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A lot has happened since we went away, but two are particularly noteable: an election was called in Canada, and Petra Glynt released a song about it. A recording from the Toronto mainstay is a rare breed indeed, but something about the horrible policies of current (and hopefully soon-to-be-erstwhile) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper behooved her to release the on-point “Murder.”

While not subtle, “Murder” is definitely an important work, and we wish more musicians would take political action in this day of apathy and low-voter turnout. Here’s what Alex Mackenzie (Petra Glynt) has to say on the matter:

Dear, Mr. prime minister Stephen Harper,
As we are nearing the end of your 10-year tenure, I can’t tell you how many times I have felt the range of emotions between severe disappointment and rage, how many times I wanted to shake your reality so that you could witness the lives you are allowing to be crushed by your economic gains. We don’t care about economic gains. We do not want the wealth of temporal money. I hope that once you have stepped far away from your current position, you will see the damage you have done and what wealth could alternatively mean.

Not to mention the song itself, which is wonderful! Mackenzie’s deep croon — a staple of the project — is prominent throughout as well as her wild drumming style and delicately placed synth samples. Hopefully you’re all inspired now to do your own bit of campaigning to get Harper out of office.

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My goodness. I’m not sure how Petra Glynt can call a single like this a DEMO, but we’ll accept that there’s a potential universe where “Propaganda” gets even bigger and shinier and more polished. But it sounds pretty perfect as it stands, Petra’s signature deep, pulsing beats and insistent pummelling vocals remaining shockingly original. Her militaristic anti-militarism is a sound destined for huge things, and considering she just came off a tour opening for Austra, it seems like people are finally beginning to pay some serious attention to this incredible Toronto talent. “Propaganda” is off of the new Healing Power records compilation which is just full of wonderful treats, and you can also buy the song separately directly from Petra’s Bandcamp.

Petra Glynt plays Toronto this Saturday at Wavelength, together with Silent Shout faves Jooj on a phenomenal bill.

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pale eyes petra glynt

There’s a very defined group of collaborators developing in Toronto. I don’t know who is the individual or group responsible for bringing these people together, but clearly Petra Glynt (and her label Healing Power) has something to do with it. Of these collaborators, the latest to come onto our radar is Pale Eyes from Toronto. They just released this excellent remix of Petra Glynt’s War Cry. Let the collaborations continue!

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The first real video from Petra Glynt is a a damn colourful post-apocalyptic wasteland. Director Blake Macfarlane has really boiled down Alex Mackenzie’s aesthetic into a psychedelic trip that fits her music so perfectly. It also features Lido Pimienta dancing, and my goodness if that woman isn’t just appearing EVERYWHERE in 2014.

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Oh Petra Glynt.  Stay you forever please.

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For this incredible compilation from Healing Power Records, Stacy Sproule and Victoria Cheong asked some of Toronto’s best female musicians to contribute a track exploring the them of self-healing. The resulting fruits are dark and twisted, but ultimately delicious. Some highlights: Bile Sister vomits out impressive synthy sludge and Petra Glynt makes us need her soulful vocals and driven percussion. Though our favourite part comes at the end of the disc, with Tenderness‘ “bucked and blended” hymn. We never thought we’d be so into a song with a refrain of “Jesus!”

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We hope there is never a time when we won’t jump at the chance to post a new Petra Glynt track. This is from a STACKED upcoming compilation of Canadian women, including Tenderness, Isla Craig, Naomi Hocura and many many others. FRUIT will be out on August 3rd. We can’t wait.

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Our mega super favorite Petra Glynt has put out a new EP!  We’ve heard a couple of these before, the excellent Sour Paradise and Out To Lunch, but the new tracks are equally great.  Especially the title track Of This Land, which perhaps best captures the hypnotic chaos of her live performances.  We very much recommend that you get excited about this lady.  Everybody’s doing it.

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silentshoutapr13Mix: Silent Shout Best of April 2013

1. Renny Wilson – Lady Pain (Jay Arner Remix)
2. Rec Centre – Missin’ Out
3. Zords – Hollywood
4. Petra Glynt – Out to Lunch
5. Drug Train – No One Cares
6. //zoo – Softcore
7. Heidi Mortenson – Dele Af Kroppen (Princess Century Remix)
8. Emorie – Pink Dolls
9. Leisure Suit – Distraction
10. Jamaican Queens – Caitlin

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Petra Glynt astounded us with her debut song Sour Paradise, and she continues the trend with her latest single. The solo project from local Toronto artist Alexandra Mackenzie has been making waves throughout the city, and we can’t wait to see her set at Silent Shout this Friday. She’ll be playing with her best bud Tenderness and bunch of other awesome acts.