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MP3: Rococode – Banks

Posted on October 22nd, by digits in MP3


Vancouver’s Rococode are a haunting electropop duo that do all the things we love, making unabashed pop music that remains dark and restrained. Their first single since 2012’s Guns, Sex & Glory, “Banks” is a brilliant new direction, and features a fantastic melody backed by a deep synth-bass groove. Produced by Caleb Shreve of Phantogram!

Via Quick Before It Melts.


MP3: Cosmetics – Honey Honey

Posted on October 2nd, by digits in MP3


Don’t know how this happened, but we missed this springtime release by our favourite Vancouver minimal synth crew Cosmetics. “Honey Honey” is a demo from waaaay back in 2010, and we kinda remember this track being on their Myspace back in the day? It was finally released in April on OLYMPIA .​.​.​PLUS, a compilation of rarities which is essential listening for any Cosmetics fan.

It’s available PWYW from Cosmetics’ Bandcamp. Go to there!


Video: Rec Centre – Like I Care

Posted on September 30th, by arp2600 in Video

Rec Centre Video Shot

An X-files homage/parody video from one of Vancouver’s best pop bands is one the greatest things we can ask for! The Jay Arner affiliated Rec Centre pulled ALL the stops on this video: green slime, glowing eyes, STUNT DRIVING (allegedly from Arner himself), guns and the iconic courier font location titles.

Directed by Jessica Delisle


MP3: Kuhrye-oo feat. Evy Jane – Air Days

Posted on September 26th, by digits in MP3


Ah, this is a colloboration we wouldn’t have expected! Edmonton’s Kuhrye-oo (who’s been in New York for a bit now), who used to play in Grimes’, Born Gold’s and Cadence Weapon‘s bands, has continued to produce excellent genre-bending music on the Uno label. This new team up with Vancouver electro-r&b act Evy Jane is a really nice fit. Big, bombastic, nineties beats that pair beautiful with soft organs and a slow, floating melody atop it all. Freaking great! We’d love to hear more like this, hope it’s not a one-time-only collab.


Video: Ancient Babes – Occult Commando (NSFW)

Posted on June 27th, by digits in Video


Today we’re very proud to present the premiere the video for one of our favourite songs this year, “Occult Commando” by Vancouver’s Ancient Babes, the highlight of the excellent Futuristic Demon EP. The slow, darkly mysterious synthpop track works perfectly with the dreamlike imagery of a woman who decides to participate in the ritual of a group of acolytes that stop her car in the countryside. Turn it up loud and fullscreen this thing, it’s worth it, immerse yourself. Unless you’re at work, in which case, shrink the screen and squint.

The video was directed by Ghostprom (who also directed Doomsquad’s “Waka Waka”) and was produced by the Heretical Objects Cooperative, a new record label that uniquely also has a film/video division. It’s the first time they’ve created a video for a non-Heretical (an Orthodox?) artist.


Video: Terror Bird – Waiting for Nothing

Posted on May 27th, by digits in Video

We have been fans of both Terror Bird and Sally Dige since forever, and today they have given us a real gift: a Dige-directed video for the new Terror Bird single. Employing the low-budget chic techniques we’ve come to love, it matches Ms. Never’s thrashy guitar infused synthpop single ever so perfectly.

New Terror Bird cassette coming in July! Can’t wait! And Terror Bird will be touring Europe this summer, so check that out if that’s where you’re at.


MP3: Sur Une Plage – Restaurant

Posted on May 13th, by digits in MP3


Oh this one makes us happy. Sur Une Plage, a duo from way out westward in Vancouver, may be new to this world, but members Joshua Wells (of Black Mountain and Lightning Dust) and Colin McKill (of Lord Beginner and Hard Drugs) are no newcomers. “Restaurant” is such a fun, fast, synthpop track, reminiscent of the very best of Devo. They’ve got a bunch of great great (and free!) tracks on their Bandcamp that add up to a 4-track EP. Best new band in the West!


Friday Classic Dark: Moev – Cracked Mirror

Posted on February 7th, by Chuck in Friday Classic Dark


Vancouver-based outfit Moev is the focus of today’s Friday Classic Dark feature. The group was formed in 1981, on the cusp of British synthpop’s infiltration into the American mainstream. In Canada, synthpop was becoming a thing, too, around this time; Images in Vogue had just formed, Strange Advance cropped up shortly thereafter, and Spoons began to feature drum machines and synthesizers more prominently in their work. Against this (cursory) backdrop, Moev’s early output displayed an estimable blend of dark synthpop and hook-laden new wave. By the mid-1980s, the group signed to Nettwerk Records, home of industrial acts Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. The Nettwerk deal coincided with the first of Moev’s many reconfigurations in musical style and personnel.

Although Moev has produced several notable tracks, we wish to draw your attention to “Cracked Mirror”, their infectious and bittersweet debut single. Two recordings of this stellar track exist; the 1981 version from their self-released debut EP, and a rather different, but equally compelling, rendition from their 1982 12″ Rotting Geraniums. Kick off the weekend with both interpretations of this Canadian synthpop classic!

Moev – “Cracked Mirror” (1982)

Moev – “Cracked Mirror” (1981)


MP3: Ancient Babes – Occult Commando

Posted on January 28th, by Chuck in MP3

Ancient Babes

A few months back, we were very impressed with Sam King’s Vancouver-based project Ancient Babes. “Occult Commando” is a new dreamy downtempo track which, in conjunction with the gloomy atmospherics of “Cybertronic Vibes”, illustrates the astounding stylistic breadth of this project. Both tracks appear on the stellar Futuristic Demon EP, which you can get as a “name your price” download here.


MP3: Sundays – World We Own

Posted on November 7th, by elena in MP3


Sundays – World We Own

We’re currently grooving to this electro-R&B from Vancouver’s Sundays, taken from a beautifully down-tempo EP that you can download for free here. A promising debut!