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Posted on April 21st, by Jesse in New Release



Seven years after their first outing, Montreal’s Les Incendiaires have recently released an EP titled Pink Vénus – where the five piece band continues its reexamination of 80s synth pop tenets, with an Indochine inspired franco-touch.

“Pink Vénus”, the EP’s title track revisits a very familiar drum pattern, rehashed into a modern pop song that ends up reaches anthemic levels. “Siam”, on the other hand, exhibits the band’s softer side by placing singer Rudy Berhnard’s vocals front and center – in true french pop tradition. Meanwhile, the EP closes with two more excellent pieces – the melodic “L’anormal” and the fast paced “Sonatine”.

All in all, the ideas expressed in this EP offers evidence of a band showing signs of a maturing pop songwriting pedigree. It is with great delight that we anxiously anticipate more music from Les Incendiaires, beyond the excellent four tracks of the Pink Vénus EP.

The EP is available on the band’s bandcamp as of April 10th for the amazing price of, well, name your own price.

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While he never really went away, I think we can comfortably say that Pat Jordache is back! After spending some time working and building his Banko Gotiti label imprint/recording studio/arts collective, and releasing a bunch of singles the project has announced the Steps LP, the result of three years of hard work.

With that announcement comes “Anonymous Woman,” a weirdo-rock song that harkens back to Eno-produced Bowie in the best of the Berlin era. Steps is out May 15th, and there are shows in Toronto, Montreal and NYC to celebrate that.

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Like you need an excuse to listen to this one again. Doldrums‘ monster-of-a-single “Loops” now has a psychedelic sci-fi video to accompany its delirious groove. Directed/edited by Lily X, it’s the feverish/ecstatic dream of a man living on (or in) the moon. Yep, that’s exactly what this song feels like. Glorious animation work!

You can stream The Air Conditioned Nightmare on Sub Pop’s Youtube channel. And you can buy the record from them here.

Posted on April 2nd, by Chuck in New Release

Universal Eternals

Arc Numbers is producer Bbjr in collaboration with a number of guest producers, vocalists, and instrumentalists, including Montreal’s YlangYlang and Velvet Glacier. Though the album is quite diverse stylistically, its detailed production and uninhibited character holds it all together, resulting in a kind of chaotic beauty that is very much in keeping with the beloved Jeunesse Cosmique aesthetic.

Universal Eternals is available as a download and on compact disc from Jeunesse Cosmique.

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Just because spring is here, it doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the cold darkness every once in a while. And Void Republic certainly are cold and dark. Motorik drums, frenetic synths and reverbed-out vocals create a bleak landscape of ice and fire. We assume this is from a forthcoming release from the band, but honestly we have no idea. Let’s just wait and see.

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Montreal-via-Calgary wunderkind Jean Sebastien Audet is back at it. Within seconds, “Always”, from Un Blonde‘s upcoming Water the Next Day, is an obvious departure from Audet’s previous work – the track owes more to D’Angelo than This Heat.

This time around, he’s ditched the brittle, spidery guitars that usually frame his work for rough-around-the-edges experimental pop. If you’ve been paying attention, the shift shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Audet’s various projects have frequently played genre ping-pong and the title track on his Craft Singles tape earlier this year teased the sputtering r&b exhibited on “Always”. Still, Audet hallmarks – namely saturated 4-track experimentalism and ramshackle percussion – are present. Major digs.

Water the Next Day is fantastic and is out April 21st on Egg Paper Factory and you can preorder it here.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.36.17 PM

We’ve been fans of Xarah Dion for quite some time now, since her days as Nouveau Zodiaque. Her brand of Cocteau Twins/Kate Bush style dreamy synth-pop is exactly the kind of thing that we love. Add a little bit of gothy elements, and you’ve got a recipe for perfection.

“Sottises” is the final track on last year’s phenomenal Le Mal Nécessaire, which is still available for purchase via Bandcamp. The video treatment here is as minimal as the song, letting Dion’s personality, and the epic emotionality shine through.

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The new Braids record is now officially one of our most anticipated of the year. First we had the fiery call-to-arms of “Miniskirt”, and now we have a tremendous and emotionally cathartic anthem to go with it: “Taste.” “We experience the love that we think we deserve” is one of the finest lyrics in recent memory, and it’s delivered by singer Raphaelle Standelle-Preston with the force and catchiness of a mainstream pop hook. “Taste” is a mid-tempo mainstream-leaning single that could be commercially huge but still sounds intimately connected to the band’s roots. What a wonderful development, we didn’t think Braids could get any better.

Deep In The Iris is out April 28, and you can pre-order it now from Arbutus or Flemish Eye.

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What a pretty and happy-inducing cover of Lykki Li, coming our way from Montreal’s Saxsyndrum! Just so pretty! The original song, which recently had a slight resurgence by being featured in an episode of House of Cards, lends itself perfectly to Sea Oleena’s soft and delicate voice. Meanwhile, the members of Saxsyndrum restrain themselves from the artpop dance party we’ve come to expect from the band, letting the innate gentleness of the song speak for itself. It doesn’t happen often, but we love it when bands find their softer side.

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Also known as Karkwa’s percussionist, Julien Sagot delivered his sophomore record as a solo artist in late 2014 via Simone Records. “Valse 333″ would later earn him a Juno nomination in the category of Francophone album of the year.

Allison Moore and Arthur Desmarteaux, known as Egotrip Productions, recently produced the video for “Docteur C” – a pop song that shines through its imaginative and left-field musical arrangements.

Matching the rather bizarre tone of the piece, the video confirms the theme set forth lyrically – drug dealers (remember “Doctor Robert” by The Beatles?).  A strung out and hallucinating Julien starts by calling someone… then a delivery comes and madness ensues. And then there are human-sized cockroaches and a rat! Needless to say, this clip is great and should be watched immediately.