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Video: Allie X – Catch

Posted on January 27th, by digits in Video


Allie X nearly topped our 2014 songs list with “Bitch”, but her other big single last year was also a mindblowing pop jam of a sleeker, smoother sort. And now we’re treated to an amazing GIF-y video for “Catch”, featuring Allie in the strangest apartment ever, jumping from one high-concept costume+prop combo to another. We like this “too-many-ideas” approach, and as the idea develops, Allie X continues to be one of the most interesting mainstream pop projects around.

Also, the video description includes a cryptic reference to “CollXtion – April 07, 2015″, so perhaps we have an April release of some kind to look forward to. Oh, mystery!


MP3: Secret Sign – Sullenprod

Posted on January 27th, by arp2600 in MP3


Secret Sign’s excellent debut single “Cat + Mouse” really piqued our interest at the end of last year. Now, with the release of their latest, we continue to froth in anticipation for more from the Toronto trio.

Incomprehensibly labeled a “demo,” “Sullenprod” is a professional sounding bedroom mix of an excellent darkwave synth-pop track. If this is what the band calls a “demo,” we can’t wait to hear what they consider to be the more polished version.

If you’re looking for more, get their demo EP at their Bandcamp, featuring two remixes.


New Release: Magic Island – Wasted Dawn EP

Posted on January 26th, by digits in New Release

Magic_Island_Wasted_Dawn_Cover_Art_750_759_75_sEver since the now-classic “Baby Blu,” we at Silent Shout have considered ourselves unabashed fans of Toronto expat-in-Berlin Emma Czerny, aka Magic Island. Next week marks the release of her second EP Wasted Dawn, but we’re getting to offer a preview a week early.

It’s a remarkable step up from her first release Intoxicated Sunset, which remains an EP of very charming bedroom pop gems. But Wasted Dawn goes deeper, gets lost in melancholy synth washes and big empty spaces. It’s still playful at times, and doesn’t lose the spirit of her earlier work, but Wasted Dawn plays as a more minimal, deliberate record and feels like a natural next step. Highly recommended listening!

Wasted Dawn is out February 2nd on Mansions and Millions. Watch out for it.


Video: Light Fires – Call It Like That

Posted on January 26th, by digits in Video

We’ve said it before: Light Fires‘s magnificent debut FACE is a gift that just keeps giving. Today we’ve got a new video for album closer “Call It Like That” which follows Regine on tour in New Brunswick, and the melancholy electro-pop track juxtaposes nicely with footage of her energetic live performances, giving a contemplative air to her often frantic performances. Directed by Mark Pariselli.

FACE is still available from Bandcamp, and if you haven’t got it yet, what’s wrong with you?


MP3: Mekele – ZPF

Posted on January 23rd, by silentshout in MP3


Mekele is one of the most consistently surprising and interesting new producers in the Canadian electronic music scene, and his latest single “ZPF” is a beat-driven left-turn from his usually more ambient work. But we’re not shocked at how amazing the Toronto musician is at hard-hitting synth-pop. A master of many forms! We’ve got a good feeling about Mekele and 2015. For now, check out his past work on Soundcloud.


Video: Castle If – Sector 03 / The Surge

Posted on January 20th, by arp2600 in Video

IF copy

We have been waiting with bated breath for some new Castle If since pretty much forever. Her collaborations with Cell Memory are what put her on our radar, and her debut krautrock EP from 2012 made us stick around. The long-form electro-prog seems rooted in many of the same influences as Silent Shout favourite Femminielli, and the talent is just as evident, but with the exception of many phenomenal live performances, we hadn’t heard a true statement from the project. Finally, we have two new songs that are worthy of the building anticipation that exceed all previous expectations.

Castle If was commissioned to make a performance video by The Mendel in Saskatoon for the art gallery’s 50th anniversary. Taking a few liberties, she collaborated with video artist Lisa Folkerson (who directed Ken Park’s phenomenal “He Says I’m an Island” video last year), and produced what she refers to as “more of a cable-access-style television performance than a music video.”

“Sector 03″—the title track of a forth-coming sci-fi concept record— features a snarling monster of a bass-line that creates the backdrop for vocoded tales of woe and sadness. Meanwhile, “The Surge” goes in different direction: a perfectly contained nugget of a pop-song that wouldn’t sound out of place on an alternate universe Ladytron record. Behind it all are Folkerson’s projections, which create the perfect space for Castle If to do her thing, and allows the immaculately produced songs to speak for themselves.

Sector 03 has officially become the most anticipated album here at our office, and while we know that good things come to those that wait, we need to hear this ASAP. In the meantime, those in Toronto can catch Castle If this Thursday at the Gladstone’s Come Up To My Room at a showcase curated by Ottawa’s Debaser and Weird Canada.


MP3: Young Guv – Wrong Crowd feat. Jef Barbara

Posted on January 19th, by Josh in MP3

qozoinzz1tbl08lbxos1Ben Cook sure is one busy dude. We here at Silent Shout make no secret of our love for the guy’s work, no matter the vehicle (this time around, it’s under the guise of the infamous Young Guv). We also just so happen to be big fans of Jef Barbara, making “Wrong Crowd” a total no-brainer.

The track is an impossibly groovy, silk-smooth yacht rock jam that manages to squeeze in simultaneous sax-solo and spoken word sections. Good luck getting this one outta your head.

Young Guv’s Ripe 4 Luv is out March 10th on Slumberland.


Video: The Ornamentals – Goth Christmas

Posted on January 16th, by digits in Video


A holiday-season oddity from the mind of Drugs in Japan‘s Aaron Bickle, “Goth Christmas” won our hearts with its yearnings for a darker, broodier Yuletide. One where everyone drinks wed wine, receives leather pants, and is visited by Mindfreak instead of Santa Claus. And as the lyrics self-referentially inform us, even Morrisey, The Cure and Hüsker Dü sing along. A new Christmastime classic!

This blogger had a hand in the video’s creation, so I shouldn’t say much more, but it was directed by Ozo Vision, and may or may not strike your fancy. You can purchase “Goth Christmas” from Bandcamp.


MP3: Moon King – Roswell

Posted on January 15th, by arp2600 in MP3


The first Moon King single in almost a year features a huge leap forward in sonic professionalism. The sprawling “Roswell” starts off familiar enough, with the sort of 90’s guitar chords we’ve come to expect from the Toronto band, but it them morphs in a hypnotic motorik beat, arpeggiated synths and a soaring, reaching for the sky vocal line.

These are exciting times for fans of Moon King (of which, of course, you can count all of us at Silent Shout). The band are about to embark on a huge European tour, have signed with Last Gang, and a new album is on the way. Secret Life is out on April 14, and based on the strength of this first single, we are eager in anticipation.


Video: Bile Sister – Haagen Baadz

Posted on January 12th, by digits in Video


Given the extent to which Bile Sister soundtracked our 2014 (Faucet being our #9 album of last year), we’ve been eagerly awaiting the next move by the Julie Reich-fronted Toronto experimental pop group. And the answer is: frantic, frantic brilliance, in the form of new single “Haagen Baadz,” a tempo-shifting giddy nightmare that whips from idea to idea at a furious pace.

It’s another step forward for Bile Sister, most assuredly. But there’s more! The accompanying video, directed by Heather Rappard, assisted by an uber-talented team of Toronto visual artists, is a visual cacophony of strobes, animated eyeballs, and mindbending effects.

“Haagen Baadz” was released together with another new jam, “Went To Walk The Shot”, last week at Long Winter on a split 7″ with Nick Storring. But good luck finding a copy at this point. You can grab a digital copy at Bile Sister’s Bandcamp.