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Mix: Best of September 2015

1. Tops – Anything
2. Quinn Read-Baxter – Without You
3. Ben Gunning – Live in Love
4. Brendan Philip – Ghostface
5. Gang Signs – Mate
6. Mesa Luna – Don’t Let Go
7. Century Palm – Valley Cyan
8. Scary Bear Soundtrack – Victoria Island
9. Violence – Illusions Vives
10. Cocobeurre – Golden Youth
11. Joanne Pollock – Might Be Wrong
12. L Con – The Distance Of The Moon
13. Majical Cloudz – Silver Car Crash

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It’s here! We break out our happy dances every time we get our hands on something new from Violence. No surprises here: their new EP is excellent. (Or maybe it is a surprise to hear a band manage to stay equally fantastic while trying out different sounds on each of their releases?)

We’ve already shared our love of the first two singles on this EP (“L’invention du divertissement” and “Shaking Pictograms“), and they slot right in with the rest of the adventurous, slick songs on the EP.

There’s a lot of mostly instrumental songs to get lost in, like the decidedly space-y “Héliogabale” or “Gap Junctions,” which brings back memories of high school biology (gap junctions are the passageways between animal cells that transport things back and forth). Actually, the latter could work really well as the soundtrack for colourful and crazy science animations.

And then there’s “Mycroft Mixeudeim,” which has distant vocals that sound like they’re coming from a low-volume megaphone, a great synth jab and the same style that defines the rest of the EP: quick forward motion, call-and-response between different synth tones and some seriously infectious melodies.

If you’d like to join us in the Violence fan club, the record is out now on Visage Musique, and Montreal fans can catch them live on September 25.

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If you’ve been following along for the past few years, you know how much we’re fans of Violence, following their career since the release of their phenomenal debut EP in 2013. What we love about them since then, is that despite the fact the core electronic elements are left in tact, each new release sounds completely different from the one before.

Case in point is their latest single “Shaking Pictograms.” The song sounds similar to their past outings with the dark synthwave we’ve come to expect, but adds new elements that we never would have expected from the band. There’s a certain layer of funkiness behind the single, and we love that.

Following Violence continues to be a journey that we’re happy to join them on. And excitingly, the journey continues with the release of their new EP Le Théâtre, due out September 11 on Visage Musique, and a launch party at Casa in Montreal on September 25th.

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mar15Mix: Best of March 2015

1. The Acorn – Influence
2. Tigerwing – Coax
3. Grimes – REALiti
4. Doldrums – Loops
5. Braids – Taste
6. Man Made Hill – Angelchylde
7. LIDS – Blank Flag
8. Marie Davidson – Excès De Vitesse
9. TIO – A Simple Way
10. JOOJ – Shoulders and Whispers
11. ANAMAI – Lucia
12. Choses Sauvages – Laura
13. Dream Safari – Starzone
14. Saxsyndrum – Dance, Dance, Dance
15. Violence – L’invention du divertissement

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It’s been over a year since Violence’s wonderful debut LP Erlebnis, and new news from the Ottawa minimal synthpop duo is always greeted with excitement and dour dancing round these parts. We’ve got a new EP to look forward to! Le Théâtre is coming out soon on Montreal’s ever-amazing Visage Musique, and this first single is a solid indication that it’ll be excellent. Sublime yet restrained electronic pop with a throbbing bass, creepy synth lines, and reverbed-out vocal melodies, we’re swooning.

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Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

25. Mozart’s Sister – Being


Mozart’s Sister’s debut album dialed up her sound with a whack of polish.

24. Violence – Erlebnis


Violence’s sound continues in the same vein as their previous release: artfully executed synth pop with the exact dark flavour that we love.

23. YlangYlang – Am I Being Overdramatic?


The intricate sound design, elegiac melodies, and dreamy, soft focus textures on YlangYlang’s Am I Being Overdramatic? make for a highly rewarding listen.

22. JFM – Squat

JFM Squat

It has become very clear, both live and on record, that JFM possesses a remarkable approach to abstract electronic music

21. Lee Paradise – Water Palace Kingdom


A gritty minimalistic post-punk record that shouldn’t astonish given Dan Lee’s pedigree, but you know what, we were still astonished – it’s a fantastic record.

20. Hansmole – Whitest Whiteness


Victoria’s Hansmole caught us completely off guard with her spectacular synth-laden chilled-out dream pop record.

19. Galaxius Mons – GMO


Homemade synths, superstar guest vocalists and weird intricate pop arrangements make Galaxius Mons’ sophomore release a must-listen.

18. Jay Holy – Scopolamine Dream


Scopolamine Dream is is a strong statement from one of the city’s most original acts: emotional pleas set to a backdrop of musical freak-outs.

17. Chevalier Avant Garde – Realign


Chevalier Avant Garde can do no wrong in our eyes, and their tape from this year is another masterful step in a near-perfect career.

16. Sean Nicholas Savage – Bermuda Waterfall


Another year, another spectacular Sean Nicholas Savage record, it wouldn’t be the same without one.

15. Potpourri of Pearls – We Went to Heaven


Taking us back to the days of Erasure’s best singles, this record is full of crisp and clean arpeggiated synths and killer earworm melodies.

14. Doomsquad – Kalaboogie


Without a doubt, Doomsquad’s record proves that they are one of the most interesting bands in the world right now.

13. Hey Mother Death – Highway


Halifax/Paris duo are in full command of a classic aesthetic which explores and reimagines some of the more artful corners of rock’s iconic past.

12. Johnny Couteau – From the Infamous Mind of a Psychoactive Runner


Set in a dystopic coastal town near Fukushima called Tchernobeach, this John Carpenter-ish concept record took upon its own life in our imagination.

11. Zoo Owl – Hollow


A powerful musical statement demonstrating Zoo Owl is not all smoke and mirrors, lasers and fog machines.

10. Ramzi – Bébites


Left-field vignettes showcase Ramzi in full command of her highly distinguished aesthetic, a welcome addition to her brilliant discography.

9. Bile Sister – Faucet


Gorgeously shrouded in overdriven minimal electronics, effects-laden vox, and left field pop leanings.

8. ¡FLIST! – Fuck You I’m Dead


Eight years in the making, the Montrealer’s first album is a masterpiece of death, terror, and general unease.

7. Men I Trust – Men I Trust


Melancholy electronic pop from Québec City, featuring many guest collaborations.

6. TOPS – Picture You Staring

ABT040 TOPS LP-Jacket 11183 v2

Montreal soft-pop group effortlessly make an even better record than their debut.

5. Owen Pallett – In Conflict


Owen Pallett gets more electronic than ever before and makes the best album of his career. Also, Brian Eno plays some synths on it.

4. Lydia Ainsworth – Right from Real


Arbutus Records’ latest find is a pop tour-de-force with Kate Bush-esque serenity and immaculate arrangements.

3. Caribou – Our Love


With his fourth studio album as Caribou, Dan Snaith solidifies his status as a Canadian electronic music legend.

2. Silkken Laumann – Not Forever Enough


The new project from Rolf Klausener was one of our most anticipated records of the year, and it did not disappoint. Bombastic electro-pop at its best.

1. Ken Park – You Think About It Too Much


Perfect for long days walking around getting lost in your own thoughts, and at the same time ideal for a crowded house party, dancing and making memories.

Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

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Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos

10. Violence – Erlebnis


9. Lydia Ainsworth – Right from Real


8. Caribou – Our Love


7. YlangYlang – Am I Being Overdramatic?


6. Zoo Owl – Hollow

Zoo Owl - Hollow cover

5. Marie Davidson – Perte D’Identité

Marie Davidson

4. Bile Sister – Faucet


3. Men I Trust – Men I Trust


2. Doomsquad – Kalaboogie


1. JFM – Moult


Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos

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When Ottawa’s Violence released their debut EP last March, we declared them our spirit animal. Since it was our favourite EP of 2013, it’s understandable that the arrival of their first full-length has turned our January blues into some happy dancing. The record’s sound continues in the same vein as their previous release: artfully executed synth pop with the exact dark flavour that we love. This is more proof that Visage Musique works with the best bands.

The title is a German philosophical term for experience, and that’s exactly what you should do with this record. Bring it with you as you go about, play it in all kinds of situations, really experience it.

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Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

25. Valerie Dour – Dispel

24. Camp – Little Boy Blue

23. Dylan III – The Art Of Business

22. Object 28 – So Over

21. Kids On TV – Dazzler

20. Thomas – Kissing

19. Diana – Perpetual Surrender

18. Jamaican Queens – Water

17. Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise

16. Jef Barbara – I Know I’m Late

15. Pat Jordache – O.M.O.

14. Doldrums – Anomaly

13. Odonis Odonis – Better

12. À La Mode – Just a Boy

11. Phèdre – Ancient Nouveau

10. Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz

9. Bizzarh – Trans Phat

8. Austra – Painful Like

7. Mathias Mental – Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges

6. Blue Hawaii – Try to Be

5. Ell V Gore – Lobotomy

4. Paula – Totally Nice

3. How Sad – Indian Summer

2. Violence – Façades

1. Chevalier Avant Garde – Nowhere

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

75. Dirty Inputs – Final Flight

74. Akua – Gravity

73. Beverlay – First Snow

72. Silkken Laumann – Obvious Water (Yer A Kitten)

71. Ambrose – Hourglass Sands

70. Drake (feat. Majid Jordan) – Hold On, We’re Going Home

69. Kashka – Never Had It

68. Violence – Dernier Cri

67. U.S. Girls – Overtime

66. Gold Zebra – Invisible Disorder

65. Flist – Bug

64. Terror Bird – The Wrong Way

63. Arcade Fire – Reflektor

62. Jay Arner – Surf Don’t Sink

61. Majical Cloudz – Silver Rings

60. Braids – In Kind

59. Ark Analog – Make Me A Mirror

58. Drug Train – No One Cares

57. Princess Century – Giving It Away

56. Dirty Beaches – Mirage Hall

55. Weaves – Motorcycle

54. Marie Davidson – Je Ne T’aime Pas

53. Quinn Read-Baxter – Don’t Go

52. Homeshake – Moon Woman

51. Galaxius Mons – Cup My Aching Mind (Crazy Epitaph)

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes