Scott Hardware

Scott Hardware – New Money Walk

Great news for all fans of good music: Scott Hardware has released a song! We’ve been eagerly anticipating something from the project formerly known as Ken Park since they played the Silent Shout Festival last year, and now with “New Money Walk” we have it. The song is a sonic leap forward for the Toronto producer, while still maintaining the inherent hazy chillness we fell in love with in the first place. Not to mention the geometric video directed by Felix Kalmenson, which suits the music perfectly, from that first deep bass hit to the final pads of the repeated refrain.

Mutate Repeat Infinity, Scott Hardware’s new album–and the follow-up to our 2014 album of the year You Think About it Too Much–is out June 24th on Banko Gotiti. You can preorder a limited edition red-tinted tape now on Scott’s Bandcamp.

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