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Posted on May 21st, by arp2600 in Video

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Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything from the Automelodi that we don’t think is amazing, but this video — directed by Kaspar’89 — really emphasizes how amazing this project really is. Heavily indebted to German Expressionism (what if The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was made in the 80’s?), the film marries claustrophobia, analog technology, and really cool costumes, make-up and choreography C/O Ludivine Bah and Paula Mera “Paularoïd.”

“Digresse” comes from Surlendemains Acides, Automelodi’s second record, which is still available for purchase. No word on anything new coming in the pipeline, but something comes, you can be sure we’ll be on top of it.

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Even though the band once known as Diamond Bones just ranked 6th best Electronic Music Act in CultMTL’s annual Best of Montreal readers poll, the three piece outfit has officially  (as of late April) been reborn as Caveboy.

The band has emerged from their transformative state to reveal a first single and video. “In The Grottos” is an electro-pop song – complete with soft synths and lead singer Michelle Bensimon’s floaty vocals. Wait for the chorus to hit!

Check out the black and white video below – which was directed, edited and shot by fellow Montrealer Amit Kehar. Oh and cop the track on iTunes while you’re at it!

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It seems that Pascale Project changing the name from Mathematique precipitated a complete change in style: out are are the slightly trippy-hippy stoner vibes, replaced by wonderfully fun electro-pop bangers. Y’all probably know that many of us are DJs here at Silent Shout, and I can say definitively that this WILL be played by one of us very, very soon.

“Super Natural” is the first single from Just Feel Good For a Moment, the first release under the new name. The record is due out in the summer, but there aren’t any more details, so we’ll be constantly hitting refresh on the internet until we can find out more. This single has us super excited, and if the rest of the record sounds like it, we expect something very special indeed.

Posted on May 6th, by Josh in Video

TOPS-destinationHere’s a video for TOPS’ tune “Destination”, the closer off of Picture You Staring (our 6th favourite album of last year). In this case, the destination in question is Japan – director Jasper Baydala captures the group’s recent japanese stint with fuzzy VHS clips of cityscapes, nature and a famous Shinto shrine that suit the track’s melancholy atmosphere.

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Braids have been wonderful since they released their debut Native Speaker in 2011. But they’ve moved beyond the frenetic summer of that album and the cold winter of Flourish // Perish to create something more in line with spring. Instrumentally, it’s equal parts warm and isolated, and the lyrics and subject matter go as deep as the shifting body of water on the album cover. There’s just as much piano as there is synths and programming, and there’s just as much sadness and regret as hopeful resilience.

This ambivalence comes out most clearly on “Taste”, the second song. If you’re not careful, you might mistake this for something far more cheery, with the extended vowels of the chorus: “you’re exactly what I like, I will give you my whole life.” But while the narrator sighs that “this feels so right”, the verses detail physical abuse and a resignation that we experience the love that we think we deserve. The result is a highly affecting and complicated reflection of a serious problem.

The other single, “Miniskirt”, takes on difficult subject matter even more forthrightly. Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings louder and more angrily as the song goes on, detailing misogyny and male entitlement, and the fear that comes with experiencing that every single day. In all honesty, I feel my eyes trying to well up somewhere around the bridge every time I listen to it. It’s powerful stuff.

There’s further exploration of gender issues: “Sore Eyes” describes the experience of watching pornography—especially as a female viewer—to the point of having to detox with flowers at the convenience store after, and live with the disconnect that can come by pretending you’re in touch with yourself sexually. Hope is woven throughout, though, the kind that comes when you’ve committed to working on yourself and your emotions. “I want to love myself,” she sings on “Happy When”.

Deep in the Iris is the kind of album that you can keep returning to as you go on whatever emotion journeys are happening in your own life, and for that reason we’re enthusiastically placing it on our pile of best albums. You can get yourself a physical copy from Arbutus or Flemish Eye, and digital copies are available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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We’ll admit it, this is kinda a strange choice of visuals for our top song of 2014. Faceless intrigue, surveillance, and slow, wide shots. That said, the song is still spectacular and we’ll take any excuse to remind people of its existence.

It seems that Operators are keeping things a little quiet these days, with only a few tour dates on the horizon. Hopefully they’ll announce something soon, because everybody should have the opportunity to see this amazing band live.

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Seven years after their first outing, Montreal’s Les Incendiaires have recently released an EP titled Pink Vénus – where the five piece band continues its reexamination of 80s synth pop tenets, with an Indochine inspired franco-touch.

“Pink Vénus”, the EP’s title track revisits a very familiar drum pattern, rehashed into a modern pop song that ends up reaches anthemic levels. “Siam”, on the other hand, exhibits the band’s softer side by placing singer Rudy Berhnard’s vocals front and center – in true french pop tradition. Meanwhile, the EP closes with two more excellent pieces – the melodic “L’anormal” and the fast paced “Sonatine”.

All in all, the ideas expressed in this EP offers evidence of a band showing signs of a maturing pop songwriting pedigree. It is with great delight that we anxiously anticipate more music from Les Incendiaires, beyond the excellent four tracks of the Pink Vénus EP.

The EP is available on the band’s bandcamp as of April 10th for the amazing price of, well, name your own price.

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While he never really went away, I think we can comfortably say that Pat Jordache is back! After spending some time working and building his Banko Gotiti label imprint/recording studio/arts collective, and releasing a bunch of singles the project has announced the Steps LP, the result of three years of hard work.

With that announcement comes “Anonymous Woman,” a weirdo-rock song that harkens back to Eno-produced Bowie in the best of the Berlin era. Steps is out May 15th, and there are shows in Toronto, Montreal and NYC to celebrate that.

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Like you need an excuse to listen to this one again. Doldrums‘ monster-of-a-single “Loops” now has a psychedelic sci-fi video to accompany its delirious groove. Directed/edited by Lily X, it’s the feverish/ecstatic dream of a man living on (or in) the moon. Yep, that’s exactly what this song feels like. Glorious animation work!

You can stream The Air Conditioned Nightmare on Sub Pop’s Youtube channel. And you can buy the record from them here.

Posted on April 2nd, by Chuck in New Release

Universal Eternals

Arc Numbers is producer Bbjr in collaboration with a number of guest producers, vocalists, and instrumentalists, including Montreal’s YlangYlang and Velvet Glacier. Though the album is quite diverse stylistically, its detailed production and uninhibited character holds it all together, resulting in a kind of chaotic beauty that is very much in keeping with the beloved Jeunesse Cosmique aesthetic.

Universal Eternals is available as a download and on compact disc from Jeunesse Cosmique.