Tenderness – From the Valley of the Dead to the Vigorous Stretch

New music from elusive Toronto lo-fi pop experimenter Tenderness is a rare thing indeed, and something to be treasured. Her first release since 2014’s “99+1”, “From the Valley of the Dead to the Vigorous Stretch” sees her exploring new vistas, with a cacophony of beats and flutes creating a wondrous, startlingly original shuffling groove. It’s all the backdrop to an incredible vocal performance and melody, in what is possibly her most pop moment to date. We know what will be soundtracking our weekend!

Do we dare hope that there soon might be a follow up to 2012’s masterwork The Axe is Ready at the Tree? For now, grab “From the Valley” from Bandcamp.

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Ginla – Come Down

The Ginla boys are back with a new track off their forthcoming EP! Like the Toronto-via-Brooklyn outfit’s last single, it’s a cool blend of guitar-laden pop and electronic eclecticisms. Only this time around, they’ve upped the mood factor a bit.

Starting out with ambient drones and a hesitant guitar melody, the track quickly gives way to a dreamy, layered beat, complete with genuinely awesome drums. The song’s immersive quality is as inspired as it is ironic: the lyrics are all about coming down and facing reality, but when the music is so captivating, it’s hard to resist letting your mind drift into world of bliss.

Ginla’s debut EP is out tomorrow, Friday April 28th on Terrible Records.

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Stefana Fratila – Dancing

Never before have we met a song so appropriately named. The ending of Stefana Fratila‘s new song is given away before you even press play: it’s going to be time to dance. Of course, she’s retained everything that made us fall for her back in 2015: breathy layers of vocals; varied production that keeps your ears guessing; an experimental approach to pop. Plus big, rhythmic beats. The previously-Vancouver-based artist obviously packed her drum machine when she moved to Toronto.

You can even order a physical copy (on VHS!), with an accompanying video, with proceeds going to Intersessions, a series of workshops for female, non-binary and queer folk who want to learn to DJ.

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