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Video: Yacht Club – Cold Wind From Fools

Posted on September 17th, by arp2600 in Video

And just like that, Yacht Club are back! The band seems to have gone through a bit of a restructuring — last time we saw them, they performed as a duo — but have maintained their signature AM radio soft-rock stylings. Based on the video directed by Emmett Meade and lead singer/founding member Ben Cook, they have a good life: hanging in the desert with dogs, driving around without a care in the world.

The song comes from Burnt Cream, their latest EP (unfortunately not streaming anywhere at the time of this writing), which is available in pill form, cassette, VHS, on iTunes and eventually 12″.


MP3: Memorex – Moon Rescue Mission

Posted on September 16th, by arp2600 in MP3


Out of the ashes of two great bands comes Memorex. The band is comprised of the founding members of Autoportrait and Mirror Phase, two of our favourite goth-tinged electro projects of years past, and while we were saddened to hear that those two projects are no more, Memorex more than makes up for the gap.

As a celebration of all things old and new, Memorex will release their debut EP alongside a split tape of both the old projects. Catch the band at LP’s LPs on October 18th in Toronto.

Bonus: a soon-to-be-released Autoportrait song from said split:


MP3: Foxes in Fiction – Ontario Gothic

Posted on September 15th, by Chuck in MP3


“Ontario Gothic” is the dreamy title track from Foxes in Fiction’s forthcoming 12″ on Orchid Tapes. Its jangly guitars, hushed vocal layers, soft focus arpeggio motif, midtempo beat, and lush atmospherics may fit nicely on the Beach House–Memory House–Wild Nothing axis, but “Ontario Gothic” is in itself notable thanks to Warren Hildebrand’s deft production skills and tastefully romantic pop sensibilities. Mark this as another win for the highly prolific Orchid Tapes label, and yet another fall release that we can’t wait to hear in full!

Pre-order Ontario Gothic on vinyl from Orchid Tapes.


MP3: Secret Sign – Cat+mouse

Posted on September 12th, by elena in MP3


Toronto’s Phil Baljeu has long made music as Ruin, but this new project Secret Sign – rounded out as a trio with Kaila Moon and Danny Alexander – is making us perk up our ears. Moon’s vocals and Alexander’s guitar play cat and mouse over catchy beats from Baljeu, resulting in one heck of a debut single. We’re intrigued!


MP3: Mekele – Xenocryst

Posted on September 11th, by digits in MP3


Here at Silent Shout we love us some atmospheric pop, and Mekele just might be the etherealest. His last single “Ananda” was a meditative, immersive wonder, and we’ve been eagerly waiting to hear what’s next for the Toronto ambient up-and-comer. Well, news has arrived! His debut full-length album Monolith is coming out this fall, and shit are we excited. Silent Shout has the honour of premiering the newest single, “Xenocryst,” an equally immersive, but more beat-driven, piece that, like everything Mekele does, is strikingly original, and moves through one unique sonic space after another. We imagine it to be a microcosm of what Monolith will be – and we’re sure we’ll never have heard anything quite like it. Watch for it this fall, being released via “an interactive website functioning as a visual media player sensorium”. Can’t wait.


Video: Bile Sister – Cakes

Posted on September 10th, by farragoes in Video

Toronto’s own Bile Sister have joined the ever expanding roster of bands to appear on the Guelph based live session site Pinball Sessions with this latest video for their track Cakes. The band have evolved in recent times from being the solo project of front woman Julie Reich, to a full band arrangement, and this live session is an excellent encapsulation of their woozy weirdo aesthetic. The video also comes in the build up to the launch of a new Pinball Sessions website, which will be happening next week. The Pinball folks have done sessions with several Silent Shout favorites including Phedre, Odonis Odonis and Diana and are well worth checking out.


MP3: Programm – Like the Sun

Posted on September 8th, by digits in MP3


Programm are now a mainstay of Toronto’s shadow-lurking scene, and we’re very excited to hear new music from them. “Like the Sun” is a massive, slow, electro-shoegaze track that is perfect for gazing directly into the sun. Burn every retina! (Ed: DO NOT look directly into the sun.)

We sincerely hope we hear more from Programm soon. They’re onto something!


MP3: The Bicycles – Protect the Oil

Posted on August 14th, by digits in MP3


The Bicycles, long-lost darlings of Toronto’s indie pop scene, are finally back, and with a grandiose vision indeed. Young Drones is a high-concept rock opera about a pair of drones who defy their programmed mission to protect Northern Alberta’s oil. A repeated synth blast blares constantly thoughout the melodic, sweetly-crooned power pop gem.

Stream the whole Young Drones album on Soundcloud. Or better yet, check out Silent Shout’s presentation of Young Drones at SummerWorks, directed by Maggie MacDonald, today through Sunday in Toronto. Tickets are available here.


TripleGangers – Coffee and Cream

Posted on August 13th, by farragoes in MP3


Triplegangers have been a major favorite for Silent Shout for a good long time now on the strength of their ridiculous live shows and a small but strong collection of recorded material. It should come as no surprise that we’re supremely excited tp hear they have an album due this year, and if Coffee and Cream, the first track from the record, is any indication it will not disappoint. Moody and perhaps a touch more atmospheric than we’re accustomed to from these guys, the track is buoyed by slick production courtesy of Ghislain Aucoin and Michael Olsen of Our Founders, that elegantly frames a nuanced vocal performance from Aucoin. Stay on the lookout for the forthcoming full length, as far as we’re concerned it can’t arrive soon enough.


Video: Light Fires – I Like to Work

Posted on August 12th, by digits in Video

Directed by Dreamedit, this new video for Light Fires‘ “I Like to Work” is a smorgasbord of snowy makeouts, and a study in contrast of bright white and orange. How much do we not miss winter?? From Light Fires’ amazing, never-gets-old debut album, still available from Bandcamp.

Light Fires is mounting an elaborate cabaret version of her live show for Silent Shout’s SummerWorks music series this weekend, Thursday through Saturday. Tickets are available here.