Doldrums – Runnerup

Doldrums‘ second album The Air-Conditioned Nightmare was glorious, and everything we had hoped for from the Toronto/Montreal electronic pop experimenter. And it was our third-favourite record of the year back in good ol’ 2015. So we’re beside ourselves with giddy (but gloomy) excitement now that Airick Woodhead has announced the follow-up, e s c, which will be out June 30, and will feature some contributions from Petra Glynt. “Runnerup”, the first single, sees Doldrums exploring a smoother, more restrained and less frantic sonic style, and as one might expect, even when he’s being a bit subdued, the innovative songsmith/producer can’t help filling the mix with plenty of strange noises and delightfully unexpected twists and turns.

e s c is available for pre-order now from Bandcamp. Can’t wait!

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She-Devils – The World Laughs

Immediately upon arrival, Montreal’s Audrey Ann Boucher and Kyle Jukka aka She-Devils thoroughly dazzled with their intoxicating psychedelic throwback pop on their debut EP last year. Naturally, we’ve been itching for more and luckily we haven’t much longer to go – their debut full-length is out in a month on May 19! In the meantime, we’ve got lead single “The World Laughs” to keep us company, and it will do fine for now (one can simply listen to it ten times in a row). The video, one of the year’s finest, is a playful, colourful concoction directed and produced by the duo themselves. Talented ones truly!

“The World Laughs” is available now from Bandcamp.

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G & Doro – I Need It

We don’t know much about Montreal duo Graeme Stewart and Dorothea Paas, aka G & Doro, but their debut EP If I See You, from back in January, is a sleek, mysterious electro-R&B treasure. A clear highlight is lead-off track “I Need It”, a breezy, subtly catchy jam with a delicious groove that’s so deep it’s suboceanic. We’ll be watching for more rare artifacts from these two!

If I See You is available now from Bandcamp.

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