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MP3: Boyhood – Make Up

Posted on October 15th, by arp2600 in MP3

Lobster (1)

Ottawa’s Boyhood (Caylie Runciman) continues her trajectory into stoned-out electro space. While the core experimentation is still in tact, gone are the garage-pop sounds of days past in favour for the drum machines, keyboard and samplers you know we love. In the eyes of many, Ottawa label Bruised Tongue can do no wrong, and you can consider us among those acolytes, especially with an exciting project like Boyhood on the roster.


MP3: Los Echo – Bold Fire

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Oooooh, awesome new band alert! Los Echo are two different people in two different places: Kaitlin Thatcher in Toronto and Connor MacFadyen in Ottawa. They’ve just released their debut EP Bold Fire, and we have our bloggy brethren Quick Before It Melts to thank for bringing it to our attention. We’re utterly captivated by the title track, super-catchy melodic electropop with a slow ambling groove.

We’ve got on our eyes on these two. Buy Bold Fire directly from them at Bandcamp.


New Release: Violence – Erlebnis

Posted on January 23rd, by elena in New Release


When Ottawa’s Violence released their debut EP last March, we declared them our spirit animal. Since it was our favourite EP of 2013, it’s understandable that the arrival of their first full-length has turned our January blues into some happy dancing. The record’s sound continues in the same vein as their previous release: artfully executed synth pop with the exact dark flavour that we love. This is more proof that Visage Musique works with the best bands.

The title is a German philosophical term for experience, and that’s exactly what you should do with this record. Bring it with you as you go about, play it in all kinds of situations, really experience it.


Pile of Best Albums: Silkken Laumann

Posted on January 16th, by arp2600 in Pile of Best Albums

Silkken Laumann – On The Mend
Silkken Laumann – House Of Common Problems

2014 started with a bang! Released on New Year’s Eve, the debut album from Ottawa’s Silkken Laumann is just as good (if not better) than we were expecting. Featuring Rolf Klausener from the Acorn, Adam Saikaley from every cool Ottawa band that’s ever existed and Pat Johnson, one of the best drummers, the wait for the supergroup’s debut was well worth it. It’s well produced, but not overly so; you can tell that this is three buds making music together. Part chillwave, part bangerz, all skill and mastery, it looks like this year will finally be the one for this—until now—well kept Ottawa secret.

The album is available for free, so at this point you have no excuse.


MP3: Cabaal – Ectoplasm

Posted on January 9th, by arp2600 in MP3


You never know what you’re going to get with Cabaal, a highly unique producer from Ottawa/Montreal. His output of an album per year is ambitious and should be admired and though Ectoplasm is decidedly dancier than his previous output, it fits very well with the rest of his work. His vocal sample manipulation is in its finest form, and DAMN that bassline that comes in. The song is on APEX, a 6 song EP due out later this year.


MP3: Andy sees the Reaper – Tiny Ghosts

Posted on November 4th, by arp2600 in MP3

Andy sees the Reaper – Tiny Ghost

Lo-fi bedroom pop from Ottawa. Really, the whole Andy sees the Reaper EP is well worth your time, but in the spirit of just-passed Halloween, we thought a song about a tiny ghost searching for love was appropriate.


MP3: Cabaal – Mudlungs feat. Ada Kaleh

Posted on October 24th, by arp2600 in MP3


Cabaal – Mudlungs feat. Ada Kaleh

Here is a wonderful, sprawling, nine-minute song from Cabaal that never overstays its welcome. Featuring some guest vocals by Romanian Ada Kaleh, a fellow Red Bull Music Academy alumni.

Cabaal will be performing at the next Silent Shout in Montreal on November 8 at Kathy & Kimy.


MP3: Mouth – From Stern To Bow

Posted on June 27th, by arp2600 in MP3


Mouth – From Stern to Bow

Another excellent track from the Bruised Tongue compilation that came out last week. Ottawa’s Mouth make sweet lo-fi disco, sort of a parallel universe version of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. We kinda wish we lived in that universe.


MP3: Chris Bush – Shit Radio ’99

Posted on June 24th, by digits in MP3

482988_417127325043496_212321333_nChris Bush – shit radio ’99

Ottawa native Chris Bush blew us away with his amazingly titled single “The oceans rust and then Maple Leaf Top Dogs go on sale at Loblaws” and we’re totally into this weird dance jam he just released.


Remix: Cabaal – In Flux (Math Rosen Dub)

Posted on May 23rd, by arp2600 in Remix


Cabaal – In Flux (Math Rosen Dub)

Last time we saw Math Rosen live, he did an improvised set with a reel-to-reel tape looper. It was a fascinating process to watch, and now we’re thrilled to see that he has integrated that into his remix work. We have a deep love of all things Cabaal here, and seeing his stuff redone like this works wonders on our aural palate.