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Posted on May 22nd, by arp2600 in New Release


We have been following the trajectory of Most People since the release of their self-titled debut record in 2012. We’ve said it before, but the band is one of the most talented in the city in terms of pure musicality, and now, we have a triumphant return with their latest EP Violet Spaces.

Co-produced by our very own Digits, there’s a decidedly more electronic feel to this EP and a darkness that we had never really heard from the band before. Sure, there’s still the beautiful vocal harmonies, shredding guitar lines and drums accenting just the right parts, but just try and listen to “Release” and NOT want to fuck shit up. Add in the synth bass in “I Just Might,” and the “boom, bap, boom-bim-bap” drum line of “Telephone,” and you’ve got a completely new style from the Toronto-duo. Something that we always love is following a band from their nascent stage, developing and honing their style and willing to try new things. This experimentation pays off in spades on the new EP and makes us excited for everything new the project does.

Not to mention the four remixes that close out the album, done by Silent Shout faves Zoo Owl, Eytan Tobin, Slowpitchsound and, of course Digits. Those in Toronto can catch Most People at least twice this summer. Their record release is in Toronto this Saturday with Silent Shout mainstays Petra Glynt and Hush Pup. They are also presenting a new piece of awesomeness at this year’s SummerWorks Music Series (which, full disclosure, was curated by me and Wavelength’s Adam Bradley).

Posted on May 20th, by digits in Video

ssignIt’s no secret: we really, really dig new-on-the-scene Toronto dark synthpop trio Secret Sign. So far, we’ve been blown away by their two debut singles/demos “Cat + Mouse” and “Sullenprod.” Today, we’ve received another harbinger of their impending greatness, a killer new electronic pop track on a bit of a psychedelic tip called “O.M.S.R.” The new single is accompanied by their first music video, a trippy collection of manipulated images with singer Kaila Moon superimposed on top of them, and it suits the band’s mysterious image and aesthetic well:

We’ll be, as ever, awaiting more of the good stuff from Secret Sign, and apparently we can expect a new EP in the near future. For now, you can grab their old EP from January from their Bandcamp page.

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Toronto’s Rolemodel have been on a crazy upward trajectory for the past few years. Now, with the addition of vowels to their name (R.I.P. RLMDL), the sky is the limit. The dream-pop project continue to impress with lush, complicated arrangements that you can tell have been obsessively worked over again and again until they are just right.

“Until” is the first song from Claire, their latest EP released on Hand Drawn Dracula. Those in Toronto can catch the release show at the Drake Underground this weekend with Featurette and Wilde.

Posted on May 14th, by digits in MP3


Oh, amazing, new music from Memorex! This minimalist post-punk electronic pop crew is one of our favourite bands in Toronto these days. You might recall, we loved their debut EP, even put it at #4 on our best-of-the-year list last December. “Taiwan Airliner” is their first single since then, and it’s a frantic, paranoid jam that reminds us of a darker, more high-strung Stereolab. We love it!

You can buy “Taiwan Airliner” from Memorex’s Bandcamp. They open for Princess Century at the end of the month in Toronto at Burdock, and Europe, watch out for an impending Princess Century tour!

Posted on May 12th, by arp2600 in MP3


Brave Shores really impressed us with “Never Come Down,” their super catchy debut single (with an awesome video!). Now, we feel the brother/sister duo has matured somewhat with the dreamy electro-pop of “More Like You.” The song is still catchy as hell, but in a much more sedate way, willing to explore interesting textures and inviting you to kick back and hang out for a while. Both songs are available on the band’s debut self-titled EP, released last year.

Posted on May 11th, by Josh in Video


We’ve written before about JOOJ, the collaboration between film professor Adam Litovitz and Canadian arts-fixture Sook-Yin Lee, who just dropped a video for their track “Ghost of Love”.  The clip is almost candidly shot, and features Lee, Litovitz and dancer Mairi Greig alone in a gym with strangers accompanied by the track’s nylon string guitar, minimal electronics and Lee’s crooning. Director Yuula Benivolski perfectly captures track’s themes of relationships and modern day detachment.

JOOJ’s self titled record will be out May 26 through Last Gang and a release party will take place at Double Double Land in Toronto on May 29th. We can’t wait! Until then, stream the video below:

Posted on May 8th, by digits in Video


We will never, ever get tired of listening to Light Fires‘ pop masterpiece FACE, which still feels just as fresh now as when it was our #8 album of 2013. This week, we’re invited to revisit “Last of His Kind,” an elegiac (yet still very danceable) synthpop track that pays tribute to the late Will Munro and his crucial importance to the LGBTQ scene in Toronto. Light Fires has released a new video for the song, directed by David Kraft, and it’s a bit of a throwback to classic pop videos, with carefully chosen superimpositions and lighting that emphasize the sad subject matter yet still maintain an uptempo disco feel. It was shot at Lee’s Palace, the site of Munro’s Vazaleen parties.

FACE is still available from Bandcamp, and it’s still incredible. Do yourself a favour.

Posted on May 7th, by arp2600 in Video

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.12.58 PM

Cooooooool! We’ve been waiting a long time for something amazing from Toronto’s Triple Gangers. The band has played the Silent Shout live series more than any other act, but with the exception of an EP released a few years ago and couple of singles here and there, there hasn’t been much to share from the electro-pop trio.

Now, with the amazing video to “Beresford Boys,” we not only have something to share, but also to exalt and champion to the ends of the earth. The super cool drone video (shot in a tropical paradise called “Toronto” and directed by Frank Guidoccio) spectacularly translates the inherent fun of the band and their playful sexy nature. Not to mention the song, which is the greatest iteration of their sound on record to-date. If the rest of their album sounds like this (Forecast, due out June 12), it seems we’re in for a real treat.

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We regrettably missed the first two years of Toronto’s Marriage existence. Their numerous EPs, 10 singles with b-sides are full of genre spanning psychedelic numbers with an inherent weirdness made with immaculate skill. It’s “Boy-M,” however, that takes all of those elements and hones them into their most cohesive release to-date. The first single from the debut record OK to Disconnect — perfectly at home on the Doomsquad-run Heretical Objects — keeps the inherent weirdness intact but creates a dreamy psychedelic affair with sweeping synths and soaring harmonized vocals.

Based on the strength of this song, I think we can expect some very special things from the record. Each track will have an accompanying video heavily indebted to artists Len Lye and Philippe Blanchard, and their already installation-art style live show will presumably be notched up even further.

The record is out May 13 on Heretical Objects with a release show May 15 at Double Double Land in Toronto.

Posted on April 29th, by digits in New Release


Tarantula X is no more! The much-beloved-of-this-blog Toronto producer, who specializes in making the most evil beats we can fathom, has officially started creating under a new name, Kane Vale. Actually it’s a retroactively applied name change, so now even classics like his Trust remix and Prince Innocence remix now bear the new moniker.

And the rebrand begins with a bang: his first-ever full-length release, Oleander, a collection of mostly hard-hitting dark electro, with a couple of softer jams included to give you a moment to breathe. First track “Phantom” is perhaps the highlight, striking that perfect balance between creepy and dancefloorworthy. That bass!

Oleander is available now from iTunes.