MP3: Girls in Uniform – Like A Star

1297_534792033255250_566705836_nGirls in Uniform – Like A Star

Nicole Brenny has been Vague-à-bondeing her way around North America lately, leaving her Minneapolis home for Montreal for a few months, and she now finds herself in Brooklyn. It was in Montreal that she launched a brand new project called Girls in Uniform, and we had the privilege of having her play our Pop Montreal party. Her first single is finally out, and it’s a mixture of frantic samply weirdness and soft’n’sweet cooed vocal refrains. Experimental pop at its finest.

Premiered by our Berlin brethren No Fear of Pop.

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MP3: Vague-a-Bonde – Our Love


Our favourite pop-princess is releasing her debut album on April 1st. Hope it’s not a April Fools day joke, because we’re really looking forward to this. Here’s the first single.

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MP3: Apparition – Singularity

Fitting in well with the Minneapolis electro-pop scene, and sounding not too unlike one of our faves Vague-à-Bonde, Apparition put out a record last year that we only recently found out about. It’s well worth your attention. Opening track “Singularity” is merely the highlight of a really great bunch of songs. Bandcamp has the full story.

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