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Video: Brave Shores – Never Come Down

Posted on October 21st, by arp2600 in Video

Our friends in Tony Ho have sneakily gone and directed one of the best videos of the year. Featuring brother sister duo Brave Shores with one of the catchiest indie-pop songs we’ve heard this side of Icona Pop, the Toronto sketch troupe have created a colourful world of awesome hair and beautiful people. Keep your eyes peeled for a brief a cameo from Roxanne, Silent Shout’s own resident artist as the girl with the bubble gum.


Video: Princess Century – Palace

Posted on October 20th, by digits in Video

Oh, it’s always so nice to be reminded how mindblowingly amazing Princess Century is. Lossless, one of the best albums of last year, was full of great (and sinister, and strange) singles. Let’s revisit “Palace,” because she just put out a beautiful new video for it, directed by Cosmotropia de Xam. A chaotic journey from one strange visual to the next, it’s a great way to experience the song.

Lossless is still available on Bandcamp, and it’s still so so so good.


Video: Votive – Stay Away

Posted on October 9th, by arp2600 in New Release, Video

Kontravoid has expanded with Votive: the new side-project from everyone’s favourite dark-wave mask-enthusiast, and we definitely love what we hear! Adding vocalist Kat Duma and more of a dance-club vibe to the proceedings makes the project more in keeping with Cam Findlay’s previous projects Parallels and Crystal Castles.

And apparently, they’ve been busy: in the span of 24 hours, the band dropped the video (above, directed by Nadia Khashan), and EP (below) and the news that they are opening for TRUST tomorrow at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. Really, there couldn’t be a more appropriate pairing.


Video: Swim Good feat. RLMDL – Saturday

Posted on October 8th, by digits in Video

Oh, this collaboration has Silent Shout written all over it: a Toronto team-up featuring producer Swim Good and dreamy electropop band RLMDL. It combines both of their strengths spectacularly, resulting in an airy track anchored by a blistering arpeggiated bass that might be the song’s star. Can’t mess with that chorus though. We missed it back in September (when it premiered on Stereogum) but hey, now we get to post it along with this Jakub Blank-directed video they just released today. That worked out!


Video: Bazarian – Castle on a Cloud

Posted on October 7th, by arp2600 in Video

Bazarian, one of our favourite Ableton noodlers, has released one of the strangest videos of the year. Half-way between disgusting and beautiful, he immerses his seemingly naked body in ladybugs, who are free to just roam around his body. It’s a eerily serene sight, but also an experience we would not wish upon ourselves or our worst enemies.

The song is a pared-back ambient experience, and hopefully a sign of new material on the way. It’s been far too long since we’d heard anything from this project.


Scion Sessions: Fresh Snow – Blood in the Sun

Posted on October 7th, by scionsessions in Scion Sessions

Fresh Snow have long been one of the most forward-thinking and consistently interesting experimental rock bands in Toronto, and their live shows tend to be rather mind-blowing. Also they wear masks sometimes! Their latest single “Blood in the Sun,” done for Scion Sessions, is a frantic, noisy odyssey which begins innocuously enough but quickly becomes a furious, pummelling, instrumental rock epic.

The video, directed and animated by Nick Sewell and Hector Herrera, depicts an unrelenting star (probably our sun) destroying everything in its path in an effort to destroy our beloved protagonists. But, as we all learned as youngsters, if your heart be true, and you declare your love in the belly of a giant stone bird, even the most bloodthirsty fireball will have pity on your fragile romance. But might incinerate you anyways? We’re a bit unclear if there’s a happy ending here. Regardless, Fresh Snow can subject us to their blistering solar heat anytime.


MP3: Los Echo – Bold Fire

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Oooooh, awesome new band alert! Los Echo are two different people in two different places: Kaitlin Thatcher in Toronto and Connor MacFadyen in Ottawa. They’ve just released their debut EP Bold Fire, and we have our bloggy brethren Quick Before It Melts to thank for bringing it to our attention. We’re utterly captivated by the title track, super-catchy melodic electropop with a slow ambling groove.

We’ve got on our eyes on these two. Buy Bold Fire directly from them at Bandcamp.


MP3: beta/mai – Never Enough

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Beta Frontiers and Anamai teamed up in the hazy days of summer for this killer collab which we’re only getting around to posting now. They’re a great combo – as with everything he touches, Mr. Frontiers lays down one of his signature gorgeous-yet-badass mid-tempo grooves, with, as always, huger-than-huge bass. And Anna Mayberry (who also sings in HSY) delivers an blissful, lazy, and all-around wonderful vocal with a great chorus hook. Please please please let this be the first of many beta/mai collabs!

You can buy “Never Enough” from Buzz Records’ Bandcamp.


Video: Trust – Are We Arc?

Posted on September 23rd, by arp2600 in Video

The slowest, moodiest song from Trust‘s sophomore album gets a disco Bohemian Rhapsody treatment in their latest video. We dig the minimalist approach from director Malcolm Pete, and honestly, staring at Robert Alfons face for 4:30 isn’t the worst thing in the world.


MP3: Sarin – Crash

Posted on September 19th, by digits in MP3

Oh, this is just so deliciously dark and evil – and a masterpiece of arpeggiation. Sarin, who released his debut EP Rotten on Sins’ Deth Records back in August, seems to have the most sinister synths in Toronto. We’d better keep our eyes on him.

You can buy the Rotten EP on cassette or as a download from Bandcamp.