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MP3: Chromeo – Ezra’s Interlude (Feat. Ezra Koenig)

Posted on April 17th, by digits in MP3

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This is a bit too much fun not to post. Chromeo just released a ballad featuring Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend) and it’s amusingly titled “Ezra’s Interlude”. This soaring tearjerker kinda makes us wish there was a record of Chromeo ballads out there. Their latest album White Women is out May 12.


MP3: Sean Nicholas Savage – Heartless

Posted on April 17th, by digits in MP3

Troubadour-for-our-troubled-times Sean Nicholas Savage has quietly been releasing incredible album after incredible album, and May 13 will bring us what will undoubtedly be another masterpiece: Bermuda Waterfall. A couple of months back we heard the first single, “Naturally” and were entranced. Now we get another taste: “Heartless” is a heartbreaking soft pop jam that simultaneously soothes and sears. Oh man, can’t wait for this album!

Pre-order Bermuda Waterfall from Arbutus Records now.


MP3: Tune-Yards – Wait For a Minute

Posted on April 11th, by digits in MP3

Crazy! The new Tune-Yards single is an all-out synthy R&B ballad. Very little trace of her characteristic franticness on this one, which is a bit missed, but also it’s super cool to see her pushing the boundaries of her sound with such smoothness. The syncopated backup vocals still make this very recognizably Tune-Yardy. Will she eventually make an arpeggiator-rich pop single to rank with Robyn?


MP3: Mathias Mental – Chantale

Posted on April 10th, by digits in MP3

We remain completely obsessed with Montreal’s Mathias Mental. “Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges” was our #7 song of last year, and goodness if new single “Chantale” doesn’t live up to the high bar set by that piece of pop perfection. This one is equally a slow-burner, a precise exercise in buttery-voiced soft electropop. Swoon!

Grab this brilliant new track for free from their Bandcamp.


Video: Hua Li – This Chaos

Posted on April 10th, by arp2600 in Video

Hua Li is some smooth R&B, best paired with the likes of Bizzarh or Akua. WIth acts like these, the electro R&B/neo-sould hip-hop revival in this country keeps getting better and more interesting!

Shot by Nick Bostick, who specializes in these kind of intimate (and incredibly hip seeming) live outdoor videos.


MP3: Cocobeurre – Waterfall

Posted on April 8th, by digits in MP3


It feels like a bazillion years since we last heard from Coco Khan aka Cocobeurre, but she’s been very busy while we’ve been asleep at the wheel. “Waterfall” feels like a much much more refined variation of the sound she was working on with “Is This How”, and leaves more overtly psychedelic textures aside in favour of True Ambient Pop. There’s a 7″ on the way in March, so keep your eyeballs scanning the horizon.


MP3: Drug Train – Your Home

Posted on April 7th, by Chuck in MP3, Video

Drug Train

Drug Train delivers the goods yet again with “Your Home”, a brand new single on the fabulous beko imprint. This captivating mid-tempo track sets gorgeously hushed multi-tracked vocals against layers of overdriven guitar, spare percussion, and moody synthesizer to stunning effect. Pick it up!

EDIT: The band has also released an awesome video for the track!


MP3: Marie Davidson – Perte D’Identité

Posted on March 27th, by digits in MP3


Things have been a teeny bit quiet in the Marie Davidson world lately – but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to rock her debut EP on the regular. All is revealed today though: Marie has been busy at work on her debut album, and today we get to hear another incredible taste of what’s coming. “Perte D’Identité” is ominous beyond ominous, a slow, chugging beast of drones and strange synth noises. Probably the most frightening song of the year. Couple this with the single we got to hear last year, and it seems certain that if Perte D’Identité lives up to its title track, we’ll have amazing music to soundtrack our nightmares.

Perte D’Identité is out April 4 on Weyrd Son Records. And she’s getting Fader hype now. She’s gonna be a big deal.


New Release: YlangYlang – Tender Freaky Sexy Moments

Posted on March 24th, by Chuck in New Release


YlangYlang and company are in fine form on Tender Freaky Sexy Moments, a super sweet 90s R&B covers set that succeeds on all levels. Everything about this EP is awesome: The stunning track selection (e.g., the welcomed inclusion of both Paula Abdul’s “Rush Rush” AND Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”), the playful interpretations (yet strikingly faithful in some respects), and notable guest appearances by Bile Sister, Lovebrrd, and Hazy Montagne Mystique. Do yourself a favour and download this EP!


Video: Gold Zebra – Apart Again

Posted on March 17th, by arp2600 in Video

Gold Zebra, the Montreal masters of the two-note progression, are back with one of the most hauntingly surreal videos we’ve seen this year. Directed by La Barbe Rousse, this thing looks EXPENSIVE with horses, magicians, deserts and a bunch of weird shit.

The thrilling news accompanying this video is that Gold Zebra will finally release their debut album next month. The full-length from the Visage Musique flagship band has been long-awaited in the Silent Shout offices since we declared “Love, French, Better” the second best song of 2011.

Premiered over at our friends No Fear of Pop