Premiere: Nyssa – Bad Girls (Elegy)

Toronto’s super-producer Nyssa has spent the summer busily recording a string of new singles to shock and awe the world over the next few months. On top of that, we have a new video for “Bad Girls (Elegy)” the first of these singles. The song features her signature powerhouse vocals, while the colourful video–directed by Ron Hollywood–showcases her inherent performative nature.

Here we also have Nyssa experimenting with different vocal styles, like a spoken word part peppered with a slight country twang. Not mention the production which is bombastic as usual and features a very prominent harpsichord. We hear these new singles will form an EP eventually. We’ll dutifully keep you posted.

Those in Toronto have two opportunities to catch Nyssa live with some other Silent Shout favourites: tomorrow (Sept 22) at the Silver Dollar with She-Devils and Seth Bogart or October 21 with Radiant Baby, Tigerwing and Coral King at the Holy Oak.

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What’s that refreshing breeze of pure, unadulterated 80’s inspired pop? Why, it’s the debut single from new Toronto trio Monarch! “In My Blood” is bright and shiny, synthy glee that is just a pure pleasure and deserving of multiple listens. Based on this single, we can’t wait to hear more from this project.

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Maylee Todd – Homegurl

Goddamn, Maylee Todd is just not quitting with the cool videos this year. Back in April there was the vivid and beautiful Cuba-shot video for “Poetry of Intution” and now we’re treated to another: Jared Sales’s supremely psychedelic vid for “Homegurl”. No idea how this sumptuous and otherwordly visual universe was created, but it’s magnificent and oh so colourful. The track itself is a lovely, meandering psychedelic electronic soul tune that just floats along. Beautiful summer vibes!

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Odonis Odonis – Post Plague

We have been anticipating the released of Odonis Odonis‘ second album since the first amazing singles “Needs” and “Nervous.” Sounding like a love-child between Factory Floor and Skinny Puppy, we knew that they had tapped into something amazing, and thankfully the album follows through on all of that promise.

Post Plague is massive and eschews the minimalism that so often permeates the darker corners of this style of music. The record is aggressive without being grating, and surprisingly serene at other moments. Songs like “Game” maintain the noisy tropes they’ve established for themselves, but is structured almost like a ballad. Others like “Betrayal” are a cacophonous bombardment of high-energy, fast BPMed anxiety.

Every song is chock-a-block with Denholm Whale’s noisy guitars and ominous but bumping bass-lines, vocalist Dean Tzenos’ signature yelp and Jarod Gibson’s gigantic sounding drums that wouldn’t sound out of place on a steel mill assembly line.

Odonis Odonis is a collaborative effort through-and-through, with each member having a unique and discernible contribution to the overall sound. Their frenetic energy is unparalleled, as is their willingness to experiment while keeping a tight pop leashes on each track–album opener “Fearless” with its tone-setting arpeggiated synth line is the longest song timing in at 4:17. We herald them greatly and gladly bestow Post Plague our Album of The Week.

Post Plague is out now on Telephone Explosion records, or through Odonis Odonis’ Bandcamp.

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Premiere: Dirty Inputs – Less Talk More Magic

We’re thrilled to share with you Dirty Inputs‘ eerie, menacing and beautifully-shot video for “Less Talk More Magic.” Directed by Henry Sansom and designed by Silent Shout’s own Roxanne Ignatius, the video features the Toronto ambient-drone maestro driving around the city while everything around him morphs into some subtle pixelating effects. It’s very cool and off-putting. Zoo Owl makes a quick cameo in full costume, as do Most People, who play a band of misfit partiers who seem bent on ruining the driver’s night.

The song is equally as menacing with a throbbing bass-line that feels right at home during the neon-tinted nighttime driving session. Producer Aaron Dawson then builds the music off a serene guitar line into a breath-taking crescendo when the drums kick in around the 3:30 minute mark. Add synth string swells and more atmosphere and you’ve get real ominous moods on you hands.

“Less Talk More Magic” is the first single of The Runcible, Dirty Inputs’ next record, out now on Toronto label Paper+Sound. Join them at Array Space July 7 for their record release show with Cares and Memorex presented by Invocation.

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