Montreal experimental electronic pop duo Blue Hawaii have been quiet of late, and haven’t released a new song since 2014’s utterly beautiful “Get Happy/Get Happier” single. Of course, there was the killer Agor Edits mixtape last year, meant to tide us over to what seems like it could be an exciting 2016 from them. They’ve hinted at new material coming lately, and seeing as how 2013’s Untogether is one of our favourite albums this decade, we’re eagerly awaiting their next sure-to-be masterpiece.

Agor (that’s Alex Cowan, half of the band) is also known for his meticulously detail-oriented productions, and today he put out a remix of Brooklyn duo Glassio’s “If I Was Your Boy”. It’s a dark and moody experimental house track that transforms the original by submerging the vocals, so that they become mere whispers, full of delay and mystery. Exquisite, as always.

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Montreal electro-hip-hop artist, producer, and tap dancer Xania made more than a few waves last year when she released her second full-length album All Alone Together. One of the best tracks from that record, the infectious “I’m Broke”, will forever be immortalized in this wonderfully colourful and fun video. Directed by Robert Donachie, Sylvain Brosset, and Xania herself, it’s framed as a technicolour dream of a retail worker as she triumphantly declares her financial situation across the city, interspersed with some excellent animations. And of course, tap dancing.

All Alone Together is available now from Bandcamp.

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Bronswick hit the ground running with their debut EP Errances last summer, but really, that just set the stage for what’s coming. The Montreal duo, composed of Catherine Coutu and Bertrand Pouyet, are releasing their Chassés-Croisés EP this Friday, and it’s even more sumptuous and smooth than their first record. Lead single “Comme La Mer” is excellent soft, dark French electronic pop that makes us groove while tugging on the heartstrings, just a little bit.

Chassés-Croisés is out February 12 on Lisbon Lux Records. If you’re in Montreal, be sure to check out their release party with the also-magnificent Paupière on February 26.

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Anticipation continues to build for Essaie Pas’s second album Demain Est Une Autre Nuit. Last week they dropped their latest single “Retox”, which heavily features Pierre Guerineau’s ominous monotone over sinister sequenced synths, with Marie Davidson taking over by track’s end. Between this and first single “Le port du masque est de rigueur”, February 19 can’t come soon enough, but luckily that’s next Friday! Did we mention their record being put out by DFA? Montreal hometown heroes doing us proud as they continue to blow up.

You can pre-order Demain Est Une Autre Nuit from Bandcamp.

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Majical Cloudz – Wait & See

We’re certainly not alone in our admiration for the raw, direct ambient electronic pop of Montreal duo Majical Cloudz. But when it comes to us, admiration is an understatement: last year’s Are You Alone? was our fifth favourite album of 2015, and Impersonator was our #1 of 2013. So a few weeks ago, when they released a surprise EP to coincide with a tour with fellow Montrealers She-Devils (who were our album of the week two weeks back), we knew we’d once again be pulled into Welsh & Otto’s incredible and bold sound-world.

Wait & See is only five songs long, but characteristic for these two, it’s all killer, no filler, if your definition of killer includes self-reflective meditative pop that often lacks percussion and challenges the listener to confront mortality. Their direct minimalism continues to find new directions in which to travel, as on slow electro-pop ballad “Pretty”, or the spacious ambient title track based around reversed sampling. The soft rolling drum machines on “Heaven” are a particular highlight. All in all, Majical Cloudz seem like they’ll never fail to astonish, and the superb strength of this EP suggests there must be a number of amazing b-sides from their celebrated albums that might one day surface. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Wait & See is out now on Arts & Crafts.

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