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Posted on July 30th, by arp2600 in MP3


The last we heard from Teen Daze, he had released a pared-down ambient record on his bandcamp. But it seems that a lot has happened since then, as his next album Morning World is due out on the illustrious Paper Bag Records. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to those following along since he always seemed well connected, composing remixes for the likes of Young Galaxy, You Say Party!, Jay Arner and many others.

The sounds on the latest single is unlike anything we’ve heard from the prolific Vancouverite. “Along” is a densely layered prog-pop masterstroke and certainly an interesting direction. I mean, the comparisons to Pink Floyd not withstanding, we love it when a band takes a chance like this, and expected nothing less from Teen Daze. As an added bonus, they’ve released the original demo as a b-side for the single, so you can hear it in its nascent stage too.

Morning World is out August 7 on Paper Bag.

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Ready to meet your new favourite summer song? Vancouver’s Cafe Lanai say that their minds are stuck in Hawaii, and you can definitely hear it on this song from their debut EP. The vibe is upbeat and sexy, the synths are sunny and the vocal melody is quite catchy. It even ends with a small, shy laugh. We like you, Cafe Lanai!

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The title of Stefana Fratila‘s new album is fitting, since each style is only there for a short time before transitioning into something else. There’s delicate and sweet moments, unnerving atmospheric sounds and deep, steady beats. The end result is a mixed collage of sounds that demonstrate just how good of a producer this Romanian-born, Vancouver-based artist is. (If you’re a fan of Ramzi or early Grimes, you’ll definitely be into this album.)

She’s a strong vocalist, too, breathily singing about things like nostalgia and slow emotional healing. But even when the material gets dark, the music stays light and airy, giving you a choice as a listener. Either put it on in the background as the perfect summer afternoon soundtrack, or get thoughtful while listening carefully to the lyrics through your headphones.

The album is available (digitally or as a cassette) through Fratila’s Bandcamp.

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Aw man, usually when we write a post, it starts with some semi-hyperbolic excitement that “[BAND] IS BACK!!!” Well, while we are super excited that Ladyfrnd are back, it comes with undertones of sadness because this is the last we’ll hear from the band. The Humans side-project between Yuki Holland and Peter Ricq will be no more after the release of the appropriately titled Farewell, their latest EP, coming out July 10. Sad emoji.

“Geist” is a gem of a song, more bombastic than we’ve heard from the band before, but still carrying an almost mystical sparseness and minimalism. Holland’s vocals soar to new ethereally heights, and the production is just as reigned in as it needs to be to allow that to be the main showcase.

We fell in love with Ladyfrnd with the release of “Un Petit Message” back in 2013, and it’s sad to see them go, but all things must pass, and we still have two solid releases from the project to go back to. Farewell is available as of tomorrow digitally as a free download on their Bandcamp.

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Excellent news, everyone, RAMZi is back! The former Montreal, now Vancouver-based artist was once one the more prolific that we featured on the blog, but then recently her output went a bit dark. Well, there’s a perfectly good explanation: the move, but also the recording of her latest album Houti Kush out July 21 on 1080pCollection.

“Princess of Cups,” the first single from the album, sounds a lot like the RAMZi of before, but more streamlined. It’s weird, twitchy and awesome, with the track seemingly taking a page from the freakier moments of Radiohead’s back catalogue (the “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors” “Gloaming” type songs). Glad to hear that she’s still as awesome as ever, and can’t wait to hear the album.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.19.12 PM 1

The fast-paced, high energy electro banger from Maarten Bayliss gives us a certain amount of anxiety, which is quickly washed away as soon as we realize how amazing the song is. Not to mention the video, which is just great. A man in a gorilla suit goes about his daily routine, and plays the song in the desert. Simple concept, amazing execution.

But okay, let’s just talk about Bayliss’ website for a second. Go ahead, check it out. It’s amazing! On this Buzzfeed parody, Bayliss get’s the tone just right (the headline for this video is “You Won’t Believe This Gorilla’s Dance Moves. This Video Changed My Life In 4 Minutes), but he also makes all the supplementary videos that you find on the sidebar. Seriously, you can waste a lot of time there, and I think it takes the award for best website for a Canadian Musician.

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Nothing is more exciting to us than a new killer synthpop band on the block. The band in question today is Dove, and the block is Vancouver, where they might have just released the best song this side of Sur Une Plage. “Set Us Free” is the lead single off their very promising debut EP Least in Heaven, and it’s anchored by a fantastic arpeggiated bass, with beautifully airy synths soaring in the choruses. We could listen to this all day, and we just might.

Least in Heaven is available now from Bandcamp.

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Vancouver’s Familiar Wild describe their sound as orchestral folk, but there’s something synthy going on in this single from their forthcoming second album.

The video perfectly transports you back to the innocence and fun of childhood. A boring, adults-only party in a wood-paneled room becomes magical when the average age of the guests goes way down. There’s a lot of umbrellas (hope you’re not superstitious), coloured feathers and yellow balloons, which makes for a very visually appealing experience.

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It’s been a while since we’ve written about Vancouver’s Le Roi Crocodile, but “Montreal,” is a feather in the cap of the producer’s prolifically growing oeuvre. There’s a deep sadness to this song with the oft repeated word “never,” as in “it was never enough,” or “I was never someone,” mournfully sung through the same vocal filter we’ve come to expect from the king.

The song is available for free download from his Soundcloud, which is worth your time following since at least once a month, Le Roi Crocodile releases a succinct nugget of a pop song like this one.

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White Poppy returns with “Confusion”, the first single from her highly anticipated forthcoming album Natural Phenomena. Here, Crystal Dorval’s ethereal, echo-laden vocal accumulates to gorgeous effect amid a euphoric tapestry of blown-out guitar, infectious rhythm, and blunted sparkle. This deftly constructed arrangement bodes very well for the rest of the album, which Dorval has stated primarily consists of instrumental tracks.

Stream the video above (directed by Dorval herself) and be sure to check out Natural Phenomena when it’s released June 23rd on Not Not Fun.