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MP3: Los Echo – Bold Fire

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Oooooh, awesome new band alert! Los Echo are two different people in two different places: Kaitlin Thatcher in Toronto and Connor MacFadyen in Ottawa. They’ve just released their debut EP Bold Fire, and we have our bloggy brethren Quick Before It Melts to thank for bringing it to our attention. We’re utterly captivated by the title track, super-catchy melodic electropop with a slow ambling groove.

We’ve got on our eyes on these two. Buy Bold Fire directly from them at Bandcamp.


MP3: beta/mai – Never Enough

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Beta Frontiers and Anamai teamed up in the hazy days of summer for this killer collab which we’re only getting around to posting now. They’re a great combo – as with everything he touches, Mr. Frontiers lays down one of his signature gorgeous-yet-badass mid-tempo grooves, with, as always, huger-than-huge bass. And Anna Mayberry (who also sings in HSY) delivers an blissful, lazy, and all-around wonderful vocal with a great chorus hook. Please please please let this be the first of many beta/mai collabs!

You can buy “Never Enough” from Buzz Records’ Bandcamp.


Video: Trust – Are We Arc?

Posted on September 23rd, by arp2600 in Video

The slowest, moodiest song from Trust‘s sophomore album gets a disco Bohemian Rhapsody treatment in their latest video. We dig the minimalist approach from director Malcolm Pete, and honestly, staring at Robert Alfons face for 4:30 isn’t the worst thing in the world.


MP3: Sarin – Crash

Posted on September 19th, by digits in MP3

Oh, this is just so deliciously dark and evil – and a masterpiece of arpeggiation. Sarin, who released his debut EP Rotten on Sins’ Deth Records back in August, seems to have the most sinister synths in Toronto. We’d better keep our eyes on him.

You can buy the Rotten EP on cassette or as a download from Bandcamp.


MP3- Double Tooth – Volume 1

Posted on September 18th, by bonesPOP in Debut, MP3, New Release


We present to you Double Tooth. The Volume 1 seven inch record was recently released on a new sister label of Forward Music Group appropriately called Backward Music. The band have also put out an accompanying digital version that contains an additional 7 tracks of stripped down sonic slices.  

It’s all a very cool journey through 60’s Nigerian afrobeat with interestingly cinematic twists of jazz, space-rock and modern music. The brand new project is composed of Robbie Grunwald (Fender Rhodes, Micromoog, Roland Juno 8, bass, guitar, glockenspiel, congas, hand claps)  and Joshua Van Tassel (drums, congas, shakers, misc percussion, glockenspiel, hand claps, psycedelics).  What we really fell in love with were the simply sweet analog synth lines scattered throughout. Both “You Should Buy Myself a Drink” and “One Thousand Shapeshifters” are sparse tracks that really make you groove on and trip out in a simple yet effective way.

Also, check out their live video shot in the decommissioned Halifax Stanfield International Airport air traffic controller tower (Editors Note: !?!!!?!? That’s so cool!): 


Video: Yacht Club – Cold Wind From Fools

Posted on September 17th, by arp2600 in Video

And just like that, Yacht Club are back! The band seems to have gone through a bit of a restructuring — last time we saw them, they performed as a duo — but have maintained their signature AM radio soft-rock stylings. Based on the video directed by Emmett Meade and lead singer/founding member Ben Cook, they have a good life: hanging in the desert with dogs, driving around without a care in the world.

The song comes from Burnt Cream, their latest EP (unfortunately not streaming anywhere at the time of this writing), which is available in pill form, cassette, VHS, on iTunes and eventually 12″.


MP3: Memorex – Moon Rescue Mission

Posted on September 16th, by arp2600 in MP3


Out of the ashes of two great bands comes Memorex. The band is comprised of the founding members of Autoportrait and Mirror Phase, two of our favourite goth-tinged electro projects of years past, and while we were saddened to hear that those two projects are no more, Memorex more than makes up for the gap.

As a celebration of all things old and new, Memorex will release their debut EP alongside a split tape of both the old projects. Catch the band at LP’s LPs on October 18th in Toronto.

Bonus: a soon-to-be-released Autoportrait song from said split:


MP3: Foxes in Fiction – Ontario Gothic

Posted on September 15th, by Chuck in MP3


“Ontario Gothic” is the dreamy title track from Foxes in Fiction’s forthcoming 12″ on Orchid Tapes. Its jangly guitars, hushed vocal layers, soft focus arpeggio motif, midtempo beat, and lush atmospherics may fit nicely on the Beach House–Memory House–Wild Nothing axis, but “Ontario Gothic” is in itself notable thanks to Warren Hildebrand’s deft production skills and tastefully romantic pop sensibilities. Mark this as another win for the highly prolific Orchid Tapes label, and yet another fall release that we can’t wait to hear in full!

Pre-order Ontario Gothic on vinyl from Orchid Tapes.


MP3: Secret Sign – Cat+mouse

Posted on September 12th, by elena in MP3


Toronto’s Phil Baljeu has long made music as Ruin, but this new project Secret Sign – rounded out as a trio with Kaila Moon and Danny Alexander – is making us perk up our ears. Moon’s vocals and Alexander’s guitar play cat and mouse over catchy beats from Baljeu, resulting in one heck of a debut single. We’re intrigued!


MP3: Mekele – Xenocryst

Posted on September 11th, by digits in MP3


Here at Silent Shout we love us some atmospheric pop, and Mekele just might be the etherealest. His last single “Ananda” was a meditative, immersive wonder, and we’ve been eagerly waiting to hear what’s next for the Toronto ambient up-and-comer. Well, news has arrived! His debut full-length album Monolith is coming out this fall, and shit are we excited. Silent Shout has the honour of premiering the newest single, “Xenocryst,” an equally immersive, but more beat-driven, piece that, like everything Mekele does, is strikingly original, and moves through one unique sonic space after another. We imagine it to be a microcosm of what Monolith will be – and we’re sure we’ll never have heard anything quite like it. Watch for it this fall, being released via “an interactive website functioning as a visual media player sensorium”. Can’t wait.