Pick A Piper

Pick a Piper – Distance

The trajectory of Toronto’s Pick a Piper has been wondrous to behold, as mastermind and Caribou collaborator Brad Weber explored the outer reaches of rhythm-centric psychedelic pop in different spacecraft, and his last major voyage (2013’s Pick a Piper) left us thoroughly in awe and eagerly awaiting the follow-up. As “Geographically Opposed” portended, their second album Distance sees their grooves growing softer, darker, and more pop. And it’s amazing.

Guest vocalists feature prominently on the record, such as Bevan Smith of the Ruby Suns on the first and last songs and a dazzling display by Japanese shoegaze pop act LLLL and singer Makota on the grippingly moody “Further and Further”. But throughout the record, it’s the jaw-dropping synth programming and sound design that keep us riveted. From the songs here, there seems like ten directions Weber could head in in the future and they’d all be fascinating. We’ll be signing on for the next expedition, one can be sure of that.

Pick a Piper are on tour now. Check out the dates on their Bandcamp, where you can also purchase Distance on vinyl and digitally.

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Pick a Piper – Nikko

At this point longtime readers should be quite familiar with our on-going affection for Toronto’s Pick a Piper. So much so, that I don’t think we even need to mention the connection Brad Weber has to Caribou as their regular collaborator/drummer anymore. That said, comparisons are hard to avoid with “Nikko” an arpeggiated synth-laden beauty of a track that is quite reminiscent of Dan Snaith’s early work as Manitoba, or his more recent instrumental noodling with Daphni. The track really takes off when the clicky drums come in around the halfway mark, but we’ll always be suckers for the sort of synth lines that Weber starts the song off with.

“Nikko” is the second single off Distance, out February 24 on Abandon Building and March 3 on Tin Angel Records.

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Pick a Piper – Geographically Opposed

We’ve been waiting patiently and with much anticipation for new music from Toronto electronic pop artist and oft-Caribou collaborator Brad Weber aka Pick a Piper, it’s been far too long since his sumptuous 2013 self-titled debut. Well, with “Geographically Opposes” that all changes. The first single from second album Distance, forthcoming in 2017, is a familiarly Pick-a-Piper-ish blend of soft-voiced melody, a pensive feel, and of course, a deep deep groove. Featuring beautifully understated guest vocals from the Ruby Suns’ Bevan Smith (in a fortuitously accidental collaboration!), we’re instantly hooked.

Distance is out February 24 on Abandon Building and March 3 on Tin Angel Records. Watch for it!

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