boyBITCH – Lover

Perennial electro-banger songwriter boyBITCH is back with a new video, consisting of old home-movie footage of him as a preteen. The washed-out colour, slowed down speed and tracking lines lend themselves nicely to Dave’s ready-for-the-club synthy vibes. The lyrics take on new meaning with boyBITCH speaking to his younger self “I got your back,” he sings in his signature croon. In his words:

I was 11 years old in ‘Lover’ and was beginning to struggle with my sexual identity, and identity as a whole. You can see it at the end on the close up of my eyes….conflicted. This video was particularly profound for me. This is the age I based the name boyBITCH on. I was starting to explore my creativity in an intense ‘bitchy/sassy’ way.

“Lover” is the first of many videos to come, all featuring old footage at him at various stages of his life. A new album is out January 2017, with an accompanying video for each song. We can’t wait!

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We love it when bands already accomplished and beloved in other areas come into our corner and add some electronics! Today’s synthy transformation comes courtesy of Toronto‘s Bernice, who has released this glossy single as her first offering as part of Arts & Crafts.

It has beautifully delivered vocals that are relaxed in the verses and bouncy in the chorus, underscored by frothing drum beats, dancing warbles and a whole lot of heart. It’s about the personal connection between generations of women in her family, but we think the song’s appeal is downright universal.

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Legendary Toronto post-punk/no-wave foursome New Fries are about to unleash a new EP on the unsuspecting masses, and boy are we not ready. The propulsive atonal skronk of “Mary Poppins’ Pockets” breaks all manner of melodic rules and songwriting expectations, and yet somehow remains catchy and on some level, pop music. Mindbendingly impressive.

Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck produced the the new EP, entitled More. It’s out November 26 on Telephone Explosion and is available now for pre-order from Bandcamp.

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Austra – Utopia

A new Austra single is a “stop everything that you’re doing right now” moment. So, please stop, watch this video and dance as much as your abilities/location allows. “Utopia” is pop music gem, with much of the band’s signature style intact. There’s creepiness abounding, layer upon layer of amazing vocal production all set to backdrop of amazing synth programming and production. The song is the first new thing we’ve heard from the operatic superstar in quite some time, but there’s much more to come with the release of Future Politics out January 20 on Domino.

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It’s been nearly a year since we last heard from Toronto dark synthpop virtuoso Novie, and her latest EP Tender Wilderness arrives not a moment too soon. It’s got a slightly more evil edge than her past work, such as on standout single “Hope and the Ghost”, which more than maintains its pop cred with Novie’s stunning voice ringing out clear over the sinister synth soundscape. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re very into this.

Tender Wilderness is available now from Bandcamp.

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