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Posted on November 27th, by arp2600 in Video


Foxtrott has been firing on all cylinders for the better part of 2015. Her record A Taller Us, released last week on One Little Indian, is a supremely satisfying listen, harkening back to pre-Austra Katie Stelmanis levels of experimental almost-operatic electro-pop.

But as good as that record is, I gotta say that I am absolutely floored by her latest video. Weird dancing in a seemingly never-ending quarry? Really fucking cool. Was there a helicopter involved in this shoot? Regardless, the sheer spectacle of the video fits the sense of doom and unease that permeates throughout “Shaky Hands.” The video is the perfect companion piece to the similarly beautiful “Driven,” which also features some weird dancing on rocks.

A Taller Us is out now in North American, December 4 elsewhere and has been on repeat in our offices since it was released. Get it now on One Little Indian.

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Montreal’s Lesley Ann Foster has developed quite the reputation over the years as a DJ and backup singer for Karneef and Mozart’s Sister, but is now stepping into the limelight as L.A. Foster. At the same time, she’s leaving town – so her debut EP Saudade also serves as a goodbye letter to Montreal. Produced by Stephen Ramsay of Young Galaxy, it’s an incredibly strong beginning, featuring some deeply grooving minimal electro-R&B tracks. Killer melodies, and a killer voice. We’re instant fans!

Not sure where she’s headed next, probably L.A.? Saudade is available via a free mailed postcard (!) if you attend the release party this Saturday in Montreal. It also features the incredible Scott Hardware (formerly known as Ken Park), so don’t miss it!

Posted on November 25th, by digits in Premiere

Photoshoot Ariana 297 (1)

Back in September, we first got wind of a remarkable new electronic pop songwriter/producer in Montreal, Radiant Baby (aka Félix Mongeon), with the release of the emotional and melancholy “Save Me From Myself”. And that lovely single was merely the tip of the iceberg, taken from his excellent self-titled debut EP released in the fall.

Today, we have the honour of premiering the newest single from this new talent, “Last Night,” which brings his melancholy electropop sound onto the dancefloor, featuring some huge beats and towering synths, and a touch of aggression (but just a touch). Needless to say, it’s an exciting development for us that his sound is also suitable for the club! Between this and the EP, Radiant Baby demonstrates he’s already got the skills to master several styles, so he’s likely got a very bright future ahead. Clearly, Félix can do no wrong in these early days.

Check out Radiant Baby’s debut EP on Bandcamp. And if you’re in Montreal, be sure to catch his performance at the Plant in Montreal on December 5, along with Silent Shout faves Un and johnny_ripper.

Posted on November 23rd, by elena in Video


Don’t take Happymovie‘s name literally when it comes to their first music video. The clip, directed by Joseph Galeb, is instead gritty and a little bit ominous as the pair of musicians ride down a deserted road and wander the streets of Montreal. They get up to some fun things while they’re at it–eating freezies at the depanneur, relaxing in a sauna–but they’re straight-faced. Until they turn into silhouettes made out of stars toward the end, that is.

If you missed it (like us), check out the EP they released back in April.

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We’re longtime fans of Ian Jarvis’s Chairs project. Although not quite as electronic as Galaxius Mons, his mostly-synths duo with Matt LeGroulx, Chairs still has plenty of digital textures for us to sink our synth-hungry teeth into. A couple of weeks ago, he released his third full-length album, Drawn into Mazes, and it definitely lives up to the high bar the Montrealer has set for himself. We already have gushed about lead single “Bird Calls”, which came out way back in January, and it’s great to see it here among ten other wonderful psych-pop compositions, about half of which are on an electronic tip, so, even further in that direction than 2013’s excellent The Droning of an Insect Wing. It’s hard to pick out favourites from the bunch, but the hypnotic “Constellation Eyes”, the minimal funk of “Mazes”, and the explosive pop of “Cargo Ship” are all highlights from a record that really deserves front-to-back listening and rewards careful attention.

Yet another strong release from one of Canada’s best psychedelic pop minds! Don’t sleep on it! Drawn Into Mazes is available now from Kinnta Records.

Posted on November 17th, by arp2600 in Video


She Devils are a psychedelic electro outfit from Montreal who have us completely in awe with “Come” their debut single. They’ve already made huge waves in their hometown, Toronto and Brooklyn by playing multiple shows with Majical Cloudz, Doldrums and other amazing acts, and we fully expect a major upwards trajectory following the release of their first EP next year, which includes “Come.” The self-directed video below is a perfect introduction, so watch it and be sucked in.

Posted on November 13th, by digits in MP3


Awesome new band alert! New to our ears anyways. Blanka is a dark krautrock trio from Montreal, and they make some seriously hard-hitting post-punk that makes us want to run through the streets with exuberant angst. Best motorik grooves this side of Mimico!

Grab Blanka’s debut EP Yasuda from Bandcamp today. We’ll be eagerly awaiting what’s next for this very promising band.

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We stand by our previous statements that Montreal’s How Sad are indie pop saviours of the highest order. I mean, come on, “Indian Summer”? Still holds up. So does the entire Indian Summer EP from back in ’13. So it’s with tremendous excitement that we hit play on their debut full-length Everything Happens, a record that’s filled with rambunctious anthemic fist-pumpers (well-remembered from their thunderous live shows) like “Check it Out” and “Hold On” as well as darker, more melancholy numbers. The bright synths and earworm melodies are always present – but there’s a bit of gravity to bring you down as well. How Sad indeed.

Everything Happens is available now from iTunes. They’re playing in Toronto and Montreal next week, don’t miss them!

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Forever is a new project from June Moon, who you may recognize from Cafe Lanai, and the first single is fantastic. It ebbs and flows just like the lightly bouncing water in the album art, both beautiful and relaxed. Soulful vocals and a slow, subtle melody make this a great introduction, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Posted on November 5th, by digits in New Release


Technical Kidman have made quite the name for themselves these past few years. Their music has consistently been excellent since the very beginning, but nevertheless their tunes keep getting more impressive. We’d been finding the Montreal trio hitting new heights with their most recent singles, including the ominous “Without Fear.” And it’s all been culminating to this moment: the release of their debut second album Something Stranger Coming on the Horizon.

Hitting hard from the get-go with aggressive post-punk freak-out “Try”, the record has a powerful intensity that doesn’t let up, even in its quieter moments, like on “Our Way.” Naturally, we’re especially drawn to the most electronic moments here, like the incredible arpeggiated synths on power ballad “Fractions.” Would love to hear what would result if this band became a dystopic synthpop project. But regardless of what’s in store, we’ll be with them every step of the way. Can’t wait for LP2!

Technical Kidman is on tour in November, and the band is a force live, so check them out if you can:

11/05 Montreal, QC – La Vitrola
11/06 Ottawa, ON – Debaser presents
11/07 Toronto, ON – Invocation @ May
11/10 Thunder Bay, ON – The Apollo
11/12 Saskatoon, SK – Vangellis Room
11/13 Calgary, AB – Broken City
11/14 Lethbridge, AB – Electric Eye Mansion
11/15 Edmonton, AB – Endless Bummer Festival
12/02 Saint-John, NB – Taco Pica
12/03 Halifax, NS – Home Bass @ Reflections
12/04 Fredericton, NB – Capital Complex
12/05 Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool