Pale Eyes

Pale Eyes – Pop Litany II

Toronto’s Pale Eyes recently released Worth the Sorrow, his impressive follow-up to 2013’s sweatshop. This LP is extremely thick – nearly overflowing with dense production ideas and deep, complex lyrics to create a perfectly realized intricate journey through what sounds like a dejected android’s dream of electronic music. Album highlight “Pop Litany II” is a sample-heavy future-pop, industrial prog-ballad with his signature, deft lyrics delivered with his fervid, smooth as steel, vocals.

Worth the Sorrow is available now from Bandcamp.

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Remix: Petra Glynt – War Cry (Pale Eyes Whitmanic Yawp Edit)

pale eyes petra glynt

There’s a very defined group of collaborators developing in Toronto. I don’t know who is the individual or group responsible for bringing these people together, but clearly Petra Glynt (and her label Healing Power) has something to do with it. Of these collaborators, the latest to come onto our radar is Pale Eyes from Toronto. They just released this excellent remix of Petra Glynt’s War Cry. Let the collaborations continue!

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Video: Pale Eyes – KLTR KMA ft. Lido Pimienta

Pale Eyes are a Toronto based nouveau-industrial band who create sample-based commentaries on modern life. At times disturbing (and quite NSFW), the video for KLTR KMA makes us take a look at how troubling imagery can develop a second life on the internet. The band is a collaboration between Ben McCarthy (Archivist) Lisa J. Smith (the Dears and Pony Up) and only recently came to our attention, but their mixtape from last year is a must-listen.

Don’t forget, their frequent collaborator Lido Pimienta (whose otherworldly voice is featured on this track) is playing the next Silent Shout with Jef Barbara, Bizzarh, Twist and Nyssa.

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