Piper Davis

E1SBAR – Televisual

Piper Davis can do no wrong, as her long history of cool projects proves. Her group The Number Line has put out a number of fantastic singles (including a killer cover of Carly Simon’s “Why?”), and her collaboration with Neighbour last year still hasn’t left our tapedeck. But perhaps her best project yet is E1SBAR, the Toronto artist’s cross-border collaboration with Springfield, VA’s Francisco Cueto. And their second EP Televisual, which just came out last week, is without a doubt one of the best things we’ve heard all year.

E1SBAR’s debut EP Super Fantasy certainly set the bar high, and still sounds as fresh now as it did a year ago. But although the duo’s sound hasn’t changed, their ice-cold future-soul electropop has only become more intricate and fully realized, and Televisual sounds like the culmination of a lot of hard work and painstaking attention to detail. Six tracks of solid gold smooth synthpop, it explores the full terrain of the genre, from the undeniable dancefloor grooves like “Vapour” to atmospheric electro-ballads like “Snake Angel”. Basically, every song here could be a single. The North American heirs to Little Dragon?

We definitely can’t wait to hear a full-length album from these two! But in the meantime, this new EP will do us just fine. Televisual is available now from Bandcamp.

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MP3: E1sbar – Du Jour


We’re celebrating Piper Davis week on the blog, it seems! On Monday, we danced to the new song by her band The Number Line, and today we’ve discovered this new project, a collaboration with Francisco Cueto. Though the pair hail from Toronto and Virginia respectively, their Soundcloud location is set to Iqaluit in line with their ice bear imagery and album art.  The synths are icy too, but in a bright, sunny day on the tundra kind of way. And Davis’ voice is sounding as fresh as ever.

“Du Jour” is part of an EP — a really good EP — that you can find on Bandcamp.

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Mix: Best of February 2015

feb15Mix: Best of February 2015

1. Braids – Miniskirt
2. Jamaican Queens – Joe
3. Icelandia – Paper Suns
4. Neighbour feat. Piper Davis – Light Breaker
5. Resistor – Cordless Phone
6. Le Couleur – Club Italien
7. Humans – Follow
8. Prince Innocence feat. Kilo Kish – I Don’t Care (Remix)
9. For Esmé – Just Yet
10. Special Costello – Losing Ground
11. Johnny Couteau – Is My Baby Love Real or Just a Hologram?
12. Mimico – Cloud City
13. Zacht Automaat – Bury Me Face Down
14. Gravity’s Rainbow – Take Me on to the Otherside

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