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MP3: Antoine93 – The Physical Aspect of Love

Posted on October 17th, by digits in MP3


New Antoine93 song! Ugh, we love this guy and his alienated alien-pop – the Antoine-verse is a very distinct universe, a very bizarre place where the dance parties are strange but memorable. “The Physical Aspect of Love” is one of his strongest singles yet, and we can’t wait to hear the album that it portends. We can expect Maybe Unlock My Heart in November! Yes!!!

Torontonians, you should catch Antoine93 with Silent Shout faves Ken Park and Mathémathique this Saturday at Double Double Land.


MP3: Majical Cloudz – Your Eyes

Posted on October 17th, by digits in MP3


Majical Cloudz have been busy touring with Lorde, bowling over her audiences no doubt. And to celebrate the tour’s end, they’ve decided to rework “Your Eyes,” a track originally on their 2011 debut album. This new version has more direct vocals, and a bigger, more pristine sound. Both versions are excellent! As is anything they do! (As you might recall, Impersonator was our #1 album of 2013.) You can read their heartfelt message to the people they met on tour on their Tumblr.


MP3: Galaxius Mons – Controller Down (feat. Jef Barbara)

Posted on October 16th, by digits in MP3


“Controller Down” is like a dream we didn’t know we had coming true. Galaxius Mons and Jef Barbara are two underground Montreal pop artists we love dearly, for very different reasons. Galaxius are electropop experimenters of the highest order, and their debut album was our #6 album of last year. And they’ve got none other than Canada’s premier underground pop star Jef Barbara to sing vocals on their latest single, a brass-heavy electrofunk track that pumps like no Galaxius Mons track before it. Blast it out your car stereo!

Galaxius Mons are on tour right now in Ontario and Montreal, including an appearance tonight at Nite Comfort with Silent Shout darlings Petra Glynt, Mekele and Chanteclair. Check out rest of the Galaxius Mons tour dates over at Exclaim.


Video: Xarah Dion – L’asphalte chaude

Posted on October 16th, by arp2600 in Video

Xarah Dion has dropped the Nouveau Zodiaque moniker and will be releasing her debut LP in a month.

The French dark synthwave superstar made one of our favourite songs last year, and looks to be continuing this trend moving forward into 2014 with the release of “L’asphalte chaude.” Decidedly more EDM than minimal synth, the turn has us super excited for what is to come for the project.

For those in the area, you can see her live in Toronto on November 1st at Ciro’s or at her album release in Montreal with Automelodie on the 14th.

Video directed by Guillaume Vallée


New Release: YlangYlang – am i being overdramatic?

Posted on October 10th, by Chuck in New Release


Prolificacy and quality may often be mutually exclusive, but in the case of YlangYlang’s œuvre this clearly isn’t so: first, she kicked off the year with Blossom, a sublime collection of abstract ambient pop gems. Next was an irresistible set of ’90s Top 40 R&B covers, followed by Pyramid Island / Parallel Beaches and video game soundtrack Dream Warrior. Now we have am i being overdramatic?, YlangYlang’s latest full length album and fifth solo release of 2014. Even more intimate, fractured, and melancholic than Blossom, its intricate sound design, elegiac melodies, and dreamy, soft focus textures make for a highly rewarding listen.

Check out the album highlights above and download am i being overdramatic? for free from Ailanthus Recordings. For physical media lovers, a CD edition is forthcoming on Inyrdisk.


Video: The World Provider – Pam Pam

Posted on October 10th, by digits in MP3

Montreal electro-indie scene veteran Malcolm Fraser aka The World Provider has been a bit quiet in recent years, but luckily that’s just meant he’s been hard at work on some new material. “Pam Pam” is a brilliant new single, a subtly throbbing dance track produced by the Dears’ Murray Lightburn. Singer Stacey Dewolfe softly coos over some grooving arpeggiated synths, featuring some incredible piano work from none other than Chilly Gonzales, and the overall effect is intoxicating. It’s one of those press-play-and-repeat situations. The dark ‘n’ lovely video was directed by Kara Blake.

Download “Pam Pam” for free from his Bandcamp. And if you live in Toronto, be sure to catch them Saturday as part of Wavelength’s showcase at Handlebar this Saturday.


Remix: Vesuvio Solo – Avion (Waterfront Property Remix Ft. Marlene Brando)

Posted on October 9th, by arp2600 in Remix


Vesuvio Solo, one of Montreal’s most exciting new projects, gets the remix treatment from Waterfront Property, who recently joined the ever-expanding Banko Gotiti family. He gives a decidedly more LCD Soundsystem/electro take on the poppy soul of Vesuvio Solo on this remix, and throws in some excellent guest vocals from Marlene Brando.

You can hangout with all these cool cats tonight in Montreal, at a Banko Gotiti curated dance party at Datcha also featuring live performance from Inside Touch and Adam Feingold.


Pile of Best Albums: Johnny Couteau – Psychoactive Runner

Posted on October 8th, by digits in Pile of Best Albums


There’s nothing more exciting to us than a new artist thinking big on their first release. Johnny Couteau, where do we begin? From the Infamous Mind of a Psychoactive Runner is a concept album of the highest order. Set in a dystopic coastal town near Fukushima called Tchernobeach, this John Carpenter-ish tale took upon its own life in our imagination, which we’ll do our best to narrate despite there probably being many ways to interpret (and embrace) this tragic adventure. The epic seems to follow our protagonist, the “Psychoactive Runner,” as he and the inhabitants of Tchernobeach come to terms with their new radiation-poisoned lifestyles.

Our hero also seems to have developed some kind of trans-temporal powers – he lives simultaneously in the future and the past – and this makes him both the coolest and most reflective chronicler of the affected. The music is dark, conceptual synthpop, a bit reminiscent of the earliest Gary Numan stuff, alternately conjuring dark atmospheres (radioactive coastal vistas at night) and sweaty post-apocalyptic bars where the mutants hang out. By the record’s second half, it seems like we’re beginning to come to terms with the disaster, and there’s even a bit of room on this hardscrabble coast for romance, like on standout single “A la Jeune Fille aux Longs Cheveux Noirs”. Silent Shout fave Marie Davidson does a guest turn on the beautiful ode “Tchernobeach,” and in the end, we’re coping alright, and despite the quarantine, life goes on.

Thus ends this masterpiece produced in a Montreal basement by an incredibly imaginative and talented new artist. Even if Johnny Couteau releases nothing else, he’ll always be a legend to us. You can buy From the Infamous Mind of a Psychoactive Runner on cassette or digitally from Bandcamp.


MP3: Moon Maker – Off the Moon

Posted on October 6th, by digits in MP3


Here at Silent Shout, we’re always up for an astral journey. Moon Maker is a producer slightly new to the Montreal scene, being originally from France, and we’re delighted to have him and his retro-futuristic jams in Canada. The shimmering, vocoded “Off the Moon” is a wondrous and nostalgic single that deserved to be played and played again on your next lunar mission. Probably not Mars-appropriate, though.

You can purchase “Off the Moon” and other singles from Moon Maker’s Bandcamp page.


Video: Automelodi – Metropole sous la pluie

Posted on October 3rd, by digits in Video

Automelodi‘s album Surlendemains Acides may have come out last year, but this new video for standout single “Metropole sous la pluie” reminds us that there’s never a bad time to revisit that record. Frontman Xavier Paradis moodily poses and shimmies in the fog, and makes us long for a world as mysteriously glamorous as this Emilie Serri-directed video. And the song? Still couldn’t ask for a better darkly pop single. Forever impressed.

Surlendemains Acides is still available on vinyl and digitally from Electric Voice Records.