Orlando Gloom

Orlando Gloom – Only Tell Yourself

Winnipeg‘s Dave Shaw has long been one of the best at creating artful, mournful bedroom pop. He recently announced the end of his Glass Random project with a soaring seven-minute goodbye epic, but don’t worry–he’s already prolifically making music as Orlando Gloom. (And we still can’t get over how perfect a name that is!)

“Only Tell Yourself” is about suitably downtrodden subjects: disengagement with present happiness, death, and the emptiness after. It’s all wrapped up in winsome synth countermelodies, and an undeniable amount of charm. If only being sad felt as good as this sounds.

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Orlando Gloom – Nervous Conditions

Feeling sad? Orlando Gloom can relate. The new project, by Winnipeg‘s Dave Shaw (who you may know as Glass Random or Camp David), is a clever and brilliantly executed exploration of negative emotions. In the case of “Nervous Conditions,” fear of being loved, fear of being bored and fear of being wrong. But just as the narrator finds a friend who can help him through, this song’s breezy, upbeat synths and comforting vocal tone can transport your troubles away for a while.

The song and its EP, An Evening with Orlando, are available for pay-what-you-can on Bandcamp.

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Best Songs of January 2016

GIF is from Christine Grosjean’s video for Paupière’s “Elle et Lui”.

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