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Video: Vierance – Raven

Posted on April 16th, by arp2600 in Video

Public Service Announcement: do not wear flowing garments while next to fire on a windy day. ESPECIALLY if you’re doing it REALLY CREEPILY as Katherine Warner does in this video. Vierance have really stepped up their game as of late, and the new single from the sophomore EP absolutely delivers on all the promise we’ve seen from them. Semblance is out now on Deth Records, a new label fronted by Toronto’s SINS.


Video: Digits – Keeping Secrets (Remix)

Posted on April 15th, by digits in Video

Evil self-serving blogger Digits delivers yet another video to an unsuspecting Silent Shout audience presuming to receive impartial electropop-information. This video for “Keeping Secrets,” off of his free mixtape Shake Your Body Down, was shot in a Thai karaoke bar in Liège, Belgium, by the D-Mo Production Collective. Listen to that beat! We’re totally into this guy’s brand!


Blonde Elvis – Fit For Her

Posted on April 14th, by farragoes in MP3


Blonde Elvis have quietly been one of the best bands in Toronto for a while now, which probably shouldn’t be surprising given the presence of Carlyn Bezic, of Silent Shout favorites, Ice Cream and front man Jesse James Laderoute of the sorely missed no wave skronkers, Young Mother.  The band put out a free EP last year that displayed moments of fantastic ambition blended with an acute pop sensibility, and that sensibility arrives undiminished on Fit For Her, the first track from their forthcoming LP. Immediately reminiscent of Modern Life Is Rubbish era Blur, but with a vocal performance far more Bryan Ferry than Damon Albarn, and liberally decorated with synthesizers, the track moves at a stately trot before tumbling into a wonderfully anarchic break down before the triumphant final chorus. It’s pop music as deftly realized as it is imaginatively conceived, and that is a rare thing indeed.


MP3: Daphni feat. Owen Pallett – Tiberius

Posted on April 14th, by digits in MP3


Daphni is back!! Dan Snaith aka Caribou Commander’s more experimental alter-ego has returned and he’s teamed up with no less than Owen-freaking-Pallett on his new single/b-side “Julia/Tiberius”. Very minimal, and a very deep groove, with Owen’s violins stabbing through the darkness. Seems like a natural combination, these two!

The “Julia/Tiberius” single will be available digitally and on vinyl on Daphni’s Jiaolong label in the next week or so. For now you can stream them both on Soundcloud. And let’s not forget, there are full-lengths from both Caribou and Owen expected this year.


MP3: Holy Fuck – Sabbatics

Posted on April 11th, by Nick in MP3


Energetic electro-rockers Holy Fuck are back with a dark new song called “Sabbatics.” Possibly referencing their four-year sabbatical in the song title, the track has all the classic overdriven synths, vocal yelps and crunchy beats we’ve come to love from their previous releases.

The big difference with “Sabbatics” is in the bass department. Holy Fuck have put their own spin on the wobbling dub step synth-bass and somehow managed to keep the track under the 3:30 mark. “Sabbatics” is mischievous and entrancing – we can’t wait to hear what else Holy Fuck release with Mistletone this year.


Pile of Best Albums: People Tanning – On The Internet

Posted on April 10th, by arp2600 in New Release, Pile of Best Albums

People Tanning

First off, People Tanning is the best bandname we’ve heard in a while. Second, their EP is weird. For instance, we’re sure there’s a reason that every song opens with birds or crickets chirping, but that idea comes from minds far more forward thinking than our own. People who write this kind of thing:

“An interesting thing about nature sounds is that people actually like them more than the music produced by a billion dollar industry. If you think about it, music is very subjective – usually people like some genres and dislike others and there is no music that everybody likes. However nature sounds get much wider appreciation – it is hard to find a person that does not like the sound of beach waves crashing against the shore.”

That actually makes total sense, but AFTER the nature noises you get an amazing and wonderful surreal/absurdist blend of sing-song funklectro. What more would you expect from some of the brains behind Toronto-based arts collective Tough Guy Mountain?


Video: Phèdre – Sunday Someday

Posted on April 4th, by farragoes in Video

The video for Sunday Someday, a standout track from Phèdre‘s excellent LP, Golden Age, is astonishing and wonderful and at the end pretty gross.  Daniel Lee has a little mustache, April Aliermo has feathers in her hair, and our much adored Ken Park makes a cameo in a ruffly tuxedo shirt. They even laugh cruelly at a child!  Truly there is something for everyone here.

Phèdre are going on a big old european tour beginning at the end of this month, and the illustrious Mr. Park will be joining them for some of the dates.  If you live, pretty much anywhere in that part of the world you should make it your business to check them out.


Video: Tasseomancy – Reality

Posted on April 2nd, by digits in Video

We haven’t heard anything from Toronto experimental goth pop duo Tasseomancy since last October’s incredible “Braid. Wind is Coming”. Well, the wait has been worth it, because “Reality” might be the best thing they’ve ever done. It sounds like they’ve gone into Laurie Anderson mode, and are breaking down synthpop to its barest essentials. A monastic-chant of a track, it’s paired with the most incredible visuals (an early 20th century Bauhaus ballet), edited together by Sari Lightman (one of the Tasseo-sisters herself) and Neil Corcoran.

And apparently, biggest news of all, they’re releasing a new album out in the fall! We cannot wait.


Video: DAVIDS – Iranians

Posted on March 31st, by digits in Video

DAVIDS is an exciting Toronto project that has just become known to us. “Iranians” is super-sleek, dark electro full of tightly controlled arpeggiated synths, and feels like it was made just for this site and its minions. And the video, naturally replete with dancers and colourful strobes, was directed by the talented Divorce team.

Be sure to check out DAVIDS’ first EP, 0613, which is available for PWYW at Bandcamp.


MP3: Brendan Philip – Shadow Ceremony

Posted on March 28th, by digits in MP3


Brendan Philip was better known to us as one half of Crowns, a band we REALLY REALLY like. So news of a solo project is good news indeed. “Shadow Ceremony” is the standout single from his excellent debut EP, which is extremely varied track to track but it’s all forward-thinking electro-R&B. Whole lotta cutting-edge over here, careful, don’t injure yourself.

Saint & Ceremony is available now direct from Bandcamp via Fake Art Records. Pay what thou wilt!