Premiere: Resistor – Boys

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.36.24 PM

Philadelphia-based synth-pop superstars Resistor return with a brand new song. The breezy “Boys,” with washed-out Juno 106 synth pads, and a hooky as hell chorus (“boys with boring names/are they really so bad” is going to be an oft repeated line around our office), is a densely layered poppy wonder. Next to other wondrous tracks like “Cordless Phone,” and “Can’t Believe,” this song would sound damn fine on a record. Get back in the Men’s Snarehouse (the band’s DIY recording studio) and give us that soon?

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Premiere: Dream Safari – Hotline

dream safari

Back in March, we were introduced to the wonderfully lush underground pop stylings of Philadelphia’s Dream Safari (aka Chris Coulton) with the release of uber-catchy single “Starzone”. Today, we’re pleased to get to premiere his latest jam, the sax-heavy “Hotline,” a bouncy and tightly arranged pop tune that fits in very well with his self-described “jungle disco” aesthetic. Reminding a bit of Miracle Fortress, Jens Lekman, the Russian Futurists and others on the uptempo bedroom pop tip, Dream Safari offers a fully realized vision as accomplished as these veterans of the scene. We predict big things!

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next pop nugget from this Philadelphia phenom, and hopefully a full-length album won’t be too far behind. For now, check the oeuvre (you’ll like it so far) on Soundcloud.

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MP3: Dream Safari – Starzone

Dream Safari

Dream Safari is an aptly-named project. The Philadelphia-based musician creates fantastical journeys in a genre he calls “jungle pop”, replete with colourful synth sounds and full production. But instead of lions and zebras, this is the kind of safari that will show you the galaxy’s different alien species, before sending you home humming a catchy chorus melody. We know what we’re doing on our next vacation.

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Video: Resistor – Cordless Phone


We’re huge fans of Philadelphia’s Resistor, the masters of backward-looking synthpop that mine our nostalgia, for simpler, synthier times. “Can’t Believe,” their brilliant single from last fall, remains in regular rotation on the Silent Shout tapedeck. But the duo’s latest track, an ode to the technological wonderment that is/was the cordless phone might be their most fully-realized production yet. Bask in the glory that is untethered freedom in this well-edited montage of classic telecommunications informational videos.

The song’s a free download from their Soundcloud, so go grab it!

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MP3: Hello Shark – Fishing for Bats


Hello Shark are a folk band from Philadelphia (originally Burlington, Vermont), but they’ve landed on our radar with this downtrodden, drum machined single about about regret. The title comes from a line in the first chorus: “last night, we fished for bats on the roof of your hotel,” which might be the best mental image we’ve had in a while! We’re pleased to make your acquaintance, Hello Shark.

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