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Posted on October 1st, by digits in Mixes

Mix: Best of September 2015

1. Tops – Anything
2. Quinn Read-Baxter – Without You
3. Ben Gunning – Live in Love
4. Brendan Philip – Ghostface
5. Gang Signs – Mate
6. Mesa Luna – Don’t Let Go
7. Century Palm – Valley Cyan
8. Scary Bear Soundtrack – Victoria Island
9. Violence – Illusions Vives
10. Cocobeurre – Golden Youth
11. Joanne Pollock – Might Be Wrong
12. L Con – The Distance Of The Moon
13. Majical Cloudz – Silver Car Crash

Posted on September 22nd, by elena in New Release


It’s here! We break out our happy dances every time we get our hands on something new from Violence. No surprises here: their new EP is excellent. (Or maybe it is a surprise to hear a band manage to stay equally fantastic while trying out different sounds on each of their releases?)

We’ve already shared our love of the first two singles on this EP (“L’invention du divertissement” and “Shaking Pictograms“), and they slot right in with the rest of the adventurous, slick songs on the EP.

There’s a lot of mostly instrumental songs to get lost in, like the decidedly space-y “Héliogabale” or “Gap Junctions,” which brings back memories of high school biology (gap junctions are the passageways between animal cells that transport things back and forth). Actually, the latter could work really well as the soundtrack for colourful and crazy science animations.

And then there’s “Mycroft Mixeudeim,” which has distant vocals that sound like they’re coming from a low-volume megaphone, a great synth jab and the same style that defines the rest of the EP: quick forward motion, call-and-response between different synth tones and some seriously infectious melodies.

If you’d like to join us in the Violence fan club, the record is out now on Visage Musique, and Montreal fans can catch them live on September 25.

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If you’ve been following along for the past few years, you know how much we’re fans of Violence, following their career since the release of their phenomenal debut EP in 2013. What we love about them since then, is that despite the fact the core electronic elements are left in tact, each new release sounds completely different from the one before.

Case in point is their latest single “Shaking Pictograms.” The song sounds similar to their past outings with the dark synthwave we’ve come to expect, but adds new elements that we never would have expected from the band. There’s a certain layer of funkiness behind the single, and we love that.

Following Violence continues to be a journey that we’re happy to join them on. And excitingly, the journey continues with the release of their new EP Le Théâtre, due out September 11 on Visage Musique, and a launch party at Casa in Montreal on September 25th.

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mar15Mix: Best of March 2015

1. The Acorn – Influence
2. Tigerwing – Coax
3. Grimes – REALiti
4. Doldrums – Loops
5. Braids – Taste
6. Man Made Hill – Angelchylde
7. LIDS – Blank Flag
8. Marie Davidson – Excès De Vitesse
9. TIO – A Simple Way
10. JOOJ – Shoulders and Whispers
11. ANAMAI – Lucia
12. Choses Sauvages – Laura
13. Dream Safari – Starzone
14. Saxsyndrum – Dance, Dance, Dance
15. Violence – L’invention du divertissement

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It’s been over a year since Violence’s wonderful debut LP Erlebnis, and new news from the Ottawa minimal synthpop duo is always greeted with excitement and dour dancing round these parts. We’ve got a new EP to look forward to! Le Théâtre is coming out soon on Montreal’s ever-amazing Visage Musique, and this first single is a solid indication that it’ll be excellent. Sublime yet restrained electronic pop with a throbbing bass, creepy synth lines, and reverbed-out vocal melodies, we’re swooning.

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When Ottawa’s Violence released their debut EP last March, we declared them our spirit animal. Since it was our favourite EP of 2013, it’s understandable that the arrival of their first full-length has turned our January blues into some happy dancing. The record’s sound continues in the same vein as their previous release: artfully executed synth pop with the exact dark flavour that we love. This is more proof that Visage Musique works with the best bands.

The title is a German philosophical term for experience, and that’s exactly what you should do with this record. Bring it with you as you go about, play it in all kinds of situations, really experience it.

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silentshoutoct13Mix: Silent Shout Best of October 2013

1. Ambrose – Hourglass Sands
2. Motem – Quirk Pop
3. Homeshake – Dynamic Meditation
4. Magic Island – Baby Blu
5. Sing Leaf – High John
6. A Sacred Cloud – Be Good or Be Dead
7. Nostalgic Home Highways – Interior Astronaut
8. Ylang Ylang – Temporary Opalescent Death
9. Violence – Halo
10. Kashka – Never Had It

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Few things get us more excited than a new release on Visage Musique. Violence already put out one of the best EPs at the start of the year, but now we can expect Erlebnis, their first full-length out soon. Nice bookending.

Halo is the first single from that LP, and has a real nice, slowed-down, late-80’s Chicago feel to it.

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Violence – Façades

Every so often a band comes out of the woodwork that so captures the spirit of what Silent Shout is all about that it’s instant love-at-first-listen. More and more over the past few years, those bands have come from Montréal record label Visage Musique. Rarely will they add a new band to their roster, so it’s a momentous occasion when they do. It’s thrilling to discover a new act as good and fully formed as Violence, their rookie starting point guard.

Ottawa outfit Violence’s (pronounced the French way) beautiful take on minimal synth music expertly leads you through a range of emotions. It’s equally appropriate for when being bombarded by snow as it is for sunny afternoons spent in the park. People will break up at the beginning of one song, then start making out at the chorus. That isn’t to say the band is confused about what they’re trying to do—this is a decidedly confident debut EP. These are masterfully arranged and intricate synth-pop songs that evoke goths dancing to Deux in a 1980’s Parisian basement, while simultaneously sounding utterly timeless.

Get the self-titled EP digitally on bandcamp or on clear 12″ vinyl via Visage Musique. Edition of 150.

This post first appeared as part of our New Zero Canada column on Berlin’s No Fear of Pop.

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Mix: Silent Shout – Best of January 2013

1. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)
2. Great Marble – In the Air
3. Ken Park – He Says I’m an Island
4. Blue Hawaii – Try to Be
5. Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise
6. Jake Finne – Black Panthers
7. Negative Beach – Vacant Home (Demo)
8. Violence – Façades
9. Vierance – Beaches
10. Doldrums – Anomaly
11. Crowns – HLYLND
12. Bliss Club – Breeze Punk 2
13. Potpourri of Pearls – James and the Cold Gun (Kate Bush cover)
14. Rakam – Le Jazz Dans la Rue
15. Coxkarnn – Blud for a Sec
16. Jeremy Greenspan – Sirius Shake