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Posted on April 30th, by arp2600 in Premiere


We regrettably missed the first two years of Toronto’s Marriage existence. Their numerous EPs, 10 singles with b-sides are full of genre spanning psychedelic numbers with an inherent weirdness made with immaculate skill. It’s “Boy-M,” however, that takes all of those elements and hones them into their most cohesive release to-date. The first single from the debut record OK to Disconnect — perfectly at home on the Doomsquad-run Heretical Objects — keeps the inherent weirdness intact but creates a dreamy psychedelic affair with sweeping synths and soaring harmonized vocals.

Based on the strength of this song, I think we can expect some very special things from the record. Each track will have an accompanying video heavily indebted to artists Len Lye and Philippe Blanchard, and their already installation-art style live show will presumably be notched up even further.

The record is out May 13 on Heretical Objects with a release show May 15 at Double Double Land in Toronto.

Posted on April 29th, by digits in New Release


Tarantula X is no more! The much-beloved-of-this-blog Toronto producer, who specializes in making the most evil beats we can fathom, has officially started creating under a new name, Kane Vale. Actually it’s a retroactively applied name change, so now even classics like his Trust remix and Prince Innocence remix now bear the new moniker.

And the rebrand begins with a bang: his first-ever full-length release, Oleander, a collection of mostly hard-hitting dark electro, with a couple of softer jams included to give you a moment to breathe. First track “Phantom” is perhaps the highlight, striking that perfect balance between creepy and dancefloorworthy. That bass!

Oleander is available now from iTunes.

Posted on April 28th, by arp2600 in New Release


At this point, you know what you’re going to get with Halcyon, the Toronto-via-London synthwaver. That’s not a bad thing at all, he takes complete ownership over his style, harkening back to a bygone era of New Wave showmanship and British angst.

“Your Love, In My Heart” is more in keeping with his previous outings, with the heart-on-his sleeve tenor vocals, washy synth lead and immaculate pop stylings. B-side “Less Than Human” has shades of Warm Leatherette, with a baritone semi-spoken-word vocal line, and a propulsive motorik Factory Floor style bassline.

This single is a reaffirmation of our love for all things Halcyon, and we look forward to growing and listening to more from the project for years to come.

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Prince Innocence‘s “I Don’t Care” sounded incredible back when it came out in December, perhaps even better when they teamed up with Kilo Kish for the remix, and now we get to share this killer single once more now that it has a video to match. Directed by Chris Levett, it’s a trippy kaleidoscopic vision of MANY MANY Princes Innocence swaying and getting down to their ode to apathy.

Their much-anticipated Easy Life EP is coming out this summer, and Prince Innocence’s track record is basically perfect…. we predict good things.

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This has been quite the year for Toronto producer Harrison, it seems like he’s practically a household name now. The release of his debut EP Colors seems to have gotten him all the attention he’s been deserving for so long. Featuring frequent collaborator Maddee (she sings on several songs on the EP), single “How Can It Be” is the most straight-up pop track yet from the prolific psychedelic electronic producer and we can’t get enough of it. Hopefully the first of several releases from Harrison this year!

Colors is out now on Last Gang, available on vinyl and digitally.

Posted on April 24th, by arp2600 in MP3

A cigarette girl carrying plaster skulls

Doomsquad have gone full-blown Talking Heads with their latest song, the first from Pageantry Suite, a new EP due out May 25th on Bella Union and Hand Drawn Dracula. Though the title of this EP would suggest that they are sticking to their witchy ways, this song is pure jangly guitar-based pop, with some awesome percussion provided by Mas Aya. We love it, and naturally quite a bit intrigued to see if this new sound is the future direction of the sibling trio.

Posted on April 22nd, by elena in MP3


We’re celebrating Piper Davis week on the blog, it seems! On Monday, we danced to the new song by her band The Number Line, and today we’ve discovered this new project, a collaboration with Francisco Cueto. Though the pair hail from Toronto and Virginia respectively, their Soundcloud location is set to Iqaluit in line with their ice bear imagery and album art.  The synths are icy too, but in a bright, sunny day on the tundra kind of way. And Davis’ voice is sounding as fresh as ever.

“Du Jour” is part of an EP — a really good EP — that you can find on Bandcamp.

Posted on April 21st, by arp2600 in MP3

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.18.18 AM

Toronto’s Clairmont The Second is 17 years old, still in high school and producing his own beats and rapping in this case about young, unrequited love. The prodigy was picked up by Bad Actors for his second album Project II at the end of last year, a record that is a phenomenal introduction to one of the city’s greatest budding talents.

“Queen,” however a stand-alone single, and like everything else he’s done it’s super impressive. Seriously, everything he’s done so far is miles ahead of his much-reported age. Those in Toronto can catch him this Thursday at Double Double Land playing a Bad Actors fam jam with Bizzarh, Cities Aviv and Petra Glynt.

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“Point of Light” is the first we’re hearing from Toronto’s Nadia Pacey aka Konig, but goodness are we ever floored by this delicate and melancholy electronic pop gem. An understated, yet catchy, syncopated vocal melody over soft and warm synths, it’s a beautiful track from a new talent. She’s already released a follow-up single, “Communicate,” and apparently both tracks will be on her next release. Really looking forward to hearing it!

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The Number Line can always be counted on for inventive, cutting-edge electronic pop that maintains a perfect balance between experimentalism and catchy pop. Last year’s smash “Park Light” was our #25 song of last year and demonstrates exactly how pop they can get when they want to. Their latest single “New Crown” takes their sound in a completely different direction, a slower tempo, a broodier and more otherwordly production. And yet, still wouldn’t be out of place in the club following a Little Dragon track. All eyes should be on this band. Can’t wait to hear what they do next.