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Posted on June 17th, by digits in MP3


Nothing is more exciting to us than a new killer synthpop band on the block. The band in question today is Dove, and the block is Vancouver, where they might have just released the best song this side of Sur Une Plage. “Set Us Free” is the lead single off their very promising debut EP Least in Heaven, and it’s anchored by a fantastic arpeggiated bass, with beautifully airy synths soaring in the choruses. We could listen to this all day, and we just might.

Least in Heaven is available now from Bandcamp.

Posted on June 15th, by elena in Video


Vancouver’s Familiar Wild describe their sound as orchestral folk, but there’s something synthy going on in this single from their forthcoming second album.

The video perfectly transports you back to the innocence and fun of childhood. A boring, adults-only party in a wood-paneled room becomes magical when the average age of the guests goes way down. There’s a lot of umbrellas (hope you’re not superstitious), coloured feathers and yellow balloons, which makes for a very visually appealing experience.

Posted on May 19th, by arp2600 in MP3


It’s been a while since we’ve written about Vancouver’s Le Roi Crocodile, but “Montreal,” is a feather in the cap of the producer’s prolifically growing oeuvre. There’s a deep sadness to this song with the oft repeated word “never,” as in “it was never enough,” or “I was never someone,” mournfully sung through the same vocal filter we’ve come to expect from the king.

The song is available for free download from his Soundcloud, which is worth your time following since at least once a month, Le Roi Crocodile releases a succinct nugget of a pop song like this one.

Posted on May 11th, by Chuck in Video


White Poppy returns with “Confusion”, the first single from her highly anticipated forthcoming album Natural Phenomena. Here, Crystal Dorval’s ethereal, echo-laden vocal accumulates to gorgeous effect amid a euphoric tapestry of blown-out guitar, infectious rhythm, and blunted sparkle. This deftly constructed arrangement bodes very well for the rest of the album, which Dorval has stated primarily consists of instrumental tracks.

Stream the video above (directed by Dorval herself) and be sure to check out Natural Phenomena when it’s released June 23rd on Not Not Fun.

Posted on May 5th, by arp2600 in Video

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.34.09 PM 1

The Berlin-via-Vancouver-via-Denmark Sally Dige makes cold elecro-pop was a darkness inherent throughout, and we have been consistently fascinated by her output since the earliest days of the blog. At this point Dige can do no wrong, but we’d say that she has absolutely topped herself with “Losing You,” easily her strongest song to-date. The low gothy croon that we have become so familiar with is bolstered by some of the poppiest synth-pop instrumentation from the project. It SOUNDS like you’re in the coolest club with the coolest people in 1979 London.

Now, with “Losing You,” we have an announcement of a full-length LP (her first, we think) Hard to Please out May 11 on Night School Records. The video, directed by Dige and her sister Johannah, is a colourful vintage-looking spectacle of cows, wheat and Dige herself in an AWESOME erm…poncho?

Posted on April 23rd, by digits in MP3


Vancouver’s Ancient Babes, who’s responsible for our #31 song of last year, as well as our fifth-favourite EP, is back with a beautiful new track. “R.I.P. Maury Garner” is a syrupy-slow electro-ballad that shimmers and swoons, and should keep us somewhat satisfied until we’ve got a follow-up release to Futuristic Demon. Hopefully he doesn’t take too long, we need more Ancient Babes!

Posted on April 22nd, by elena in New Release


It turns out that a dark bird and a tiny horse make a wonderful combination. Vancouver’s Terror Bird (a long-running favourite of ours here at Silent Shout) has teamed up with France’s Micro Cheval to release a split LP. The Terror Bird side features a dreamy, soft-filtered take on wanderlust, wilted flowers as a metaphor for regretful nostalgia, strings for dramatic effect, and an admission that it’s hard to say goodbye. ¬†She uses prominent drums to prop up the tempo along with her usual synths and distinct enunciation, and we’re quite taken with the end result.

You can order physical record from SVS SNS Records, and the four Terror Bird songs are up on her Bandcamp.

Posted on April 17th, by Chuck in New Release


Touch of Jupiter is the latest release from Vancouver’s Jean Brazeau, aka Friendly Chemist. Employing an amalgam of ambient and vintage house idioms, Brazeau excels at pairing poignant harmonic sequences with sustained and blunted timbres. The work, as a result, possesses a highly resonant affective dimension, which reveals itself quickly and lures you in for repeated listens.

Stream the tracks above and pick up a digital copy from 1080p. You’ll have to add the limited cassette edition to your wantlist as it’s, not surprisingly, sold out at the source.

Posted on April 10th, by digits in Remix


We’re huge Pick a Piper fans here at Silent Shout – Caribou drummer Brad Weber’s self-titled debut album was one of our favourites of 2013. Well, it’s a couple years later, and it feels about time to revisit those wonderful songs with some assistance from Weber’s wide coterie of talented peers, all coming together to make a remix album in support of the Steve Reid Foundation, which helps musicians in need, especially medical need. Unlike many remix records, this one really feels like a particularly cohesive listen, as the artists involved all have an affinity for exploring the psychedelic side of electronic music. Contributors include Teen Daze, Jeremy Greenspan, the Ruby Suns, and the man himself, Caribou. It’s a thoroughly engrossing compilation worthy of repeated listens.

You can stream and purchase Remixes from Bandcamp.

Posted on March 30th, by digits in MP3


Actors are a Vancouver electronic pop group led by Jason Corbett, who we’re only finding out about now (thanks to a tip from BonesPOP), and sheesh, we have been missing out! We’ll never tire of hearing classic-sounding synthpop songs like their latest single “Let it Grow,” a pulsing, pounding single with super-catchy synth melodies and meticulous-yet-pure-pop production. Wonderful stuff!

“Let it Grow” is available now as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp, and will be released April 7 by Northern Light Records.