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Sometimes there’s only one bedroom dance party we want to attend: one that Potpourri of Pearls is playing. The Philadelphia pop purveyors have been steadily supplying us with ear-candy pop for years now, and they never disappoint. Their second album We Went to Heaven is probably the the best underground straight-up pop record since Light Firesself-titled album of last year. Taking us back to the days of Erasure’s best singles, this record is full of crisp and clean arpeggiated synths and killer earworm melodies. From dancefloor-thumpers “Boyfriend” and “Parade” to ballads like “Up High”, the entire album is hooky beyond hooky. A worthy successor to their incredible debut Why Does Coco Cry?

Most fun uptempo electropop has this problem where it’s just entirely too happy or lacking in sufficient edge. There are rare exceptions, but sustaining this level of quality over an entire album is a far more difficult skill than it appears to be. Potpourri of Pearls are clearly masters of the the form, and can soundtrack the rare sunny day in our dark hearts anytime. They deserve to be famous. In the meantime, we’re happy to sing their praises as one of the best undiscovered electropop groups around. Purchase this masterpiece direct from them on Bandcamp.

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Here’s a great new video from our super favorites Potpourri of Pearls.  The video features big Rocky Horror lips and the song is, predictably, spectacular.  Also, the video was directed by the group’s singer, Mr. Adam Chad Brody, who studied film at UCLA.  The track is going to be on their forthcoming album, We Went To Heaven, which will be out February 11th of next year.  Their last effort, Why Does Coco Cry? was absolutely wonderful so we’re definitely getting excited.


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Potpourri of Pearls are back!  They put out one of the best albums of last year and the first single from the new one, due out early next year, doesn’t disappoint.  The track brings a heavily auto-tuned chorus and is as replete with hooks as some of the best tracks on Why Does Coco Cry?, and the video is quite spectacular, featuring beautiful scenery, yarmulkes and lots and lots of gay make outs.  Two make out heavy videos in one week!  We’re being spoiled.

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potpPotpourri of Pearls – This Whole Town (Is Getting High)

New electro epic from our fave Philadelphia crew, who keep delivering pure gold. Potpourri of Pearls!

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Potpourri of Pearls have made a new video and I will dutifully post it here for your viewing pleasure.  This one appears to be a new track from them and it is unsurprisingly great and features that pitch-shifted vocal effect that those Montreal kids have made so popular recently.  The video is probably not safe for work.  Maybe?  A beefcake advisory is in effect.

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Potpourri of Pearls – Diamond Harbor

Another Potpourri of Pearls video!  A trip to the orthodontist.  This is one of our very favorite tracks from the record and the video doesn’t disappoint.  I love this band too much.

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It looks like Potpourri of Pearls are going to release a video for every track on Why Does Coco Cry?  We’re totally fine with that.  This might be the best one yet.

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Potpourri of Pearls – Shadow on My Shoulder

Potpourri of Pearls seem determined to release a video for every song on Why Does Coco Cry? and that is totally fine with us.  This one shares the slightly unnerving, pink-hued aesthetic of their last video and features some spectacular make-up.

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Mix: Silent Shout – Best of January 2013

1. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)
2. Great Marble – In the Air
3. Ken Park – He Says I’m an Island
4. Blue Hawaii – Try to Be
5. Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise
6. Jake Finne – Black Panthers
7. Negative Beach – Vacant Home (Demo)
8. Violence – Façades
9. Vierance – Beaches
10. Doldrums – Anomaly
11. Crowns – HLYLND
12. Bliss Club – Breeze Punk 2
13. Potpourri of Pearls – James and the Cold Gun (Kate Bush cover)
14. Rakam – Le Jazz Dans la Rue
15. Coxkarnn – Blud for a Sec
16. Jeremy Greenspan – Sirius Shake

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Potpourri of Pearls – Birds of Luther

We’ve been posting a bunch of Potpourri of Pearls recently, but we really can’t stress enough how much everybody should go to their bandcamp and buy this record.  This video predates the relatively recent release of the album by almost a year and is adorable and disturbing in equal parts.  There’s also a guy in it who looks a lot like J.K. Simmons and some seriously raunchy lyrics concerning the Dakotas.