Programm – A Torrid Marriage of Logic and Emotion

We’ve been keen followers of Toronto electronic shoegazers Programm for some time now, and you might recall the fantastic release they put out last year, the Like the Sun EP . Well, they haven’t left us hanging in 2016: their first full-length album A Torrid Marriage of Logic and Emotion sees the band hitting ever-higher heights, and it’s one of the year’s most essential releases.

Expertly straddling the space between electronic pop and classic psych-shoegaze, Programm continue to have a knack for both giant-sized, epic ballads (“Underneath”, “On That Day”) as well as classic Caribou-sounding psych burners (“Chemical Fires”, “Jukai”). Their attention to detail is a thing to behold – the number of layers to be found in this record, and every note and sound seems to be meticulously chosen. Programm have a vision and it has found its ultimate realization here. Can’t wait for what this band does next.

A Torrid Marriage of Logic and Emotion is available now from The Hand.

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Any follower of the underground Canadian pop scene can tell you that Toronto duo Phèdre pretty much reign supreme. We heavily dug “Zastroszy” when it came out back in February, and now the dancefloor stormer has a killer video to accompany it. Director Mina Sewell Mancuso has create an extremely colourful nighttime piece set at the CNE, and the flashing lights and carnival attractions match the dizzying song extremely well. Featuring an entourage made of interpretive dance group HATAW, who provide some fantastic and original choreography, the whole thing is nothing short of a visual feast.

“Zastroszy” is yet another in a fine lineage of Phèdre vids – refresh your memory by checking out the classics for “Tivoli” and “Sunday Someday”. And they’ve got a bunch of Canadian tour dates lined up for this summer, check them out if they’re coming your way!

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Noita is the Finnish word for “witch,” but it’s also, suitably, the name of a bewitching new project from Toronto‘s Noa Southcott. Debut single “Over Here” chronicles the emotional distance created by unrequited infatuation through sweetly sad vocals delivered over gloomily catchy production by AODON.

Southcott sings about being “addicted to the pleasure” of a disappointing object of affection. But unlike the empty optimism of chasing someone entirely wrong for you, we suspect that following Noita’s career will be quite enjoyable and fulfilling.

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Great news for all fans of good music: Scott Hardware has released a song! We’ve been eagerly anticipating something from the project formerly known as Ken Park since they played the Silent Shout Festival last year, and now with “New Money Walk” we have it. The song is a sonic leap forward for the Toronto producer, while still maintaining the inherent hazy chillness we fell in love with in the first place. Not to mention the geometric video directed by Felix Kalmenson, which suits the music perfectly, from that first deep bass hit to the final pads of the repeated refrain.

Mutate Repeat Infinity, Scott Hardware’s new album–and the follow-up to our 2014 album of the year You Think About it Too Much–is out June 24th on Banko Gotiti. You can preorder a limited edition red-tinted tape now on Scott’s Bandcamp.

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Premiere: High Jinx – Human

Toronto electropop duo Ranny Lee and Moby Holman aka High Jinx have been wowing us consistently over the past couple of years, but just hit some exciting new heights with their latest single “Human”. We’re very excited to premiere the video for the new single here today.

Directed by Sean L.T. Cartwright, it’s a futuristically-lit, Blade Runner-evoking video featuring the band alternately performing and constructing a robot. It’s an excellent use of clever props and visual effects to create a science fiction feel on a low budget. The song itself is an ode to the human imperfections in relationships and the unrealistic expectations we often bring to them, but it’s still a fun, playful track that’s endlessly replayable. We’ve commented before about how these two have a knack for earworm pop that will not leave your head, and “Human” is no exception to the rule.

You can catch up with all things High Jinx and hear more of their tunes on their official website.

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