Noita – Pink Noise

We were over the moon for Toronto electro-R&B newcomer Noita‘s debut single “Over Here” last fall, and Noa Southcott’s first full release, debut EP Pink Noise, does not disappoint on the promise of that first glimpse. Not one bit.

A perfect synthesis of futuristic R&B with a deeply grooving electronic backbeat, it all adds up to a daring overall vision that’s both grandiose and subtly detached at the same time. We have a feeling that Pink Noise is just the first document in what’s going to be a seriously impressive career. We’ll be watching!

Pink Noise is available now as a free download from Soundcloud.

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Noita – Over Here

Noita is the Finnish word for “witch,” but it’s also, suitably, the name of a bewitching new project from Toronto‘s Noa Southcott. Debut single “Over Here” chronicles the emotional distance created by unrequited infatuation through sweetly sad vocals delivered over gloomily catchy production by AODON.

Southcott sings about being “addicted to the pleasure” of a disappointing object of affection. But unlike the empty optimism of chasing someone entirely wrong for you, we suspect that following Noita’s career will be quite enjoyable and fulfilling.

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