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MP3: Miracle Fortress – Let Me Be The 1

Posted on September 10th, by digits in MP3

Miracle Fortress is quietly releasing some of the best music of the year. First we had the emotional-but-bouncy “Here’s to Feeling Good All the Time,” which hasn’t left our digital tapedeck since its release. We knew Mr. Van Pelt was planning on releasing other singles, but didn’t think he (or anyone, really) could top the heights of that song. “Let Me Be The 1″ proves those thoughts misguided-as-fuck. One last epic synthpop jam for the dying days of summer, it’s extremely ambitious in its scope but still so so catchy.

Miracle Fortress is staking a claim to 2014 with these two brilliant singles. Please let there be another. Buy “Let Me Be The 1″ from Amazon.


MP3: Douce Angoisse – VODKA REDBUTCH

Posted on September 9th, by arp2600 in MP3


Douce Angoisse, who have sadly been off our radar until now, have produced one of the best dark minimal electro tracks of the year. The band, who originally hail from France, but made the move to Montreal a few years ago, would make a perfect pairing with any of the Montreal darkwave acts that we already love (Visage, we hope you’re reading!).

Also missed was this spectacular video, the description of which is best served in the original French language it was written:

“Une lolita malsaine qui n’as qu’une idée en tête: TUER LES PERVERS À COUP DE PATINS À GLACE – MONTRÉAL.”


Video: TOPS – Way to Be Loved

Posted on September 8th, by Josh in Video

TOPS have dropped a cameo-heavy vid for “Way to Be Loved”, an excellent track from their equally excellent new album Picture You Staring. The clip, directed by Fantavious Fritz, depicts the band playing at the Arbutus HQ in Montreal to a crowd featuring the likes of Alex Calder, Cadence Weapon, and best/worst of all, Mac DeMarco (and his testicles) at around 1:45.

Picture You Staring is out now on Arbutus.


MP3: Homeshake – Cash is Money

Posted on September 5th, by digits in MP3

Homeshake, we were not expecting this. I mean, brilliant mixtape last year, but this sly bit of slow funk, with a circuit-bendy outro, is a bit unexpected. So cool! Alright, so their new album In the Shower seems like it’ll be a very important release, and hopefully make this deserving bunch famous. Wonderful. It’s out September 26, watch out for it.


Video: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on September 5th, by digits in Video

Oh good, we needed reminding about how wonderful this song is. With this first single in two years, Montrealer electro-songwriter James Irwin is setting out on a wonderful new direction. Slick, soft, pop that’s slightly on the electronic side, and simply too good. Too good! The video, directed by Derrick Belcham, is a lovely slow-motion scene, hazy and hypnotic. If you’re enjoying it, check out this Miracle Fortress remix too.


MP3: R U REAL – Nemesis (feat. Così e Così)

Posted on September 4th, by arp2600 in MP3


R U REAL, the slacker hip hop super group consisting of Ylang Ylang, JLK and Sarah Haag, have just re-released their phenomenal digital EP on Inyrdisk. The CD has multiple physical-copy only gems, and the group were gracious enough to share their self-proclaimed “hit” with us.

“Nemesis (feat. Così e Così)” touches a whole bunch of sweet spots and we can see why they like it so. Spaced-out, stumbling beats and hazy synth lines form the backdrop for slightly terrifying pitch shifted vocals and more than decent rhyming and flow. Get the bonus track-laden CD now from Inyrdisk, or stream it sans bonus here:


New Release: RAMZI – BÉBiTES

Posted on September 4th, by Chuck in New Release


Following 2013’s etwal timoun and Dezombi, RAMZI returns with BÉBiTES, a stunning thirteen track album self-released on Phoebé Guillemot’s own imprint, Pygmy Animals. Produced between spring 2013-14, this expertly sequenced collection of leftfield vignettes showcases Guillemot in full command of her highly distinguished aesthetic. Stream the entire album above and discover why BÉBiTES is yet another welcomed addition to RAMZI’s brilliant discography.

Pick up a physical copy from Summer Cool or purchase a digital edition from RAMZI’s bandcamp.


MP3: Vesuvio Solo – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Posted on September 3rd, by arp2600 in MP3


Okay, we have two incredibly exciting pieces of news for you: first is the debut track of Vesuvio Solo, a brand new project from Thom Gillies (formerly of TOPS/Silly Kissers) and Cameron MacLean. The breezy, fun track is just what we needed as we desperately cling to the last few days of summer.

Which brings us to our second tidbit: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is the first single from Favours, due out on September 15th on Banko Gotiti, a new label started by Pat Jordache and some friends. The collective has a bunch of releases imminently planned, including from Noni Wo and Jordache himself, as well a showcase at Pop Montreal on September 20th at the Pop Box (Quartiers Pop) featuring all of those bands and more.

Guaranteed: you’re going to want to keep intimately abreast of all new Vesuvio Solo and Banko Gotiti developments from here on.


Video: Sean Nicholas Savage – Darkness

Posted on September 2nd, by Josh in Video

SNS gets sultry in sepia in this vid for the Bermuda Waterfall standout. Director Angus Borsos renders Savage into an old photo amidst a series of other timeworn portraits. The concept (created by both Borsos and Savage) is executed beautifully. Sean Nicholas Savage is on display for us – whether he likes it or not.

Bermuda Waterfall is out now on Arbutus.


MP3: Tops – Outside

Posted on August 19th, by digits in MP3


We’re in a bit of a post-SummerWorks hangover here in the Silent Shout offices, but we’re getting our bearings again, cleaning the puke and tears while listening to this wonderful new Tops track. The synthpop ballad we’ve always needed from the Montreal soft-pop lovelies!

We’re silly with anticipation over their new album Picture You Staring, out September 2 on Arbutus. Pre-order it here!