Silly Kissers

Blue Hawaii re-releases Blooming Summer

Blue Hawaii‘s album Blooming Summer is being re-released, on CD for those who were too cassette-averse to purchase it last year. We love Blooming Summer – it was #4 on our year-end albums list so we highly recommend picking it up from the Arbutus shop. To sweeten the deal, there’s two bonus tracks: “Floral,” in which the duo is joined by two of the members of Braids and a remix of “Dream Electrixra” by David Carriere of Silly Kissers. Arbutustastic!

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Remix: Cotton Mouth x Silly Kissers

Montreal’s Cotton Mouth just released a nice remix of the Silly Kissers‘ “You Could Even Like Me.” If you’re not familiar with either band, they’re both doing great things and you should investigate.

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