Orlando Gloom

Best Songs of January 2016

GIF is from Christine Grosjean’s video for Paupière’s “Elle et Lui”.

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Orlando Gloom – Tongue-Tied

Is it too early to give the award for best new band name of 2016? Orlando Gloom, the new project from Glass Random and Camp David mastermind gloom-boy Dave Shaw, is definitely one of the most hilariously clever (and accurately descriptive) band names out there. Shaw starts 2016 off with a fresh new track that sounds bigger than his past outputs and sees his flangey dreamboat baritone coasting over an upbeat glitter of bleep-bloops that leaves you wanting more.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Orlando Gloom this year. Catch his debut live performance at the Big Fun Festival in Winnipeg on January 30 alongside Kindest Cuts and Astre.

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