Radiant Baby

Radiant Baby – You Can Dance

Radiant Baby‘s candid and catchy electro-pop songs have been on our radar since we last posted about him last fall. And now, a video single has finally emerged of a Montreal dance party anthem known as “You Can Dance”, second track off his self-titled debut EP released last fall.

Spawned from the creative minds of Cameron Mitchell and Christopher Hegenberg, the video for “You Can Dance” is a psychedelic romp through geometric and pastel references to a certain early 90s aesthetic (New Jack Swing?) that we had almost forgotten. Excellent!

You can check out the rest of the EP on Bandcamp.

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Premiere: Radiant Baby – Last Night

Back in September, we first got wind of a remarkable new electronic pop songwriter/producer in Montreal, Radiant Baby (aka Félix Mongeon), with the release of the emotional and melancholy “Save Me From Myself”. And that lovely single was merely the tip of the iceberg, taken from his excellent self-titled debut EP released in the fall.

Today, we have the honour of premiering the newest single from this new talent, “Last Night,” which brings his melancholy electropop sound onto the dancefloor, featuring some huge beats and towering synths, and a touch of aggression (but just a touch). Needless to say, it’s an exciting development for us that his sound is also suitable for the club! Between this and the EP, Radiant Baby demonstrates he’s already got the skills to master several styles, so he’s likely got a very bright future ahead. Clearly, Félix can do no wrong in these early days.

Check out Radiant Baby’s debut EP on Bandcamp. And if you’re in Montreal, be sure to catch his performance at the Plant in Montreal on December 5, along with Silent Shout faves Un and johnny_ripper.

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MP3: Radiant Baby – Save Me From Myself


Here’s a lovely thing: Montreal’s Félix Mongeon aka Radiant Baby makes unabashed electropop that’s slightly in the vein of Miracle Fortress and Chevalier Avant Garde. So, unsurprisingly, we’re extremely into it. “Save Me From Myself” is an emotional trip that’s a bit on the melancholy side, despite the bouncy bubbling synths, and the submerged lead vocals balance wonderfully with the big beats. We really can’t get enough of this one!

Be sure to check out some of Radiant Baby’s other tracks on Soundcloud, and if you’re going to Pop Montreal, he’s opening for Vinyl Williams on Sunday, with new faves Bronswick also on the bill.

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