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Posted on March 27th, by digits in MP3


The new Braids record is now officially one of our most anticipated of the year. First we had the fiery call-to-arms of “Miniskirt”, and now we have a tremendous and emotionally cathartic anthem to go with it: “Taste.” “We experience the love that we think we deserve” is one of the finest lyrics in recent memory, and it’s delivered by singer Raphaelle Standelle-Preston with the force and catchiness of a mainstream pop hook. “Taste” is a mid-tempo mainstream-leaning single that could be commercially huge but still sounds intimately connected to the band’s roots. What a wonderful development, we didn’t think Braids could get any better.

Deep In The Iris is out April 28, and you can pre-order it now from Arbutus or Flemish Eye.

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What a pretty and happy-inducing cover of Lykki Li, coming our way from Montreal’s Saxsyndrum! Just so pretty! The original song, which recently had a slight resurgence by being featured in an episode of House of Cards, lends itself perfectly to Sea Oleena’s soft and delicate voice. Meanwhile, the members of Saxsyndrum restrain themselves from the artpop dance party we’ve come to expect from the band, letting the innate gentleness of the song speak for itself. It doesn’t happen often, but we love it when bands find their softer side.

Posted on March 24th, by Jesse in Video

Also known as Karkwa’s percussionist, Julien Sagot delivered his sophomore record as a solo artist in late 2014 via Simone Records. “Valse 333″ would later earn him a Juno nomination in the category of Francophone album of the year.

Allison Moore and Arthur Desmarteaux, known as Egotrip Productions, recently produced the video for “Docteur C” – a pop song that shines through its imaginative and left-field musical arrangements.

Matching the rather bizarre tone of the piece, the video confirms the theme set forth lyrically – drug dealers (remember “Doctor Robert” by The Beatles?).  A strung out and hallucinating Julien starts by calling someone… then a delivery comes and madness ensues. And then there are human-sized cockroaches and a rat! Needless to say, this clip is great and should be watched immediately.

Posted on March 24th, by arp2600 in Video

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.09.46 PM

Nico Pellerin is mainly a behind the scenes guy, working in the studio with Quebec artists like SOFI and Jean Leloup. But with a repertoire like that, you know that his solo material is something well worth paying attention to, and while his remixes are top notch, it’s his original songs that really pique our interest. Case in point: the Montreal producer’s “Visions of Happiness” is a summery jam, perfectly tailored for (hopefully soon) coming warm weather.

The unassuming video is mesmerizing through its simplicity; just sit back and get stared at for a while.

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Aw! What nice little lo-fi pop ditty from Montreal’s Betty & Veronica: perfect for the first day of spring (happy spring, everybody!!). Jangly guitar, a drum machine seemingly set to the salsa setting, and a glee-inducing synth line that you can’t help but smile at.

Mystery Date is the first track off Perish The Thought, Betty & Veronica’s debut album, which is filled with down-right ADORABLE tracks like this. The record includes songs like “Flowers Are Dumb,” “Martyr in a Cardigan,” and the Silent Shout-approved “Ghost Rider,” and will be on repeat in anticipation for tulips and leaves.

Posted on March 19th, by Josh in New Release


Last month, Montreal-based electro-experimental saccharine troupe Yàocavé dropped the apparently soda-themed and absolutely fanta-stic Fanta-C Plus(experimental pop-goes-POP if you will).

Along with their from-scratch carbonated goodness, Yàocavé utilize transmuted elements of a Fab Four ode-to-optimism, Byrne & co.’s elegiac declaration of love as an effigial edifice and more to create the sonic equivalent of Future Mutant Cola™ from 3015.

Forget about that diet, you deserve this one. Fanta-C Plus is (Orange) Crush-worthy and is out now via Jeunesse Cosmique.

Posted on March 19th, by arp2600 in Video

¡FLIST! returns with his first (incredibly creepy) video from last year’s phenomenal Fuck You I’m Dead. Self-directed, the video features Charlie Twitch as some sort of wood creature, hiding from society while singing to himself and just…watching. The pale, black and white video certainly pairs well with the natural unease found in most of the his music, and shares it’s dystopian view of society at large through the status of the outsider.

If you haven’t got it already, Fuck You I’m Dead (our eighth favourite record last year) is still available via Art Not Love.

Posted on March 13th, by Jesse in MP3


Through the minimalism expressed by a reverb soaked drum machine coupled with a singular arpeggiating synth, Marie Davidson delivers us her latest franco-darkwave inspired spoken word piece “Excès De Vitesse”.  Sombre, strobing and exquisitely hypnotic – the creation is the second to be unveiled from her upcoming sophomore release with Austin’s Holodeck Records.

The travelogue inspired LP Un Autre Voyage will feature six original songs and is set to be released April 14th. Pre-order your copy now!

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“Pearl” comes to us via youngblood beatsmith CRi, a rising star of Montreal’s underground new-beat scene. Co-written with Ouri and Compton Chic (of Booty Bakery notoriety), “Pearl” is a slow burning RnB feeler, supported by soft-to-the-touch synth lines and spacey rim shots. The song expands on a sound that has placed Christophe Dubé alias CRi firmly on the same level as other talented young Montreal producers such as Robert Robert, WYLN, Ryan Playground and Noo-Bap.

The video, directed by co-conspirators Kristof Brandl and Justin Owensby, was shot in the USA’s deep south – where colorful southern characters, dusty mountainous horizons and Swedish dancer Elon Höglund make for memorable and at times stunning visuals.

After a busy winter that saw him grace the stage at Montreal’s popular outdoor winter festival, Igloofest, CRi is already working on new material. In the mean time, cop recently re-released “Oda” EP over on iTunes.

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Grimes’s last single “Go” proved divisive among fans and critics, being a departure from her past work, which had always maintained an underground feel despite her exploding global popularity. What would come next? A return to the old ways, or a continued venture into a mainstreaming of her sound? Grimes Nation and its observers debated, prognosticated, and pontificated. Today, we are treated to a glimpse of an answer, in the form of brand new single “REALiTi,” a laid-back grooving electropop track that distinctly feels like her underground tendencies are back in full force. But, then again, she says that the song is virtually of demo-quality, as she lost the original Ableton session and it’s a “doctored” MP3.

Although it might not really provide an indication of what her eventual next record will sound like, “REALiTI” is still an incredible piece of work, definitely not suffering for loss of fidelity, and is the best single we’ve heard from her in ages. The video, which she directed herself, is a love letter to her fans in East Asia and her experiences while touring there. Onwards, Grimes, to wherever your heart may lead you.