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MP3: Kid Aristides – Drunken Master

Posted on December 5th, by digits in MP3


We don’t know much about mysterious Montreal newcomer Kid Aristides – in fact we know next to nothing except that his name is Nicolas Boisvert and he has a penchant for classic video game visuals and soundtracks. His debut EP Screwed By the Man came out back in August but only recently reached our ears, and it’s a remarkably original creation, a synthesis of many different electronic motifs. Often hypnotic, at times playful, and always grooving, his inventive production remains always anchored by seriously excellent songwriting and catchy melodies. Yup, these songs will stick in your head even though the EP’s decidedly electromurky, like playing video games in a swamp.

“Drunken Master” may be our fave, but the whole EP is a must-listen. Grab it for free from his Bandcamp page, which we’ll be watching closely for more music in 2015.


New Release: ¡FLIST! – Fuck You I’m Dead

Posted on November 27th, by arp2600 in New Release

Montreal’s ¡FLIST! has been on our radar for quite some time, little did we know that during that time he had been working on a magnum opus denser and more layered than most debuts we cover on the blog. This makes sense since Fuck You I’m Dead took eight years to make, which is an impressive feat in of itself.

The record plays like a concept album, with unified themes of death, terror and general sense of unease throughout. While sonically similar, no two songs sound alike: there’s the frenetic freak-out of “Imagine,” the Nick Cave goth-rock of opener “Purify Your Soul,” and the horror music chase-scene of “Cruoritosis.” It’s clear that ¡FLIST! is one of the most fascinating things going right now, and we just hope we don’t need to wait another eight years for the next release.

Fuck You I’m Dead is out now on Art Not Love available digitally, on cassette or as a limited edition silk-screened poster.


MP3: Drug Train – Telle Affair

Posted on November 25th, by arp2600 in MP3


Drug Train has been quite dormant in 2014, as far as we can tell. The Montreal band released our fourth favourite album last year, so naturally we’re thrilled to see a new song pop up on a Beko compilation.

The song, which is the band’s first song entirely in french (we think?), is the in the same style as the debut album, which consistently wowed us with their lo-fi brand of slacker electro rock. Hopefully this means more things to come from the project in 2015, in the meantime check out this song and the entire compilation, which is available for free download and well worth your time.


Video: Low Factor – Icicle

Posted on November 10th, by digits in Video

We’ve long been a fan of Montreal dark pop persona Low Factor, but it seems like she’s entering a whole new era with her latest single, “Icicle”. Her previous work was characterized by lo-fi recording values and experimentalism, which was wonderfully chaotic, but she’s tightened up her approach and gone full-on pop. Well, full-on pop in an alternate universe.

The video, directed by Kaspar’89 and Rubin, captures Low Factor in her natural alien habitat, a dark, strange place, with an amazing set, costume, and video effects reminiscent of Geneva Jacuzzi’s wonderful clips. Inspiring stuff! Her album Leçon de Tonnerre: Comment Créer un Orage is coming soon, but not soon enough.


Video: Saxsyndrum – Lac Marsan

Posted on November 5th, by digits in Video

Saxsyndrum have been keeping busy since releasing that fine, fine remix album back in March. Turns out they’ve been hard at work on a new EP! This one’s called SXD_EP is another great release further cementing their reputation as Canada’s premier electronic jazz deconstructionists. They’ve also released a video to go along with the EP’s single “Lac Marsan,” and it’s a lovely NFB-inspired colour bars animation directed by Catherine Morley.

You can stream the new EP on Soundcloud, and purchase it from Art Not Love Records on cassette or MP3. And Montrealers, be sure to check out the release show this Thursday with Hilotrons at Cabaret Playhouse.


MP3: Blue Hawaii – Get Happy/Get Happier

Posted on November 4th, by arp2600 in MP3

Blue Hawaii

The first new Blue Hawaii since the release of Untogether is definitely something to get excited about! Recorded earlier this year, the band found themselves becoming more and more dance oriented, so made two versions of the same song, “Get Happy” in their older softer style and “Get Happier” as the banger one has learned to expect from their live shows. The difference between live and recorded Blue Hawaii is always striking, and it’s interesting to see them reconcile that in their latest output.


¡FLIST! – Till The Following Night (Screaming Lord Sutch cover)

Posted on October 27th, by farragoes in MP3


Just in time for halloween Montreal’s irrepressible ¡FLIST! has released a spooktacular cover of “Till The Following Night” by 1960s weirdo UK singer Screaming Lord Sutch. The ¡FLIST! version eschews the sound effects and saxophones of the original in favor of his typical synth driven Bad Seedsesque slinking, managing to wring moments of genuine menace out of what is admittedly a novelty song.  The Joe Meek produced original, which (bizarrely) features lead guitar from Jimmy Page, and had it’s title changed from “My Big Black Coffin” in order to “protect the innocent,” is given a neat little write up here, a worthwhile read for any fans of 60s pop oddity. Happy haunting boys and ghouls!


MP3: Antoine93 – The Physical Aspect of Love

Posted on October 17th, by digits in MP3


New Antoine93 song! Ugh, we love this guy and his alienated alien-pop – the Antoine-verse is a very distinct universe, a very bizarre place where the dance parties are strange but memorable. “The Physical Aspect of Love” is one of his strongest singles yet, and we can’t wait to hear the album that it portends. We can expect Maybe Unlock My Heart in November! Yes!!!

Torontonians, you should catch Antoine93 with Silent Shout faves Ken Park and Mathémathique this Saturday at Double Double Land.


MP3: Majical Cloudz – Your Eyes

Posted on October 17th, by digits in MP3


Majical Cloudz have been busy touring with Lorde, bowling over her audiences no doubt. And to celebrate the tour’s end, they’ve decided to rework “Your Eyes,” a track originally on their 2011 debut album. This new version has more direct vocals, and a bigger, more pristine sound. Both versions are excellent! As is anything they do! (As you might recall, Impersonator was our #1 album of 2013.) You can read their heartfelt message to the people they met on tour on their Tumblr.


MP3: Galaxius Mons – Controller Down (feat. Jef Barbara)

Posted on October 16th, by digits in MP3


“Controller Down” is like a dream we didn’t know we had coming true. Galaxius Mons and Jef Barbara are two underground Montreal pop artists we love dearly, for very different reasons. Galaxius are electropop experimenters of the highest order, and their debut album was our #6 album of last year. And they’ve got none other than Canada’s premier underground pop star Jef Barbara to sing vocals on their latest single, a brass-heavy electrofunk track that pumps like no Galaxius Mons track before it. Blast it out your car stereo!

Galaxius Mons are on tour right now in Ontario and Montreal, including an appearance tonight at Nite Comfort with Silent Shout darlings Petra Glynt, Mekele and Chanteclair. Check out rest of the Galaxius Mons tour dates over at Exclaim.