Ghostly Kisses – Garden

Ghostly Kisses’ “Garden” is a moody and slow-moving epic, with prominently-featured, elegant strings beautifully complimenting Margaux Sauvé’s sultry alto vocals. The production feels effortlessly smooth and manages to keep things exciting by building momentum with lovely crescendos and a propulsive beat. The Québec-based songwriter’s lyrics are melancholic and depict two lovers’ incapability to connect: “Bound to one another/Can’t disclaim/But we act alone” sings Sauvé during the chorus, further emphasizing the song’s sadness. But the music’s dream-like quality makes the sadness easier to deal with, even liberating.

“Garden” is featured on Ghostly Kisses’ new EP What You See. If you’re in Montreal, be sure to check out the release show on March 31 at Matahari Loft.

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Men I Trust – Lauren

As predicted, prolific Quebec City outfit Men I Trust continues its streak of major league vibes with their latest: “Lauren”. Complete with another quality home-made music video and musically speaking – a sublime bassline and plush vocal harmonies, Men I Trust further cement themselves as a Canadian indie-pop staple.

We’ll continue to watch their every move. Do check out the incredible back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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Ghostly Kisses – Roses

Quebec City‘s Ghostly Kisses filled 2015 with a string of beautifully mournful singles, and we’re so excited to see them back this year. “Roses” is slow and lovely, just as we’ve come to expect from the project. Its atmosphere has more in common with old pink roses–still nice to look at, but slightly sad as they start to wilt–than garish bright red ones. And the band is aptly named; this song will haunt you and remind you of things lost, while also keeping you warm and comforted.

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