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A lot has happened since we went away, but two are particularly noteable: an election was called in Canada, and Petra Glynt released a song about it. A recording from the Toronto mainstay is a rare breed indeed, but something about the horrible policies of current (and hopefully soon-to-be-erstwhile) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper behooved her to release the on-point “Murder.”

While not subtle, “Murder” is definitely an important work, and we wish more musicians would take political action in this day of apathy and low-voter turnout. Here’s what Alex Mackenzie (Petra Glynt) has to say on the matter:

Dear, Mr. prime minister Stephen Harper,
As we are nearing the end of your 10-year tenure, I can’t tell you how many times I have felt the range of emotions between severe disappointment and rage, how many times I wanted to shake your reality so that you could witness the lives you are allowing to be crushed by your economic gains. We don’t care about economic gains. We do not want the wealth of temporal money. I hope that once you have stepped far away from your current position, you will see the damage you have done and what wealth could alternatively mean.

Not to mention the song itself, which is wonderful! Mackenzie’s deep croon — a staple of the project — is prominent throughout as well as her wild drumming style and delicately placed synth samples. Hopefully you’re all inspired now to do your own bit of campaigning to get Harper out of office.

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Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

Top 100 Songs of 2014: Honourable Mention K-Z

Download/listen to a continuous mix of the songs
Top 25 // 25-50 // Honourable Mention A-J

Les Passagers have been wiggling our tympanic membranes for a minute with their ear-wormy francophone prog-pop tunes.

Low Factor – Icicle

We’ve long been a fan of Montreal dark pop persona Low Factor, but she’s tightened up her approach and gone full-on pop. Well, full-on pop in an alternate universe.

Heaps of personality and a killer chorus from the Arts & Crafts powerhouse.

A haunting standout from Arbutus’ newest artist, with maximum atmosphere and a beautiful vocal performance.

We were already looking forward to more DeMarco but now it’s reaching fever pitch.

This is epic pop music from Toronto’s Make Haste, featuring guest singers Melissa Ella Warren and Lesley Davies.

Out of the ashes of two great bands comes Memorex. The band is comprised of founding members of two of our favourite goth-tinged electro projects of years past.

One last epic synthpop jam for the dying days of summer, it’s extremely ambitious in its scope but still so so catchy.

It’s new, cool, cold, dark, and spacey and her whispery vocals mesmerize you into submission as they reel you in.

A deep grooving production that’s very direct in its message. Be yourself! Do it today!

Mozart’s Sister has dialed up her sound with more prominent bass and a whack of polish.

This track doesn’t just try new things, it journeys from one new texture to another, in unexpected and fascinating ways.

A deft take on modern electronic dance that reconciles sleek digital production with raw, organic timbres, and mechanistic precision with deep emotional resonance.

Petra’s signature deep, pulsing beats and insistent pummelling vocals remaining shockingly original.

Spaced-out, stumbling beats and hazy synth lines form the backdrop for slightly terrifying pitch shifted vocals and more than decent rhyming and flow.

Vancouver synthy power pop project Rec Centre continues to be full of brilliant gems.

A soulful yelps atop a dark, groovy slice of lofi pop that sounds like a skewed take on ’70s Lennon.

Sweet daydreams and smiling melodies from Nunavut’s best synthpop band.

A grooving version of the Montreal crooner’s greatest song.

An airy track anchored by a blistering arpeggiated bass that might be the song’s star.

Moody and more atmospheric than we’re accustomed to from these guys, this track is buoyed by slick production that elegantly frames a nuanced vocal performance.

They still dark, they still make you wanna dance, they still gooooood.

An effective mix of light and dark – a driving, deep bassline and flourishing high notes – creates a vibrant piece of music.

The new side-project from everyone’s favourite dark-wave mask-enthusiast, and we definitely love what we hear!

A wonderful wonderful electro take on the Strokes’ LP3 single “You Only Live Once.”

Decidedly more EDM than minimal synth, the turn has us super excited for what is to come for Xarah.

Top 100 Songs of 2014:

Top 25 // 26-50 // Honourable Mention A-J
Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

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Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top Music Videos 25-11 // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Album Covers

10. Tasseomancy – Reality


dir. Sari Lightman and Neil Corcoran


9. Ken Park – Stay At Mine


dir. Eduardo Sánchez


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My goodness. I’m not sure how Petra Glynt can call a single like this a DEMO, but we’ll accept that there’s a potential universe where “Propaganda” gets even bigger and shinier and more polished. But it sounds pretty perfect as it stands, Petra’s signature deep, pulsing beats and insistent pummelling vocals remaining shockingly original. Her militaristic anti-militarism is a sound destined for huge things, and considering she just came off a tour opening for Austra, it seems like people are finally beginning to pay some serious attention to this incredible Toronto talent. “Propaganda” is off of the new Healing Power records compilation which is just full of wonderful treats, and you can also buy the song separately directly from Petra’s Bandcamp.

Petra Glynt plays Toronto this Saturday at Wavelength, together with Silent Shout faves Jooj on a phenomenal bill.

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pale eyes petra glynt

There’s a very defined group of collaborators developing in Toronto. I don’t know who is the individual or group responsible for bringing these people together, but clearly Petra Glynt (and her label Healing Power) has something to do with it. Of these collaborators, the latest to come onto our radar is Pale Eyes from Toronto. They just released this excellent remix of Petra Glynt’s War Cry. Let the collaborations continue!

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The first real video from Petra Glynt is a a damn colourful post-apocalyptic wasteland. Director Blake Macfarlane has really boiled down Alex Mackenzie’s aesthetic into a psychedelic trip that fits her music so perfectly. It also features Lido Pimienta dancing, and my goodness if that woman isn’t just appearing EVERYWHERE in 2014.

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Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

25. Valerie Dour – Dispel

24. Camp – Little Boy Blue

23. Dylan III – The Art Of Business

22. Object 28 – So Over

21. Kids On TV – Dazzler

20. Thomas – Kissing

19. Diana – Perpetual Surrender

18. Jamaican Queens – Water

17. Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise

16. Jef Barbara – I Know I’m Late

15. Pat Jordache – O.M.O.

14. Doldrums – Anomaly

13. Odonis Odonis – Better

12. À La Mode – Just a Boy

11. Phèdre – Ancient Nouveau

10. Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz

9. Bizzarh – Trans Phat

8. Austra – Painful Like

7. Mathias Mental – Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges

6. Blue Hawaii – Try to Be

5. Ell V Gore – Lobotomy

4. Paula – Totally Nice

3. How Sad – Indian Summer

2. Violence – Façades

1. Chevalier Avant Garde – Nowhere

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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2013 in review: Top 30 Albums // Top 100 Songs // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

a1947809329_1020. AM StaticRoots Between the Stones

a1992204717_219. Quinn Read-BaxterQ.R.B.

a3584992792_1018. HomeshakeThe Homeshake Tape

a1679785978_10 17. Marble LionClothing

artworks-000043317814-oohva1-t500x50016. Seance CentreChandrigarh

PI15. Prince Innocence – Lapse

HELLO-PACKSHOT-600x60014. Mozart’s Sister – Hello

moonking13. Moon King – Obsession II

a1796381930_1012. Nouveau ZodiaqueEP

a2515131016_211. UNUN Titled Album

US_Girls_-_Free_Advice_Column10. U.S. Girls – Free Advice Column

a3927946079_109. Me and My RhythmboxTeaspoons and Tablesalts

a1817122177_108. Hush PupDarlene

Ell-V-Gore-Sex-Static-Album-Cover-Artwork-1.3MB7. Ell V Gore – Sex Static

artworks-000049735260-uwn4if-t500x5006. A K U AOne’s Company

a2146054619_105. Mathias MentalMathias Mental

a3258036111_104. Jay HolySkeletor

a2506383756_103. Petra GlyntOf This Land

a1399382710_102. How SadIndian Summer

a1875299874_101. ViolenceViolence

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums // Top 100 Songs // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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Oh Petra Glynt.  Stay you forever please.

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For this incredible compilation from Healing Power Records, Stacy Sproule and Victoria Cheong asked some of Toronto’s best female musicians to contribute a track exploring the them of self-healing. The resulting fruits are dark and twisted, but ultimately delicious. Some highlights: Bile Sister vomits out impressive synthy sludge and Petra Glynt makes us need her soulful vocals and driven percussion. Though our favourite part comes at the end of the disc, with Tenderness‘ “bucked and blended” hymn. We never thought we’d be so into a song with a refrain of “Jesus!”