Sean Nicholas Savage – Romeo

Full disclosure: we love all things Sean Nicholas Savage. I don’t think there is any artist we’ve covered for as long or as much as him. Last year’s Other Death, a companion piece to 2014’s Other Life, is a wondrous album, and the fact that another single has been released from it proves how full of killer material it is. The video for “Romeo” is the opening credits for the weirdest TV show you’ve ever seen. Directed by Abba Lucas, and featuring footage from 1977’s Cosmos: The War of the Planets, the video showcases Sean’s pained expressions and amazing presence in a mesmerizing way.

Other Death is available via Sean’s Bandcamp, and is still a great addition to his ever increasing oeuvre.

Silent Shout is co-presenting a benefit concert in Toronto with Sean Nicholas Savage and Arubutus Records. Cadence Weapon, Calvin Love and Petra Glynt are also on the bill. All proceeds go to No Borders Open Kitchen, which provides food to Syrian Refugees making their way through Greece.

Join us at the Garrison on Friday, July 1st for a night of awesome music and an extended last call dance party, all for a good cause. Tickets are available online and at the door.

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Premiere: Rational Youth – Future Past Tense

Rational Youth are legendary figures to Canadian synth-pop heads. Their debut LP Cold War Night Life released in 1986 is one of the finest examples of the strength of Canada’s new wave scene in the 80s. Now, after a few line-up changes, we at Silent Shout are thrilled the present the premiere of their first EP since 1999. Future Past Tense lives up to their stellar reputation and sounds simultaneously retro and modern at the same time. All the core things we loved about Rational Youth remains in tact: the analog synths, hook-laden choruses, synth solos galore and more!

The band is now an Ottawa-based husband/wife duo featuring Gaenor and Tracey Howe (also the former guitarist for Men Without Hats), but the record is chock-a-block with amazing sounds despite the sparse line-up. Every track is a throwback in the best possible way. EP opener “This Side of the Border” sounds like something straight from the 80s, and the poppy angst of “Here It Comes Again” showcases some fine early goth sentiments while maintaining a joie-de-vivre synth-pop line.

Future Past Tense is available on 10″ vinyl in June via their Bandcamp and Artoffact Records, with 200 limited-edition copies on clear vinyl.

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Glorious day! The return of Jef Elise Barbara is always something worth celebrating, but especially with this: an early 80’s-infused funky soft rock/funk song sung in two languages. The video–directed by Alexander Storm–is pure Barbara too, doing their thing in a laundromat, playfully teasing, and ultimately rejecting the person whose POV we’re witnessing.

“Sexe Machin / Sex Machine” is out now on a 7″ through Fixture Records with the b-side featuring a cover Michael Angelo’s “Sorcerer’s Delight” with Montreal faves Freelove Fenner as the backing band. No word on what else this year brings from Barbara, but we desperately hope this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Karneef–former player with Doldrums Sean Savage, Cadence Weapon, Pat Jordache and more–proves time and time again to be one of the most original artists coming out of Montreal.

His latest song, “Browser Wars” is tailor-made for a fast-paced montage of hackers trying to break in to the CIA database to save their best friend. You can expect to find this and others on Karneef’s upcoming record I’m Phoof due out June 30.

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We haven’t been shy about loving Essaie Pas‘s first full-length record Demain est une Autre Nuit, still one of the best albums of the year. So it’s lovely to be reminding yet again of that record’s majesty with a new video for “La Chute”, the album’s slow-burning epic closer.

Directed by Kaspar’89, the genius behind last year’s Automelodi and Johnny Couteau videos, provides a beautiful black-and-white odyssey of a video that follows the Montreal duo on tour in Europe. So many striking shots!

Demain est une Autre Nuit is available now from DFA Records and Essaie Pas’s Bandcamp.

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