Premiere: Le Roi Crocodile – Night

Prolific Vancouver bedroom electronic pop artist Le Roi Crocodile keeps the semi-somnambulent hits coming in 2016 with “Night”, a dark, melancholy soft-pop single which we’re stoked to be premiering here today. Featuring his characteristic auto-tune, and his knack for simple, subtle arrangements, this time Le Roi kicks things up a notch by adding some background arpeggiated synths that really propel the tune forward in the effortlessly catchy chorus.

“Night” is the first single from a new album, which we absolutely can’t wait to hear. In the meantime, check out Le Roi Crocodile’s back catalogue on Soundcloud.

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Premiere: Tend & See – Migrations

A few months ago, we found ourselves utterly captivated by Vancouver duo Tend & See‘s mesmerizing soft electronic pop debut Migrations, an EP that still stands up as one of the best of the year. And today, we’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to debut the video for the title track.

A time-lapse travelogue that shifts from a car dashboard traveling from city streets to plains to planes, beaches to tundra, it’s a beautiful accompaniment to the delicate, immersive “Migrations”. The sped-up pace of the imagery contrasts excellently with the meditative but propulsive song. A massive amount of footage must have been required to pull this one off, and there’s some especially remarkable shots capturing two polar bears sparring. Glad the director kept their distance!

Tend & See are on the verge of releasing a remix EP, which we’re very excited to hear. It’s out June 1 on Abandon Building Records and is available now for pre-order from Bandcamp.

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Too Attached, the Toronto/Vancouver sibling duo whose debut EP Bronze basically blew our minds are back again with a deeply grooving electro-hip-hop single called “Getalife”. A bonus track from Bronze, it riffs on samples from Nita Shahzad and is easily the equal of the any songs from the actual EP. So impressed!

If you’re in Toronto, Too Attached perform this Friday opening for LAL at their Find Safety release party. Don’t miss it! “Getalife” is available now, PWYW from Bandcamp.

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Sadly we’ve been unaware of Vancouver electronic pop artist Jeff Cancade aka Devours, who’s been putting out records since 2012, but are we ever glad we didn’t miss out on this year’s release: second full-length album Late Bloomer. Nine tracks of brilliant gothy synthpop, frequently featuring monstrous arpeggiated bass synths, it was tough to pick just one song to share. The title track is probably Cancade at his lightest and poppiest, a crisp track featuring some genius sample use and a vocoded chorus.

But you’ve got to hear the whole album, really. Late Bloomer is available now, PWYW, from Bandcamp.

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Plazas – Empathy

Vancouver’s Savana Salloum-Hedgecock started a musical project as part of a school assignment, but the resulting material grew well past its humble beginnings and became Plazas.

Her debut EP is built with lots of layers: spacey high-pitched notes, quickly articulated bass, percussive pops and shakes, and any sound a laptop could possibly make, all combined into a form of pixelated, pastel and grand bedroom pop. The vocals are straightforward, mostly delivered with a flat affect. A laid-back everywoman against production with varied textures and endorphin-releasing melodies.

The subject matter is well-suited to the EP’s name, as you’ll come away feeling like you identify strongly with the lyrical narrator’s experiences. You’ve probably left unhealthy friendships behind in the past or stayed hopeful through betrayal, but if not, “2 Leave U Behind” and “Sanguinity” will take you there.

It seems like it actually does pay off to do your homework! We hope Salloum-Hedgecock got an A on that assignment. You can get Empathy on Bandcamp.

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