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Disregarding the name, Toronto’s Semen Priest make some of the best gothic infused disco/post-punk this side of Silent Shout favourite Femminielli. Those of you who follow the blog know that a comparison to the Montreal italo-disco king is one of the highest honours that we can bestow on a band, and “Person Suit” hits all the notes: an epically long song, half-sung spoken-word vocals over funky synths and a bass-line made for a late-night after-party.

“Person Suit” is the lead track off Third Testament, the band’s latest album on Arachnidiscs Recordings due out April 1st. This album is an excellent foray into a dark underbelly of Canadian electronic music. You can preorder it now digitally for $6.66 (lol), or wait for the tape release next week.

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We’re really excited about SlowPitchSound‘s “scifi-turntablism”! The Toronto-based artist uses a turntable as an instrument, looping and adding effects to create intricate instrumental compositions. (We also, naturally, love scifi references!) “LoFiSci” punctuates melancholy extended notes with clicks and taps, disembodied voices and something that could be a BopIt twist sound. The end result is haunting and quite a bit original.

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We can always count on Man Made Hill to take us in musical directions we hardly thought possible. This time the Toronto experimental electronic musician/mad scientist leads us on a falsetto quasi-baroque journey about a mystical night visitor: the Angelchylde. It’s frenetic, cacophanous, and wonderful.

You can explore Man Made Hill’s mindbending back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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Once a year, a boy's-eye view of the scouting movement is gi

We knew for a while that Most People’s Brandon Gibson-DeGroote had a deep-seeded love for all things house and techno. This has manifested itself through his newest project RaveTapes and now, by entering into the remix game with this spectacular nine-minute sweaty workout jam.

Brandon takes the already dance-floor pumping style of Zords up to the next level with his extended version of last year’s “Dancing Eyes.” Put it on when getting ready to go out, doing the dishes or cooking dinner and just TRY not start moving. The weekend is here, so let’s have a dance party!

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Bile Sis

Bile Sister’s video output is off to a great start for 2015. Already we had one of the best videos of the year with “Haagen Baadz,” but now she has doubled down with more green screen weirdness for her latest. One of the standout songs from last year’s Faucet (a must-listen as far as we’re concerned), the Dave Bedrich directed and playfully colourful video for “Wasted Crochet” showcases Bile Sister’s Julie Reich at her best.

The only complaint that we have is that this doesn’t bode anything new from the psychedelic Toronto project. We’re sure there’s something in the pipeline, but we’re selfish and want it now. Meanwhile, get Faucet if you haven’t already as it’s one of our favourite albums from last year.

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Although Toronto’s Math Rosen has been recording electronic music for about a decade, Ada Vale is his first project in which he sings, and thanks goodness he’s picked up the microphone, because his first EP under the new moniker, simply titled Three Songs, is seriously excellent. First track “The Illusionist” is the most immediately gratifying on the pop front, featuring melancholy vocals over a soupy production, anchored by a grooving dubby beat with a guitar lick repeatedly peeking its head out of the murk. It’s got a sweet lyric video to match:

The other two tracks are gems too: the uptempo “Ring Road” is gloomy electropop worthy of the dancefloor, and the release is rounded out by a great cover of Sinead O’Connor’s “Jump in the River.” All in all, a very solid debut, and we’ll be anxiously watching for his next release.

You can pick up Three Songs from Bandcamp on a PWYW basis.

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Anna Mayberry started releasing music as ANAMAI at the end of 2013, and the project was a far cry from her work with Toronto post punk band HSY. She’s perfected a slow, spaced out, introspective sound, and we’re quite into it. “Lucia” is a beautiful lament about being let down sometimes.

The video, directed by Adam Christopher Seward, depicts Mayberry in a sparse winter forest, searching for someone. The colour pallet – white, brown and red – is beautifully understated, reflecting the haunting quality of the song.

It’s also is the first track on her debut LP – which came out yesterday – and the whole album is certainly worth a listen for your weekly fill of atmospheric contemplation. You can buy or stream it over at Buzz Records’ Bandcamp.

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It seems odd to think of summer, like a faded dream long forgotten after this long winter hibernation, but the debut by Toronto’s Programm reminds me that it’s just around the corner.

Their stellar 4-track EP, Like the Sun, conjures up synesthetic memories of rainy summer nights; how the trees crackle as the breeze sways their branches, how the warm smell of rain liberates the smell of summer, how the distant thunder shatters in the far beyond and how the lighting flashes illusory glimpses of shadowy spectres in bedroom corners.

This haunting, sonic atmosphere of warm tempestuousness is how the title track opens, with reverb-laden walls of guitar, gentle drops of kicks and echoed-crashes of snares and Jackie Game’s lush vocals which pierce through the dark shoegazy storm with lyrics of lust, longing and reflections on our temporary existence on this mortal coil.

As the EP progresses, their sound becomes more torrential. On the second track, they begin to trade off the vocal duties with Jakub Soma handling the lead amid a similar shoegazy hailstorm of production which finally lets up, as the sun shines in with Game’s vocals providing a warm contrast, until Soma returns with the mantra and track title, “We Barely Escaped”. They get quite psych with “Soft Shadows”, a steady howl of guitar feedback, fuzzy synths, tribal drums and sparse vocals washed deep in effects. “ZeroZeroZero” opens with a somber chord-progression played on an accordion which then lifts off into a growing static haze of saturated guitars & synths backed by programmed white noise until we are back to the ground with a gentle pat at the piano and a gradual ambient drone, which plays out this sepulchral EP on a very hopeful note.

Like the Sun was released February 17 on The Hand and is available digitally on Bandcamp and iTunes. Look for them at NXNE opening for Zola Jesus at Lee’s Palace on June 17.

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JOOJ Photo hi res - photo credit Jennai Bundock

JOOJ is a new project hatched from the minds of Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz. To many Canadian music fans, Sook-Yin inspires as much awe and adulation as the alternative rock gods of the 1990’s, and the debut JOOJ track absolutely confirms that much-deserved reverence. Following in the sonic footsteps of Majical Cloudz, the minimal “Shoulders and Whispers” features soft piano and washy synths playing host to Sook-Yin’s deep, warbly croon.

This is the first song released from JOOJ’s self-titled LP, due out May 26 on Last Gang Records. If the single (and a recent Silent Shout attended performance at Wavelength) is any indication, JOOJ is set to blow our minds in the best possible way.

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There’s nothing like a brand new supergroup to start your day. LIDS is members of The Constantines, METZ and Holy Fuck making synthed-out psychedelic freak-out music; basically, exactly the kind of stuff you’d expect from the members of those three bands joining forces.

Blank Flag is the more Silent Shout appropriate B-side to their debut Sarsfest 7″, due out March 17th on Telephone Explosion. Hopefully this isn’t just a one-off for the no-doubt incredibly busy members and we can expect more from the project in the near future.