Princess Century

Princess Century feat. Melatonini – Safe Word

Toronto’s loss is Europe’s gain since our venerated Princess Century moved to Belgium almost a year ago. And based on the minimal-wave infused, secret-hideaway-dance-party vibes of her newest song “Safe Word,” it seems the move is getting some creative juices flowing.

In collaboration with Melatonini, a fellow Brusselèèr, the song harkens most to her work with Austra than her most recent solo work. Naturally, it’s amazing. No word on anything else new coming from Princess Century, but this song is featured on My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation by Red Maze Records, which is available November 7 in its entirety.

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Video: Princess Century – Metro

The music of Princess Century–especially her most recent instrumental work–lends itself to the cinematically weird, and that’s exactly what we get in her latest. The video for “Metro” could go toe-for-toe with some of the quirkiest and best videos from the 90’s (think Spike Jonze or Gondry’s early work), and perfectly suits the inherent weirdness at the heart of the Toronto-now-Europe-based producer.

“Metro” is the closing track on last year’s phenomenal Progress LP, which is definitely worth a listen if for some reason you’ve waited this long to do so.

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Princess Century – Rendezvous

Princess Century has been royalty in our minds for a long time now. Most recently, 2015’s Progress was our thirteenth favourite album released that year. It turns out that Maya Postepski created even more adventurous, moody instrumental material than that album could fit, and a trio of songs that didn’t make the cut have surfaced as the Rendezvous EP.

To be clear, these songs didn’t make it on to the album because they have a distinct atmosphere–quality-wise, they absolutely stand up. Where Progress felt like spending time near the woods by twilight, Rendezvous sounds like dancing through the trees when all you can see is the moonlight. It’s more deliberately aggressive, each song twisting and turning with equal parts anxiety and engrossing, danceable melody.

Repetition and the slow build-up of tension, and catharsis, make this an engrossing listen, whether on the dancefloor or blasting through headphones as you try to work.

Rendezvous is out now through Paper Bag Records.


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