Kashka – Vichada – Bandcamp

18. Walter TV – Appetite – Bandcamp
Walter TV

17. Purity Ring – Shrines – Website

16. Karneef – In Error – Bandcamp

15. Man Made Hill – Intercourses – Bandcamp
Man Mde Hill

14. Ghibli – Rare Pleasures – Bandcamp
Ghibli Rare

13. Cabaal – Emanations – Bandcamp
Cabaal Emanations

12. Grimes – Visions – Wikipedia

11. Hot & Cold – Border Area – Bandcamp
hot n cold

10. You’ll Never Get to Heaven – S/T – Bandcamp

9. Mac DeMarco – Rock and Roll Night Club – Label

8. D’eon – LP – Label

7. Phèdre – Phèdre – Bandcamp

6. Kontravoid – Silent Visions – Bandcamp

5. Renny Wilson – “Sugarglider” – Bandcamp
129476 SINGLE LP.eps

4. Trust – TRST – Stream

3. Blanche Blanche Blanche – Wink with Both Eyes – Stream

2. Tenderness – The Axe is Ready at the Tree – Bandcamp

1. Femminielli – Double Invitation – Stream

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Check out 20-11 here.

10. Mac DeMarco – European Vegas

Directed by Angus Borsos

9. Slim Twig – All This Wanting

Directed by Emily Pelstring

8. Doldrums – She Is The Wave

Directed by Emily Kai Bock

7. Beta Frontiers – Oceana

Directed by Andrew Olivares

6. Silkken Laumann – On the Mend

Directed by Tyler Reekie

5. Maylee Todd – Baby’s Got It

Directed by Reynard Li

4. Sean Nicholas Savage – You Changed Me

Directed by Angus Borsos

3. Grimes – Oblivion

Directed by Emily Kai Bock

2. Mac DeMarco – She’s Really All I Need

Directed by Pierce McGarry of Walter TV

1. Kontravoid – Silent Visions

Directed by Ryan Paterson and Cameron Findlay

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New Mac DeMarco video, directed by Jasper Baydala aka Kool Music!

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Mac DeMarco – Freaking Out The Neighborhood

Really loving this new single from Mac DeMarco. It’s from his next record Mac DeMarco 2, which is out next month.

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We can only assume this won’t be up for long. But it’s a great song! Mac DeMarco, everyone.