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Video: Sean Nicholas Savage – Darkness

Posted on September 2nd, by Josh in Video

SNS gets sultry in sepia in this vid for the Bermuda Waterfall standout. Director Angus Borsos renders Savage into an old photo amidst a series of other timeworn portraits. The concept (created by both Borsos and Savage) is executed beautifully. Sean Nicholas Savage is on display for us – whether he likes it or not.

Bermuda Waterfall is out now on Arbutus.


MP3: Tops – Outside

Posted on August 19th, by digits in MP3


We’re in a bit of a post-SummerWorks hangover here in the Silent Shout offices, but we’re getting our bearings again, cleaning the puke and tears while listening to this wonderful new Tops track. The synthpop ballad we’ve always needed from the Montreal soft-pop lovelies!

We’re silly with anticipation over their new album Picture You Staring, out September 2 on Arbutus. Pre-order it here!


Remix: Flist x Hua Li

Posted on August 8th, by farragoes in Remix


Neat remix here from the ever delightful Montreal weirdo Flist of his labelmate Hua Li. Both acts are releasing EPs in the coming months on Art Not Love Records, and this momentary collaboration bodes well, with Flist bringing his signature creep to Li’s bizarro R&B stylings. Long live the weirdzzzzzz.


MP3: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on July 29th, by elena in MP3


This is the first song we’ve heard from Montreal’s James Irwin, and boy are we impressed! He has taken his previously folksy solo work in a pop direction after playing in a couple of electronic bands, resulting in this endearingly smaltzy single. It’s part of an upcoming album that was apparently partially written while dog-sitting, so imagine lounging to this with a German Shepherd by your side. Apparently there’s a Miracle Fortress remix on the way!


MP3: Mekele – Ānanda

Posted on July 18th, by Chuck in MP3

Mekele art

Mekele excels at crafting gorgeous, immersive music, and his latest production “Ānanda” is no exception. Eschewing the beat-driven aspects of 2012′s Nocturne EP, this track evokes the transcendental and celestial qualities found only in the finest ethereal electronic ambient music. With its widescreen sound design and ornate arrangement, “Ānanda” showcases Mekele’s remarkable musicality, imagination, and technical skill.

Stream “Ānanda”, and if you’re in Toronto, Mekele performs live tonight at Milk Glass Co. at Ken Park‘s album release party.


MP3: Bile Sister – Guppy Ab

Posted on July 17th, by elena in MP3


The last we heard from the inimitable Bile Sister, she was guesting on a Janet Jackson cover with Montreal’s YlangYlang. It must have been a great collaborative fit, since this new song comes to us from a compilation by Jeunesse Cosmique, a label that represents other featured artists such as Telephone Maison, Hazy Montagne Mystique, and YlangYlang herself. The compilation is called “tripping” after its stoner vibes, but it could also easily refer to the unpredictable and uneven beat of this particular offering.


MP3: Mozart’s Sister x Trust

Posted on July 9th, by elena in Remix


We’re shuddering with anticipation for the release of the debut album from Montreal favourite Mozart’s Sister (next month!!), but until then we’ll be listening to her excellent remix of Trust‘s “Rescue, Mister“. She replaced the thumping bass with a hectic collection of top-end sounds, but the real power of this is the updated vocals, a combination of both artists’ voices.


MP3: Visrei – Écarlate

Posted on July 3rd, by elena in MP3


Écarlate is the French word for “scarlet”, and Montreal’s Visrei has embodied the power colour in this one-off single. An effective mix of light and dark – a driving, deep baseline and flourishing high notes – creates a vibrant piece of music. When can we hear more?


MP3: Grimes – Go

Posted on June 26th, by digits in MP3


There’s been a lot of heated debate here at the office about what the next Grimes album will sound like. And here’s our first possible answer: her latest single “Go” sounds nearly like a stylistic 180. Gone is the lo-fi ethereality that became Grimes’s signature. This is Grimes recording with mainstream production values and sensibilities, and it seems like producer Blood Diamonds has a lot to do with how this track sounds. We’re not quite sure yet how we feel about this directional change, but apparently this song was written for (and rejected by) Rihanna, so perhaps it’s just a stylistic one-off?

But we’re definitely even more curious about this album now, which this single may or may not be on. Who knows what we’ll find within! But there’s still no title or release date on the follow-up to Visions. We’ll keep you posted.


MP3: Karneef – Quadri 1

Posted on June 26th, by Nick in MP3

sagan screen shot

Montreal’s “man of the hour” has taken a turn towards ambient orchestral etudes on his latest release – MIDAS EP.

Those who know the fro’d maestros debut album, you may recognize some ideas from the full-length ‘Love Between Us‘ have carried over to the EP, and Karneef says there’s a good chance his upcoming work will continue in this arpeggiated vein. The five instrumental tracks are pristinely clean being composed on a Nord modular synth and stylistically feel like Joe Zawinul channeled Philip Glass to score the soundtrack for Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series.

Follow Karneef ‘s berating feed on Twitter and stream his cool EP on Soundcloud.